Oregon House Republicans concerned over latest job numbers


Oregon House Republican Office

SALEM, OR – House Republican Leader Mike McLane (R-Powell Butte) yesterday expressed concern over Tuesday’s announcement by the Oregon Employment Department that 4,300 Oregonians lost their job in June.

“Today’s jobs figures are deeply troubling and another sign that Oregon continues to trail the nation in job recovery and labor participation,” said Representative McLane. “Thousands of Oregonians want to work but can’t find a job, and small businesses are being squeezed by regulations and red tape. Our citizens deserve better. Helping Oregonians find stable, long-term employment should be the top priority of our state’s leadership in Salem.”

The employment numbers are particularly concerning given that the number of Oregonians either working or looking for work is at its lowest point in almost forty years. The labor participation rate dropped to 61.1% in June, while 6.8% of Oregonians are reportedly unemployed.

The Oregon Employment Department will release its next set of unemployment rate and employment survey data on Tuesday, August 12th.

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  • Jack Lord God

    Anytime Oregon’s bleak employment history is brought up, solutions are often proposed.

    On the left – We usually get “more worker retraining” or “let’s start attracting green jobs here”.

    Both of these are fairly silly, worker retraining is pointless unless you have a whole bunch of jobs waiting for the dolts you are retraining. If you don’t, you are simply sticking taxpayers for the education costs of someone who moves to find work. Green jobs doesn’t need much of an explanation, the only green there tends to be taxpayer dollars funneled to pay off campaign contributors, thank you Solyndra.

    On the right we hear – Oregon needs a more business friendly environment. We need to cut taxes on business.

    This is usually answered by the left with a chorus of cut and paste links showing Oregon in the middle of taxes and business friendliness. That is thought to derail the argument of the right.

    It doesn’t. Oregon is the Mississippi of the west. Chronically underemployed, absolutely embarrassing schools in terms of performance, stellar in terms of union control and pay, a byzantine land use system with building permits in Zurich likely being cheaper, and a governor who nobody particularly cares what kind of a job he does just so long as he is a Democrat. With that set of circumstances, even if you believe Oregon’s business climate is right in the middle, that’s not good enough. If you buy an ice cream stand with a reputation for crappy ice cream and lousy service, do you think you attract customers by boosting the service to average? Why would a business start here, have their employees deal with the lousy schools and expensive housing if your business climate is average, nothing special?

    If a business is going to open in Oregon, there better be something to offset the downsides, mediocre isn’t going to do that.And that’s what we are. And that’s why we are where we are.

    Will it change any times soon?

    Not on your life. Kitzhaber is the definition of incompetent, nobody disputes that with any seriousness. He is a virtual lock to win re election because he is a Democrat and people vote party, not person.

    How to change it?

    Give up on the political process. Republicans should strongly consider ceding the next several elections. All you are going to get is Democrat lite anyway. The money saved from ceding those elections should be used for two things:

    Image building – When you can have the Teachers union get measure 67 enacted during the biggest Republican election sweep in history in 2010 with nary a commercial run in opposition, you are doing something fundamentally wrong. When you can have Dudley defeated because he makes one gaff with a waitress salary again you have something fundamentally wrong. Spend the next decade or so not on running candidates, but on message building.

    Legal Challenge – The time is right to get in and start really challenging the legal foundation upon which elections are determined in this state – public employee unions. This takes money, mounting a legal challenge always does. But it must be done. Make Oregon a right to work state. Focus energy on eliminating employer withholding of union dues. Give up on mounting legal challenges to PERS, but instead run ads informing people how they were sold out by the government organized labor electoral complex.

    That’s my buck and a quarter anyway.

    • Alex

      But…but…you’d be cutting taxes on the WEALTHY in that case. THEY’RE THE ONE PERCENT!!!! HALLIBURTON! FAUX NOISE!!! TEABAGGERS! All of Oregon’s societal ills are Bush’s fault!

      I’m paraphrasing.

      • Jack Lord God

        True, that is the standard party line from the frothing mouthed. Essentially it comes down to Thatchers statement to the left – you claim to want to raise taxes and use the money to lift the poor, but given a choice between the two, raising taxes is more important to you.

        You know how you can test this?

        Put forth the proposition to a liberal that raising taxes can often cause a reduction in revenue. Tax butter at $5.00 per pound and everyone switches to margarine and you get nothing”

        The liberal will then either deny this, or say “of course, but no one is proposing raising taxes that much”

        You then put forward that it is an incremental situation, not all or nothing, as you raise taxes it gradually cuts down on that which you taxed, to the point that additional raises in the tax result in less revenue.

        At this point the liberal will fluster and attempt withdrawal with backhanded dismissal of the argument as being too complected. Your secret key here is knowing a liberal will never admit he is wrong.

        He will start to begin his reply – reach into your pocket – his reply will begin “well, you know I am not an economist, and neither are you…..” Produce the slip of paper from your pocket. Reveal it saying “and you will say “”I’m not an economist and neither are you yadda yadda”.

        And there ya go. You win. Again, you will never get the liberal to admit he is wrong, their orthodoxy will not tolerate that. However, in showing you predicted their argument beforehand, you can demonstrate to any onlookers that the liberal is likely ignorant and just repeating boilerplate.

        • Alex

          Unfortunately this mentality is causing a brain drain with the productive class leaving to states with more growth like Texas.

  • Bluebaer22

    We need to be attracting good production jobs to the state rather that give tax incentives to send those jobs to foriegn nations. The Republicans passed laws that give tax incentives for sending jobs overseas, and Obama is supporting those measures to make his foreign policies look good. The answer is to remake our political leadership to support the working people of America and to stregthen our nations businesses. If we do not give businesses incentives to stay in the US they will go where their production costs are cheaper. The businesses fail to look at the quality of the product. That is the responsiblity of the corporate management!

  • Morely

    Oregon has long been a worker’s paradise, what with “fair share” and all that union friendly stuff. Problem is, unions don’t create jobs….companies do, and they have all fled or are fleeing to places where they can operate without a bunch of blue-jeaned morons telling them what to do and not do.
    You dig???

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