Huckabee to Blame for Four Officer Deaths

Try as he might, and he is pathetically trying, Mike Huckabee cannot change the fact that he, and he alone, commuted the sentence of the man believed to have killed the four police officers in Washington. Their deaths rest squarely on the sagging shoulders of this once, but never again, presidential candidate.

This is Huckabee’s Waterloo. He can try all he wants to distance himself from this quadruple murder, but he, and he alone, is responsible. Had he not granted clemency this man would still be in prison where he belongs. Thinking individuals don’t grant clemency to chronic criminals, regardless of their age, race, or background.

Huckabee made a grievous error and now he is trying to pass the blame on to others. Only the weak blame others for their failings.

Luckily for us, this man’s political career is finished. Sadly, so are the lives of four police officers.

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  • Bob Tiernan

    He should lose a lot of support for this. Even w/o this, his popularity with a lot of Republicans is kind of odd. Even the left tries to ignore his populist appeal because they prefer to label him a far
    right nut — they are not above mis-labeling people for political reasons.

    Bob Tiernan

  • Know slick Willy

    Moving right along – And if that don’t stink enough, consider what’ll come from BO’s pits.

  • vili

    MH has always shifted blame and bad-mouthed others. ‘Cause the moment he takes responsibility for his actions he is admitting he does not have the stuff to lead a nation. Not to turn this incident into a look at a political race, but everybody is thinking it. Looks like Republicans will be getting a Palin-Pawlenty-Romney war after all the Huck flak blows him out of the race. You don’t come back from this. Huckabee = soft on danger (ie: terror, enemies of the US), Romney = wears magic underwear (the US is not going to vote in a Mormon, people, not yet), Pawlenty = totally unexciting (can’t win against Palin). Wow, and we’re back to Palin 2012.

    • Anonymous

      “we’re back to Palin 2012”

      Let’s hope so. I can’t imagine a better leader or a more positive American image to project to the rest of the world than President Sarah Palin. She is clearly the best candidate and I can’t wait until she gets the job.

  • David Hansen

    I hope Fox News is taking a second look at this guy who is supposed to be tough on crime and yet let this kind of a monster out of jail. I would hope he would take responsiblity for his actions. If he would have done nothing the four Police Officers would be alive today.

    • Lindee

      Read the facts. Huckabee pardoned a kid who had committed aggravated robbery and was sentenced when he was 17 – there was no history of violence at the time of the pardon (after serving 11 years). The PROBLEM is this – this sick person was again arrested and incarcerated one year after the pardon – then two more times after that! He had a chance to turn his life around, but choose to go the way of the losers – the System should not have allowed him out the second -third – fourth time. It was not Huckabee’s fault – who is responsible to re-releasing this sicko back into society three more times after the pardon?

  • Anonymous

    So another possessed black maniac and we blame the white man who had mercy on him, yeah right.

    This blog entry is a joke (just like so many others) and so is all this other non-sense and division in the country, the guy was possessed and shouldn’t of been granted bail for his recent rape of a child (everyone deserves a second chance this guy blew his years ago and the prosecutors dropped the charges) – most recently; blame the judge who set the bail and stop capitalizing on every tragedy for a political agenda! that crap is damaging our country more than anything.

    Where did this guy get 15K to post his bail, i have a fairly good guess.

    • snkbyt

      EXACTLY !!!! This blog makes the point of NO clemency or pardons for anybody…otherwise it’s your fault that they kill or violate agian. What’s with the Libs wanting early release for criminals now. Just more Libs making a pointless statement.

  • BSR

    Even a fool can see that, a decade ago, as a 17 year old with no history of violent offenses, this case was a reasonable use of clemency. The true travesty here is Clemmons was released by Washington State officials just SIX DAYS AGO after he was allowed to post bond on a CHILD RAPE charge. They themselves admit he also had 7 other felony charges pending and long history, in Washington State, of criminal issues.

    Get the facts before you open your mouths.


  • Lou

    Huckabee is the real monster here. It was clear long ago that he is a weak minded liberal at heart when he supported Bush’s Grand Amnesty. He and those of his ilk (like Bush) are responsible for the demise of the GOP.

  • anon

    “Even a fool can see that, a decade ago, as a 17 year old with no history of violent offenses, this case was a reasonable use of clemency.”

    Except his crimes at that time included aggravated robbery, firearms possession and burglary (read the full article here.

    Huckabee made a terrible mistake in judgment and instead of taking responsibility he blames “the system.” He’s not a leader, he’s a loser.

    And as for this:
    “So another possessed black maniac and we blame the white man who had mercy on him, yeah right.”

    This blog entry is a joke (just like so many others) and so is all this other non-sense and division in the country”

    You make stupid, racist remarks and them talk about “non-sense” (sic) and “division?” You’re ignorant and that should be crime.

