Is this Sarah Palin cover sexist?

The Newsweek cover is out and it features Sarah Palin from a photo-shoot from Runner’s World magazine.

Palin calls it sexist and said on her Facebook, ” The choice of photo for the cover of this week’s Newsweek is unfortunate, When it comes to Sarah Palin, this “˜news’ magazine has relished focusing on the irrelevant rather than the relevant. The Runner’s World magazine one-page profile for which this photo was taken was all about health and fitness “” a subject to which I am devoted and which is critically important to this nation.”

Is it sexist? What is your take?

In additional details Palin spoke on teh Oprah Winfrey show and blasted the Associated Press for hiring 11 reporters to fact check her book. Read article here.

  • Jerry

    The AP needs to fact check itself. What a bunch of morons.

  • Moi

    I think they are jealous that she is in better shape than they are!

  • Woman

    I’m waiting to see Hillary Clinton in shorts on the cover of Newsweek.

    • Anonymous


    • snow

      Why not? Oh, I know, it’s because she’s a liberal

  • Mort

    She sure looks better than Joe Biden.

  • Anonymous

    Sexist? No. Stupid? Yes.

  • Duck fan

    She posed for the picture, now she’s whining that they used it! And this is the dame who pranced around in her sexy clothes and boots, the one with the youtube video in her bathing suit in the high school beauty contest.

    What a phony!

    • Sybella

      Sure she did, but not for NewsWeek. Bet they didn’t pay her for it either. Gee, that smacks of theft to me.

      • Duck fan

        If it was theft, maybe she should sue or call the cops.

        But when you pose for a picture like that, when you prance around like the town tease, you’re fair game.

        She’s acting like she’s about 15.

        • Snow

          You sound like you’re about 15. Time to grow up.

          • Duck fan

            Well, I’m not running for anything or prancing around on magazine covers.

  • Voter

    I see her and say wow! Smart and hot! I see any of her liberal women detractors and see buffarilloes!

  • Rupert in Springfield

    At first blush the cover appears to be sexist in the context it is presented. Then there is the main text “How do you solve a problem like Sarah?”. Now of course we all know that had this been someone more “progressive” the headline would have been something like “The dynamo shaking up conventional politics”.

    But then, wait a second, look at the smaller text – “she’s bad news for the GOP, and for everyone else too”

    This really makes me kind of happy. I think its sweet how everyone in Tass and Pravda is now all concerned about what is good for Republicans, at least when they aren’t off bashing her family or saying how irrelevant she is. It shows a real coming together.

    Look, Palin is no savior and like any politician, one should be wary of her and occasionally make fun of her. However her treatment is a little ridiculous when BO makes the cover of these magazines on a monthly basis with a halo around his head and his wife, a diversity stick up artist whose taste in clothing makes Hillary’s garb look couture, is regularly lauded as significant.

    Bottom line – If you are a Republican and the press is saying you are stupid and a danger to the party, then you are probably doing something right.

    • Anonymous

      I agree with most of your comments Rupert. Until…

      “Bottom line – If you are a Republican and the press is saying you are stupid and a danger to the party, then you are probably doing something right.”

      And I might agree with this one as well if we were talking about anyone other than Palin. She is stupid and she is a danger to the party. Every democrat in the country is praying she runs in 2012 and wins the primaries. Hell, I’ll bet a sizable number of dems will re-register as republican just so they can vote for her in the primaries. She will never ever ever ever be elected to the White House. She is borderline retarded.

      • Rupert in Springfield

        >She is stupid and she is a danger to the party.

        Well, even if you do actually agree with me on my other points, and I highly doubt that, you kind of give yourself away here.

        First of all, having no criticism of a Republican other than “they are borderline retarded, they are stupid” is a dead giveaway that you are in all likelihood a liberal.

        I look at it this way:

        Reagan – He was the original stupid guy. He got called stupid and senile all through the 76 and 80 campaigns. Got elected twice.

        Bush 1 – Yep, called stupid. Didn’t even know what a supermarket scanner was. Stupid Bush1.

        Bush 2 – Maybe not the original stupid guy, but certainly called the most stupid. Got elected twice.

