Congressman Greg Walden at center of protest, counter-protest

A liberal rally has been planned at Congressman Greg Walden’s office at noon on Friday, November 13th to support the Obama government take-over of our health system and more regulations in our lives and in our doctor’s office. This has prompted some to call for a counter-rally at Congressman Greg Walden’s office at 11:45 as a show of support for Walden and the free-market. Expect to see a converging of people this Friday at 1051 NW Bond ST. Ste 400. Bend.

This could be interesting.

  • Anonymous

    That’s in Bend?

  • Jack

    In Bend, WOW?

    And should I bring Guido with me?

    • warren

      Yes and his little dog Fang, too – for protection from SEIU thugs.

  • Saganp

    A colossal battel of our times…just in time for the holidays

  • Steve Plunk

    Walden has already cast his vote and it was the right one. Don’t these idiots know the battle is now in the Senate? I guess any excuse to relive the days of yore, protesting the man’s war in ‘Nam and the capitalist pigs.

    Old hippies are just pathetic.

    • dartagnan

      “Old hippies are just pathetic.”

      Old right-wingers are even more pathetic. The old hippies are stuck in the 1960s, but the old right-wingers are stuck in the 1880s.

      • Steve Plunk

        Now that’s a surprise, you don’t like conservatives.

        Most conservatives I know are very realistic about today’s world and are far from being stuck in the 1880’s. Now you have to admit my characterization of old hippies being stuck in the sixties is pretty fitting.

  • Anonymous

    “Old hippies are just pathetic.”
    And they still sing those dopey protest songs

    • Rupert in Springfield

      Hey, remember when these guys were all about protesting the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan?

      I miss those days. Guess everything is ok now so its time to protest someone who got in the way of the handing out government goodies.

      Hopefully there will be some funny righteous protest chants “What do we want?” – > “Free Stuff!” , “Whose gonna pay?” -> “Someone else!”.

      I always love it when they break out in “We shall overcome” routine when the situation is totally unrelated to overcoming anything. That’s always a good one.

      Hey? Did BO ever get around to making a decision on Afghanistan troop levels or are we still waiting for him to make his mind?

      Oh well, stupid Bush

      • Steve Plunk

        BO has sent his people back to the drawing board for a better plan. He has now dithered longer than it took the US Army to capture Kabul after 9/11. Worst leader ever.

        • v person

          “He has now dithered longer than it took the US Army to capture Kabul after 9/11. Worst leader ever.”

          Start with the inconvenient fact that the US army did not capture Kabul. It was the Northern Alliance, the Afghan resistance to the Taliban who took an undefended Kabul backed by US air support and a few special forces and CIA. Then add that the Bush administration failed to follow up on dislodging the Taliban, and al Queda, failed to capture or kill the main leaders , and turned its attention and the bulk of our armed forces to an unecessary war in Iraq begun under false pretenses. The only reason we are even still in Afghanistan is due to this boneheaded move, that I’ll presume you supported Steve.

          So now Obama is faced with a resurgent Taliban, a hopelessly corrupt Afghan government, 8 years of war with no end in sight, loss of public support, and a bunch of no good very bad options. Dithering? Its called deliberation. Before he commits more of other people’s blood and treasure he wants to know what the end game is and roughly when. He owes that to the soldiers who will end up being killed or maimed there and their families, and he owes it to we taxpayers. You should be thankful you have someone in the presidency who thinks before he acts.

          I understand you don’t like Obama. Fair enough. But to suggest that he should simply commit 40-80,000 more troops and hundreds of billions of dollars we don’t have, and to decide that after 9 months in office he is the worst president ever is nothing more sloppy thinking or crass politics (bash Obama no matter what) on your part.

          Even our ambassador, a former general who fought in Afghanistan and an expert on that region, is cautioning Obama to avoid committing more troops until and unless Karzai cleans up his act. Otherwise this is a hopeless cause regardless of how many more we put in. And you want him to stop dithering? How about you be the one appointed to thank the future widows and orphans for their families sacrifice?

          By the way, did you see Karzai’s interview on PBS last week? He all but told us to go f**k ourselves. Send more troops to die to prop up this guy?

          • Steve Plunk

            Leaders make decisions. BO has had plenty of time to decide one way or another. If chooses not to send troops at least he’s made up his mind. Your rant has little substance.

          • v person

            Leaders make decisions? That’s it? So therefore Obama should make a decision now and quit “dithering”? You don’t seem to care if this is a good or bad decision. If it is based on facts or myths. Reality or real politic. You just want a decision. What? Is the suspense killing you? Well real bullets are killing others, so deal with it Steve. We have a history of presidents making real bad decisions for all teh wrong reasons in situations like these.

