Hales and Novick recalls ramp up

Recall Hales and Novick_thb

by Bob Clark

If you are a registered voter of the City of Portland and have not done so yet, please go online at www.rethinkportland.wordpress.com and sign the personal petitions to recall both Mayor Hales and Commissioner Novick.  At the top of the website is the menu bar for downloading the petitions with instructions on signing and mailing.  The deadline for gathering signatures is October 9, 2014.

Hales and Novick are both pushing a new “street maintenance” tax which would cost most every Portland homeowner and renter as much as $150 or more per year.  They are refusing to give citizens any vote on this new tax, seeking to pass it with only a 3-to-2 majority vote of the Portland City Council.

Hales and Novick have put off this Council vote until November most likely because it is usually most difficult and expensive to gather signatures for referrals in the late fall and winter when weather drives people indoors.  The Recalls are an effort to bring leverage against Hales and Novick to delay the Council vote once more, into a better season for signature gathering.

The Recall Effort now has its own office and experienced petition signature gathering leadership.

Also with regards to the street tax proposal, Dr. Eric Fruits provides a running dialogue on the political mischief and news behind the proposed new street tax/fee at www.nostreetfee.com.   In fact, there is an entertaining video of Mayor Hales doing his tax-them-and-tax-them-again rap.

  • Eric Blair

    I went to the website that Bob provided, nostreefee.com, and I was struck by the first point…

    There is absolutely NO ONE speaking up for John and Jane Q. Citizen. Businesses, nonprofits, and low-income residents get to speak up. But, normal folks like you and me are told, “There is no public testimony at this meeting.” (And, yes, we were told that.)”

    Evidently low-income people are not “normal” folks.

    • Bob Clark

      Yes, Eric of NOStreetfee.com most probably didn’t mean it this way in his use of the term “normal.”

      As for me, I have relatives in the City who I care very much about who are struggling to make healthcare bills and the like, and they are just as normal as I who has a luckier lot in life.

      Novick and crew are now intimating they will push for a progressive income tax (although who knows what form we’ll end up with if any), which would help my struggling relatives and others.

      But then again, this income tax probably won’t be effective because it relies heavily on collecting as much as $14,000 a year from those in the very highest of income brackets. $14,000 a year will induce most of these folks to move a few miles outside the reach of city hall, causing the tax to raise a lot less in City revenue than sought per simple tabular estimate. (Then a lot of well off have second homes they can declare as domicile in their tax filings.)

      Ultimately, the Middle Class will end up seeing their tax bill hiked sharply. And yet this segment which City Hall says it seeks to bolster is not being given a real voice in this tax matter.

      At the very minimum, the City should allow citizens a vote. If the tax is really needed, not allowing a citizen vote could end up back firing as it provides the easy rejoinder: “Hales and Novick didn’t want you to vote on this!”

  • IhateLiberals

    More Tax-and-Spend Stupidity from the LIEberal Party!

    • read a book

      What an idiotic statement. Reagan raised taxes and spent them, so did Bush 1. Bush 2.0 cut taxes but still spent and raised the debt. But your brainwashed mind is correct-it’s all the liberals fault. Kill the infidels!

      • guest

        Both major parties seem in cr-isis and why independent tea party types have opted to become unaffiliated with the DNC and RNC.