        The way I see it, calling Republicans stupid seems to backfire and make Democrats look arrogant more than it hurts Republicans. My evidence of this with Palin? The only time McCain pulled ahead of BO was after nominating her.

        When stupid Sarah Palin spoke, McCain’s numbers went up.

        Now of course we all know no Republican could ever hope to match the incredible brain power of a Democrat.

        Oh hey, has BO made a decision on Afghanistan yet? I mean I know he is really really smart, and I know he said Afghanistan was the war we must win during the campaign. Mr. Smart Guy, the brilliant BO had a whole bunch of answers then. Oh well…. who knows… guess his brain is just so big and busy figuring out a whole bunch of smart stuff that he forgot all the answers he had about Afghanistan back during the campaign.

        On a bright note, at least another campaign promise has been fulfilled.

        I just heard BO has said he won’t be able to close GITMO within the year he promised.

        So, another campaign promise fulfilled. During the campaign I promised that BO would not be able to close GITMO with the year. Looks like I was right! Score one more for a stupid Republican.

        Hmm…. lets see…. stupid Republican ( that’s me ) was right about the stimulus being too back end loaded and not working. Stupid me was right about cap and trade not passing this year (ok, not a tough call, no one is into that dog during a recession). Stupid me was right about GITMO, kind of proud of that one, not many were predicting it. And stupid me might very well be proven right about health care reform not passing this year ( ok, that one is really coming down to the wire, frankly I am surprised it has gotten this far and yes, I might very well be proven wrong on that one ).

        Doin the happy leprechaun dance here.

        Diddle dee de Diddle de dee Diddle Twiddle de dee

        • v person

          “The way I see it, calling Republicans stupid seems to backfire and make Democrats look arrogant more than it hurts Republicans.”

          So you think Reagan and both Bushs (and lets add Dan Quayle for the heck of it) were elected because Democrats called them stupid? And if this is true, then its a good strategy to continue selecting leaders who will at least appear to be stupid to Democrats because it allows Republicans to pretend to be populists when they are really for the rich?

          I can see that. I’d say then by all means support Palin, because of the available choices she is the one we Democrats think is the dimmest bulb in your current crop.

          As for the sexist issue, I’d say no, the cover is not “sexist.” But it does capture a large part of her appeal to that segment of the public that finds her apealling, which is that she is photogenic, physically competent, and has a lot of Chutzpah. By focusing on that her supporters can look past the point that as governor she raised taxes and then sent what amounted to welfare checks to every breathing Alaskan with the proceeds.

        • Anonymous

          I’m taken aback Rupert. You have genuinely disturbed me with that post.

          I voted for McCain (do the math) and never thought Obama was anything more than an Uncle Tom with good public speaking skills. Sarah Palin is stupid. You think otherwise? Then you are stupid too.

          I’m not even going to address your egotistical screed because it has nothing to do with anything.

          • v person

            I’m curious. Why did you vote for McCain given he had the lack of judgment to put someone like Palin, whom you say is stupid (I disagree, thinking she is willfully ignorant but not lacking intelligence,) a heartbeat away from the presidency?

            And Obama as an Uncle Tom? Really? In what way?

          • Anonymous

            McCain is as bad a political campaigner as one could be and the choice of Palin as a running mate was as transparently desperate a move as I have ever seen. Yes, I was disappointed by that decision. There is no getting around it and it certainly gave me pause. But sometimes you just have to roll the dice, and I did.

            Palin’s ignorance is an extension of her stupidity (I do think she is relatively lacking in intelligence).

            And Obama, the goodly democrat? Well, I may have appropriated the term for my own use. Let’s just say that I think he’s a phony. And I honestly have no idea whose interests he has in mind.

          • v person

            Fair enough. I voted for Obama but admit that given his scant record he was also a roll of the dice. I have to say though, he has exceeded my expectations overall. The nation is a freaking mess after Bush, and I think he is plugging the holes in the boat as fast and best as he can. I especially like he is treating Afghanistan as a place to find an exit ramp before he agrees to escalate. That shows both guts and wisdom.

