Lars Larson: Governor Kulongoski pulls the wool over our eyes

Well, don’t say we didn’t warn you. Governor Kulongoski sold us a bill of goods.

Put credit where credit is due. The “daily fishwrapper”, the rapidly declining Oregonian newspaper, did some great investigative reporting over the weekend. I’ll give them credit for that.

They found all the numbers. How Governor Tax-And-Gouge-Me phonied up the numbers to make sure the Oregon Legislature would pass a package of bills. It rapidly expands the tens of millions of dollars being poured into (so-called) green power.

It’s the kind of power that he knows you would never buy if your local utility company said, “Would you like your power bill to double or quadruple or quintuple?” Of course you wouldn’t. So, he’s going to take it out of your state taxes, a tax coffer that he says is already too empty to pay for prisons, cops, or schools. But, he has plenty of money to hand to foreign companies who come into the state of Oregon and build solar cells and windmills.

Well, it’s about time we went back and fixed it. The first thing we should do is kill that program in the Special Session in February.

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