Oregon Has a 60th Congressional District!

By Jacob Szeto

According to Recovery.gov, the U.S. government’s official website for data related to the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, Oregon has a total of nine new congressional districts. That’s eight more than Oregon is projected to have after the 2010 census.

These nine phantom Congressional districts include: 00, 14th, 8th, 16th, 60th, 21st, 6th, 36th and 39th.

The national stimulus has awarded Oregon $1,853,303,183, which, according to the government, has saved or created 9,653 jobs for Oregonians. These phantom districts have managed to create or save 15 jobs seemingly out of thin air. All it will cost taxpayers is $4.9 million dollars, or $326,624 per job. The 60th Congressional district actually created zero jobs with $206,710 of stimulus funds.

Oregon is not alone with these phantom districts. Bill McMorris of Watchdog.org reports that a total of $6.4 billion has gone to 440 phantom districts across the nation.

According to reporter Michael Noyes of the Montana Policy Institute, Ed Pound, the director of communications for the Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board, said there are no plans to correct these errors until the next reporting cycle.

“People make errors, and we’ve found people are making errors in these reports,” said Ed Pound. “Our job is data integrity, not data quality.”

Jacob Szeto is Investigative Reporter at Cascade Policy Institute, a non-partisan, nonprofit public policy research organization based in Portland, Oregon.

  • Anonymous

    And wasn’t it in Oregon last year that Soetoro declared there are “57 states”? I’d LOL if it wasn’t so damned sad that these bums are driving the USA off a cliff.
    This must be the real Gang who can’t shoot straight.

  • Paul

    OK, where do I sign up for one of these $326,624. jobs? I wonder what the job is like. Bet I wouldn’t have to tax my brain much. Maybe I’ll drive to this fine new job on those nice 4-lane freeways – oh, wait none of those exist either! Oh, well I’ll bet I will get PERS and then I’ll be set for life!

  • Moi

    I am assuming that they districts held by Democrats?

  • dan

    so the real question is……how do I work to create a fake district and funnel that money into my pocket?

    Jacob….tell me how I can work this out.

  • anonymous

    I like the $7,154,869 that went to the Confederated Tribes of the Grand Ronde to create/save .48 jobs. I want that job. I’ll be happy to work half time for $7 million a year.

  • Andrew

    I think I smell a RAT Board.

  • Dan Meek
  • Joey

    I guess one new job is correcting all the mistakes this administration puts out on a daily basis.

  • Anonymous

    I would like to officially announce my candidacy for Congress, in Oregon CD-60!

  • Anonymous

    Seriously, though – I believe this is from errors in self-reported data from people who don’t fully understand what they are saying. For instance, Oregon has 60 state House districts. Someone probably filled out a form and wrote he is in district 60.

    What makes this look bad isn’t the bad data, because any system will always produce some bad data. What makes it look bad is that the people reporting the data didn’t do a very good job of filtering it out. Everything after the first 5 entries in the above report should have been combined into one entry with a label like “not accounted for at this time, pending further review.”

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