            I think that like Reagan and both Bushs, Palin is above average intelligence. Like Bush junior, very much like Bush junior, she does not bother to study the issues of the day and is ready to jump to conclusions based on her gut feelings. And like Bush I think she is way out of her depth and would create a world of hurt if she were elected. But stupid? Not. She is currently taking 25% of the nation to the cleaners. Like Glenn Beck, there is a lot of money to be made of of politics if you play your cards right, and she knows how to play a hand.

          • Anonymous

            I’m not suggesting that Palin has trouble tying her shoes, but that she is bright enough to capitalize on the opportunities presented her by public life is not, in my opinion, any indication of intellectual competence. That said, I don’t begrudge her (or anyone else) those opportunities.

            As for Obama, I will only say that I don’t share the irrational hatred that so many of the lunatic fringe seem to have for him. I agree that he inherited some difficult circumstances, but I’m going to reserve judgement on the efficacy of his presidency for the time being.

  • Anonymous

    If elections were based on intelligence, people like Stephen Hawking would be our rulers.

    Thank God they aren’t.

    All the “certified smart” leaders who have either run or been elected have been disasters. Obama is supposed to be so “smart.” He is running us into the ground. Carter was supposed to be some brilliant physicist. Look how well that turned out. The most intellectual candidate of the 20th Century was probably Adlai Stevenson. Yeah, he really lit up the electorate.

    Good leaders don’t have to be rocket scientists. They DO have to be leaders with good judgment who can assemble teams of experts to break down a situation, then make a quick and informed decision based on a combination of solid principles and input from the team.

    Finally, GWB had better grades at Yale than John Kerry did. He also went to a better grad school. Make of that what you will.

    • Duck fan

      Hawking really IS smart, the other people you mentioned were just talked up that way. Look at Carter, he wasn’t any nuclear physicist, he had an undergraduate engineering degree. Stevenson was no intellectual, he was just a society lawyer. Obama was an adjunct at the University of Chicago Law school — but not a regular faculty member, he never wrote anything, he was probably an affirmative action guy.

      Not saying brilliance is necessarily good in a President, but the guys you’re talking about all had a degree of fakery.

      By the way, JFK was also supposed to be brilliant — he wasn’t — and did he turn out so bad?

      And George W. Bush was no dunce, but he wasn’t exactly a great success, was he?

  • dartagnan

    No more sexist than showing a photo of Barack Obama in a bathing suit.

    Caribou Barbie has turned into America’s biggest whiner. The world is always SO unfair to her. Boo-hoo.

  • Anonymous


    “. I have to say though, he has exceeded my expectations overall.”

    Are you a complete loon? What a delusional take.

    On what issue or in what arena has met, let alone exceeded anyone’s expectations?

    The economy?
    Job creation?


    • v person

      “Are you a complete loon?”

      Not in any certifiable sense. I have a job, have raised a familiy, have not committed any serious crimes. I don’t drool. I’m not obsessive compulsive about anything. So no. I don’t think I am a loon. But then most loons probably don’t think they are loons either if you stop and think about it, so i suppose I could be and just not know it.

      GITMO? What of it? I expected him to close it and he is working on that.

      FICA? What is FICA?

      IRAQ? He said he would draw down forces gradually with complete withdrawal of combat troops by next year. All that is happening and Iraq has not fallen apart.

      Afganistan? He said he would raise troop levels. He did that starting last March. he has a big decision ahead and appears to be making sure he considers all the probabilities before he commits to more.

      The economy? He kept us from going over the cliff Bush brought us to. It grew 3.5% last quarter after a whole lot of decline. Long way to being healed, but at least we are now headed in the right direction.

      Job creation? Long way to go on this. I don’t expect him to wave a wand and make it all better. Deep holes take a while to climb out of.

      Exceeded? My expectation….yep. He is calm, cool, deliberate, seems to make wise decisions based on te best information. He doesn’t rattle. And he does not play macho games. He takes the job seriously. He reaches out to those who slap his hand away. Yep. He is better in the job than I thought he would be.

  • Bill Brackett

    I’m surprised that Newsweek used a cover from another magazine. How often do they do that?

    Don’t they have photographers of their own who can take photos for their own covers?