            Some of us want him to take all the time he feels he needs. Keep asking hard questions of his generals and advisors until he is satisfied he has the facts, and the best possible analysis of his alternatives. Because whatever decision he makes our nation is going to have to live with the consequences for a long time. 40,000 more troops and a few hundred billion resulting in many more dead and maimed in a lost or unnecessary cause are the stakes here. Its not about a news cycle. If I were him I would want to be darn sure the cause is worthwhile and the goals acheivable in the near term, not decades out. Because there is no way the American people are going to continue to support a war over that Godforsaken part of the world for much longer. And that probably includes you and Rupert.

            With the benefit of hindsight, I wish Bush and Cheney had dithered a bit longer on Iraq, don’t you?

          • dartagnan

            Bush was a great decision-maker. He could make decisions in the blink of an eye. Unfortunately they were almost always wrong.

            Being a good leader isn’t about making decisions — it’s about making the right decisions.

            Generals will ALWAYS say “I could win this thing if I had 40,000” — or 50,000, or 100,000, or whatever — “more troops in the field.” Taking their advice without question leads you down the slippery slope that got us bogged down in Vietnam — and got the Soviets bogged down in Afghanistan.

      • v person

        “Hey, remember when these guys were all about protesting the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan? ”

        No, I don;t recall that. I recall large protests before the war began in Iraq. None that I remember before the war in Afghanistan. And since then no large protests at all against the Afghan war.

        And as it turned out, those who did protest the start of the Iraq war turned out to be right.

        Now what is ironic is that it is the right wing that has discovered its anti-government street protest mojo. The worm has turned.

        • Rupert in Springfield

          >No, I don;t recall that.

          Huh, that is so weird. It was all over the news.

          For example, I sure remember the “General Betray Us” thing when Petraeus was urging Bush to go with what was called “The Surge”. All the bash Bush crowd was saying it wouldn’t work and that’s how we wound up with the Betray Us thing. Guess you missed it.

          Well, most seem to agree that the surge was crucial to the turn around in Iraq that folks like Hank Reid would never happen.

          Turn out the left was wrong. Oh well. No biggie there but just thought I would let you in on at least that aspect of things since apparently you don’t remember it.

          • v person

            “For example, I sure remember the “General Betray Us” thing when Petraeus was urging Bush to go with what was called “The Surge”. ”

            Oh for heaven’s sake Rupert. That was about a planned escalation of the war in Iraq well after a large majority of the American public had concluded the war was lost. It had nothing to do with Afghanistan. And it was not a street protest. It was a badly done TV ad by one group known for badly done TV ads.

            And those who thought it would not work included a lot of Republicans. That it turned out for the best is great. But at the time it was Bush’s Hail Mary Pass.

            “Turn out the left was wrong. ”

            Does “the left” include James Baker? George Will? Pat Buchanan? Collin Powell? Because they among many others all thought the surge would fail.

            If the left tent is that big, you have more problems than you think.

            And again, where were the protests on the Afghan war? A single Congressperson voted no on that one. Maybe 4 or 5 peacenicks protested somewhere. BFD. How about admitting you are wrong on this?

          • Rupert in Springfield

            > That was about a planned escalation of the war in Iraq well after

            Well, it was a little more than one TV ad. It included a code pink mob at the hearings as I recall when Petraeus gave is report on capitol hill. The whole thing got so bad even some lefties seemed a little embarrassed about the “General betray us” thing.

            Anyway, there were protest about the Generals testimony and the surge and they were the number one news story for well over a week. You missed it I guess. Rather than simply admit that yes there were protests about the Iraq war you are trying to classify this not as a protest about the Iraq war but about escalation of that war. That’s a little laughable. I also love how you hedge about before or after the war started. My point was the left protested the Iraq war, that’s it. You want to address it? Fine. You want to hedge around with this nonsense? Not interested.


          • v person

            Lets try this one last time.

            Rupert wrote…just up above here: “Hey, remember when these guys were all about protesting the wars in Iraq *and Afghanistan* ?”

            Yes. A handful of nuts dressed in pink protested the proposed surge. Ads were run. A public debate over the wisdom of the surge lasted for months, not just a week.

            I lived and breathed then. I saw and heard.

            Now for the last time, where were the protests against the war in *Afghanistan* ? Or by “and” did you really mean “or”?

  • Jack

    I sent Guido in my Place. Hope he didn’t hurt to many of you Communist Hippies and you to RUPERT FROM Springfield.

    dartanagan: Right wingers are stuck in the 1880’s? Really, and Socialists are Drunk with Socialism, and Socialized Medicine, which will never happen.