Lars Larson: Time to take another look at Muslim extremists

Maybe it’s time to take a second, hard look at Muslim extremists within our military and American society.

I know it’s controversial to suggest it, but maybe we do need to take a hard look at people who have extremist points of view in their religion. I’m talking about Muslims. I’m talking about followers of Islam and especially those who are in the United States military.

We don’t know what exactly happened that caused that shooting and murders of twelve people at that army post in Texas. But, when we do find it out, no matter what, we’re going to have to take a hard look at who is serving in our military. We need to find out whether some of their religious beliefs will lead them astray, will lead them to do murderous acts like this.

Maybe it was simply the prospect of his deployment overseas. But when we hear from the witnesses about the wounded being carried out after the shooting, saying the gunman was shouting out in Arabic, it certainly does make you wonder.

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