Big Governor Race Update: Bill Sizemore in, Shields and Walden out.

There have been three major developments in the wide-open Governor’s race this in the past 10 days. Taxpayer advocate Bill Sizemore announced, to great surprise, his run and filed the paperwork (story here). On the Democratic side, former Hewlett-Packard executive Steve Shields dropped out fo the race due to lackluster fundraising (story here). Last week, Congressman Greg Walden announced that he is not running for Governor as he this week filed the paperwork for his House seat again. A few weeks before that, Senator Jason Atkinson announced his departure from running again for Governor which now leaves Allen Alley, John Lim and Bill Sizemore as the lead GOP contenders. (story here).

Please tell us your thoughts…

  • eagle eye

    Jerry, the about Sizemore is over the top!

  • eagle eye

    I take it back. Jerry is a madcap genius, for sure, but the story about Sizemore running appears to be for real. A powerhouse lineup, for sure.

  • Anonymous

    Is Sizemore there to make the actual eventual GOP nominee look good by comparison?

  • Duck fan

    ee and Anon — don’t you guys see? Sizemore is setting things up for a run by Jerry. Brilliant!

  • Steve Plunk

    I’m a fan of Sizemore but only in his current role. I see too much baggage for a serious run at office.

  • Andrew

    Yeah…how is Sizemore announcing even news? Last time he ran he got stomped, and that was back when he was actually legally allowed to raise money!

  • devietro

    I feel bad about Atkinson not getting in again. Dont think Sizemore stands a chance at all. I am still waiting for Kevin Mannix to consider a run again.

  • Springtuckian

    This has to be a cruel joke, we have no one to run against Doctor Death? Sid Leiken should have run for Governor, he is not going to stand a chance against Defazio. Atkinson would just piss off Lars again by being soft and I like Kevin, but the poor man has to be tired of fighting Liberals on their own turf. My thinking is that until the national scene turns our way, we don’t have much hope of getting a conservative voted into any major office in Oregon. People have to figure out just how corrupt and greedy the current Democrat party is before they will allow any real change to occur.

    • v person

      Or live long enough to forget how inept the Republicans were when they ran things.

  • capor

    Though I do not believe that Mr. Sizemore has a prayer of getting votes from the left, middle, or moderate right, and that he has a great deal of baggage, I was impressed by his thoughts today with Lars about how he would propose a change in public employee pay and benefits. Sizemore at least has the guts to speak up with ideas that will be wildly unpopular among the government and entitlement class. NONE of the rest of the current candidates have the nerve to speak up with a real bonafide plan for cutting the spending spree the Democrats have been on on for nearly 30 years.

    If I were a candidate, I believe I might follow a similar mantra that Sizemore outlined today. We must get a handle on the spending in regard to PERS and better control of contract negotiations for public sector employees. These two issues have become part and parcel to the ever increasing state budgets not only in Oregon but in most states in the nation.

    One needs a larger platform than a promise to attack these issues, but it is a darn good foundation to rally support from anyone that is not in the entitlement class.

    • Beaver fan

      Yes, Sizemore is the perfect spokesman for reigning in the public employee unions, just right to ruin a cause that would ordinarily have a lot of public support!

      I think this is called the Oregon Republican Assisted Suicide Act!

  • Ted

    Allen Alley is the best man for the job in my opinion. Chris Dudley, should he run, has the “star power”, but Alley is a proven businessman. That’s what I’d like to see more of: people who have actually accomplished something, and not just career politicians.

    Sizemore–gotta love his work on taxes, but there is no way he’s going to win the general election.

  • Richard B

    With a line up we have in the GOP, I ether have to go with Sizemore or better vote with my feet out of oregon.

  • anonymous

    When Sizemore lost to Kitzhaber in 1998, it was by the largest margin in recent Oregon history. Who did he knock out to win that title? Ted Kulongoski, who was destroyed by Vic Atiyeh, Oregon’s last Republican governor. I think that was in about 1982.

    Kulongoski came back to win the governorship 20 years later. It would be funny if Sizemore did the same thing Kulongoski did. Kulongoski’s history shows that a big defeat does not spell the end.

    Sizemore has to be a long shot to win the general for sure. However, the commenters above who ask how Sizemore announcing or governor is even news show their political ignorance. Sizemore is a lightening rod and a lot of Republicans like the guy. If Alley and Dudley split the center left and Sizemore wins the center right or even just the right, he very well could win the nomination.

    Any knowledgeable politico would know that and consider the story serious news.

    • eagle eye

      That would be fantastic for the Republicans, have Sizemore as their candidate, what with his track record and legal profile! This is finally the way to break out of their recent record — instead of losing by 3 – 8 per cent, they can do it really big, even 65-35. Brilliant move, Bill, win one for the team!

  • Pat Ryan

    *Alley is a proven businessman. That’s what I’d like to see more of: people who have actually accomplished something, and not just career politicians.*

    Ted, I’m all ears. What has Alley accomplished (I mean beyond sucking down huge amounts of venture capital while he simultaneously destroyed the firm he was hired to manage, and deployed his golden parachute)?

    You are in good company with your namesake governor though, who also has no business experience.