Three Polls: Obama likability, GOP and NY Terror trail.

Gallup poll on New York terror trial
A new Gallup poll released Friday shows that most Americans believe alleged September 11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed should be tried in a military court instead of a civilian court…59% of Americans believe Mohammed should be tried in a military court. Comparatively, only 36% believe he should be tried in a civilian court.

Quinnapiac University National Poll: Given four choices to describe their feelings about the President, American voters say:
“¢46 percent like Obama as a person and like most of his policies;
“¢28 percent like him as a person, but don’t like most of his policies;
“¢1 percent like his policies, but don’t like him as a person;
“¢20 percent don’t like him or his policies.

Karl Rove on Gallup Poll on GOP rise,
“Ominously for Democrats, concerns over spending have recently helped to flip the Gallup generic ballot to now favor Republicans by four points (48% to 44%). Last year, Democrats held a 12-point generic ballot advantage. The change has been driven by independents, who now favor Republicans by 22 points. By comparison, in the run-up to the 1994 congressional elections, Republicans first eclipsed Democrats in March of that year, when they gained a one-point advantage, before falling behind Democrats until the fall.”