A different way to honor Robin Williams

shortterm12By Jason Williams
Williams is Executive Director of the Taxpayer Association of Oregon

A friend who once attempted suicide once shared what she learned in recovery which is that suicide always hurts everyone else more than the victim. That sole lesson is what helped her most in her recovery. In light of the Robin Williams suicide that lesson can be lost as we witness an extraordinary outpouring of tribute in the form of attention to his films. Amazon reported a spike in Robin Williams’ film sales. I see people on social media choosing their favorite Robin Williams film to watch this weekend. In light of this trend, I would like to steer people to a different type of movie to watch in honor of Robin Williams and to refocus our attention on this difficult topic of suicide. The film I encourage you to watch is called “Short Term 12”. The film was among the most liked films of 2013 (99% Tomato Rating). I personally bought 16 copies and mailed it to my family & friends earlier this year.


The story revolves around romance within a juvenile detention center and it deals bluntly and painfully with issues of depression, hidden pain and suicide — the very issues we need to be talking about. As in everything there is politics in the film because you see where government laws protecting minors & parents runs into conflict with good intentions of trying to stop abuse. Sometimes there are no easy answers in life. Please consider honoring Robin Williams by better understanding what people with depression go through and enlighten yourself by watching the film Short Term 12.