Health Care vote, rally happening on Saturday

The Senate is expected to vote on health care on Saturday and usher in one of the greatest government reaches in a generation. Rallies are being planned all across the nation. The Salem one will be held at the State Capitol steps at 10:00am. Speakers will be Frank Rosenbloom, MD, President of Oregon Right to Life, State Rep. Jim Thompson, Jeff Kropf, Former State Representative, Oregon AFP Director and others.

You can watch the Senate debate live on Cspan.

  • Jack

    Anyone have the phone # for “Defeat Ron Wyden?”

    Thank You

  • Patty

    As a Reg Nurse I say YES to reform. We need a strong public option included to compete with big Insurance and Pharma. Those that oppose this are in the pockets of big business. Why are the Republicans going against what the majority of people want?