Lars Larson: Governor Kulongoski pulls the wool over our eyes

Well, don’t say we didn’t warn you. Governor Kulongoski sold us a bill of goods.

Put credit where credit is due. The “daily fishwrapper”, the rapidly declining Oregonian newspaper, did some great investigative reporting over the weekend. I’ll give them credit for that.

They found all the numbers. How Governor Tax-And-Gouge-Me phonied up the numbers to make sure the Oregon Legislature would pass a package of bills. It rapidly expands the tens of millions of dollars being poured into (so-called) green power.

It’s the kind of power that he knows you would never buy if your local utility company said, “Would you like your power bill to double or quadruple or quintuple?” Of course you wouldn’t. So, he’s going to take it out of your state taxes, a tax coffer that he says is already too empty to pay for prisons, cops, or schools. But, he has plenty of money to hand to foreign companies who come into the state of Oregon and build solar cells and windmills.

Well, it’s about time we went back and fixed it. The first thing we should do is kill that program in the Special Session in February.

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  • Jerry

    Green power is right. Green money power. These fools are so out of touch as to be pathetic.

  • Roadrunner

    Serial liar Lars is in no position to be complaining about others pulling wool over people’s eyes.

    • Conscience of a Moonbat

      Roadbat can always be counted on to shout down anything that is posted on this blog. Poor Roadbat. He can’t help it. That’s just what leftwing trolls do.

  • Anonymous

    Roadrunner, Randy Leonard,

    How is it that you parade out that bromide in the face of blatant defrauding by the Governor?

    You should recognize that Lars is exactly correct in his take on the Governor and the program that has diverted hundreds of millions away from the rest of government and what you libs demand we pay for with higher taxes.

    No, all yot got is liars larson rhetoric.

    • Roadrunner

      Sorry, but Lars’ track record is so pathetic that I can’t believe a word he says.

      I’d listen to him for five minutes on my way home from work, and in those five minutes I’d hear something that I either knew was incorrect, or seemed fishy enough that I investigated after I got home, and found that it was incorrect.

      I pretty much gave up on contacting KXL about Lars’ fabrications, as they have consistently shown no interest in holding Lars accountable.

      We can hold Randy Leonard accountable by voting him out.

  • v person

    “The “daily fishwrapper”, the rapidly declining Oregonian newspaper, did some great investigative reporting over the weekend. ”

    The question I have is why you choose to believe Oregonian reporting when it suits you, and otherwise do not believe it? And in any case, the reporting in this case made an allegation. It did not prove that its allegation is fact, so maybe this needs a little time before final conclusions are jumped to and new policies enacted.

    Of course if you already hold the conclusion that the governor is wrong or a liar or whatever, then you don’t have to wait for anything.

  • Anonymous


    What a middle school ninny. So we’re supposed to agree with/believe the O entirely or not at all.

    What an idiot statement.

    This isn’t about “believing the Oregonian”. It’s about recognizing the actual reporting.

    The believing part is whether the numbers were ponied up.

    It’s exceedingly clear to any adult they were.
    How much was at the direction of the Governor? There’s not a shred of chance we could ever know that unless he confessed.
    However it’s pretty darn reasonable to assume he knew darn well what was going on and that his underlings likely made it clear to the department the Governor wanted this legislation passed and they neeeded to make it happen.

    The specific persons and mechanics involved in the scandal are not required to have a conversation.

    Your stupid twists are meaningless and typical progressive lunacy.

    Now try and cough up something clear and germane or go walk around New Columbia.

    • v person

      You, anonymous person who hurls feeble insults and jumps to conclusions that fit your biases, illustrate my point so well there is no need to respond further to make my point. You *are* my point.

      New Columbia? Have I missed something important? Did someone start a new country in South America when my head was turned?

    • Roadrunner

      V, I believe that Anonymous was referring to the site of the former Columbia Villa. It’s not exactly clear what’s meant by the reference, though. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that scary black and hispanic people, and poor people of many races, live there.

      • Rupert in Springfield

        Ahh, the legendary, and always loathsome, racialism of the left. Thought it had been a while since we had seen this rather ugly side of the left show its face here.

  • Eisenhower Republican

    I can remember a time when Republicans believed in targeted tax cuts to businesses to help spur economic development. These days, I guess we’re only allowed to support it when it’s not the policy of a Democrat Governor.

    • Anonymous

      These here folks are anarchist libertarians, ER, not republicans.

    • eagle eye

      The difference was that Eisenhower generally supported realistic business plans, not utopian technologies with no prospect of leading to profitable businesses.

  • Anonymous

    I was referring to another failure v/dean lies about. New urbanism.

    Funny is the use of “turf wars between young men” instaed of the reappearance of rival gang wars.

    New Columbia experiment still a work in progress

    This excerpt says it all.

    “New Columbia is an undeniable improvement, a $155 million new urbanist collection of brightly painted apartments and houses laid out around a new park and elementary school. It’s a grand social experiment, an attempt to both provide decent housing for people in need and prove that folks from different classes and races can live together and get along.

    Such noble notions don’t always translate into reality. On camera, renters complain that homeowners don’t give them the time of day. Homeowners worry that renters won’t care enough to keep their new apartments clean.

    New Columbia has problems: Private investment hasn’t come as quickly as its planners had hoped. The grocery store and coffee shop both closed. Police worry about potential turf wars between young men.”

    v and RR you get what you deserve for your regular misprepreseting on issue after issue.

  • eagle eye

    Like it or not, Larson is probably right on this.

  • Anonymous

    This isn’t even whether or not Lars is right. He’s merely a messenger.

    It’s whether the Oregonian story and the cooking the numbers charge is right.

    Obvioulsly the cost was cooked down for consumption by legislators and the passing of legislation.

    This should be crminal and here we have lefties trying to obfuscate and cover up the act.

    Our battle rages!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Roadrunner

      Until Lars fesses up about what appears to be a fake timeline he sent out about Hurricane Katrina (and, when asked, refused to provide the source), he has zero credibility. Quite simply, he makes things up and passes them on as fact. In most jobs, people get fired for that. If you’re a right-wing radio host, it gets you a new contract.