  • Billy Proulx

    Except for a few years when I was in my 20’s I am a life long Republican.
    Last year when Huckabee took an early lead in the primaries a few friends of mine emailed me to ask what I thought of him. I wasn’t all that familar with him so I did a little research. I was shocked at what I found out about his history of pardons; more than the three times the previous Govs combined; many for violent offenders and no remorse from Huckabee when they repeated their offenses.

    I have often counciled friends not to vote based on one issue especially if it splits the Republican vote but I emailed back my friends that I would not vote for Huckabee for President under any circumstances. Presidential canidates can promise many things that they can’t deliver on without the support of congress. But they can issue pardons with the stroke of a pen.
    Sometimes I hate it when I’m right.

    • Billy Proulx

      I meant to say that as Governor Huckabee gave clemency to more convicts than the three Govs. before him combined.

  • T

    Thanks so much for your irresponsible decision to commute the sentabce to Maurice Clemmons. Clemmons who you know by know ambushed and murdered 4 local police officers as they sat in a coffee shop prior to their shifts. How can you in right mind commute the sentence of a career felon, especially when it was a 97 yr sentance! Shame on you for trying to state the justice system in Ar and WA failed. You failed! your the one who let him, free after a life sentance! wake up!

    • David Hansen

      It seems to me that the Criminal Justice System didn’t fail. The cops arrested Clemmons, the jury found him guilty, a judge ordered him locked up for 97 years. The only failure is the sleazy politician/minister who thought he was much smarter than the entire system. Arogance should be Mike Huckabee’s middle name. Mike “the Arrogant” Huckabee

  • wmpenn

    A monster killed four cops in Washington state. And as we can see all you leftists blame Mike Huckabee while those on the right blame the Washington officials for not keeping this monster in jail. None of you libs want the local cops or your local legal system to he held accountable for letting him go (on bond) especially when they knew there was a warrant out for him back in Arkansas as a parole violator. But no, they could not allow a poor violent black to be sent back to the deep south for violating his parole so they let him out of jail on bond and he killed four of their police. Now it is all the fault of Huckabee.

    You socialist/liberals make me sick.

  • John Fairplay

    Being sympathetic about crime and criminals is always a risk. While there are people who deserve and will take advantage of a “second chance,” it is really difficult to tell which people those are before the fact. It is best for society if all convicted criminals serve their full sentences barring truly extraordinary circumstances.

    Then-Gov. Huckabee seems to have handed out pardons and commutations like candy – and that is the wrong direction and innocent people and dedicated public servants have now paid the price. While he didn’t pull the trigger, he has some indirect responsibility and it will be hard to have much respect for him if he doesn’t own up to it.

    “Tough on crime” gets a lot of hoohah from progressive liberals, but it does work better then the “soft on crime” approach they helped Gov. Huckabee enact.



  • cecil91

    I would give Huckabee a pass were it not for the fact that he pardoned more criminals than three nearby other states all together. And reports say that of the 12 violent criminals he pardoned, 9 went on to committ more violence and landed back in jail. No matter how you spin it, had Huckabee left this creep in jail, he would still be there. Even so, if Huckabee wasn’t such a proven RINO, I might have sympathy, but he is a terrible conservative candidate and this fiasco will committ him to history’s political dustbin. Exactly where he needs to be.

  • What was the name of the dog in “The Jerk” again?

    And then there’s the Clintoon pardons folks! Get a life and see what’s next with the Chairman MaoBoma admn. Mike Huckabee is chump change compared to the ACLU covenant with the revelationsary New World Order. Yikes!

  • Anonymous

    Bottom line, the criminal is to blame.

    But Huckabee facilitated. As did everyone else who had a chance to keep this goon locked up but didn’t.

  • Henri Tenthorey

    Mike Huckabee,
    To what address do you want me to send the bar of soap?
    I need to know so you can start to wash the blood from your hands of the 4 innocent police officers that you are DIRECTLY responsible for killing, and the rape of the child.
    I hear you are trying to blame others already.
    Don’t think you deserve blame?
    Well listen, if a person opens the gate at a zoo and knowingly lets out a lion, a bear, a poisonous snake etc., and that animal kills someone, then who is to blame for the person’s death? The animal?
    The person who opened the gate of course.
    That’s who you are Mike, a killer and a rapist!!!

  • PaulTheAirplane

    You are completely ridiculous! This is so unbelievably ludicrous! Are you honestly accusing Mike Huckabee, and ONLY Mike Huckabee in the murders of these four men? That is one of the most ignorant things I’ve ever heard, and everybody who thinks that is completely wrong.

    Sure, Huckabee was slightly in the wrong, and he admits that. The fact is, though, that this Clemens guy had an incredibly long prison sentence for his first crimes of burglary and vandalism, a sentence far too long considering the crimes he committed. Plus, he was just a teenager, and Mike Huckabee took sympathy on him. That isn’t a crime. Most times, that is smiled upon, but when something goes horribly wrong like this, everybody is willing to call Huckabee the worst person ever.

    How was ANYBODY expected to know that this would even happen? There was simply no way. Also, are we forgetting that the only thing that Huckabee even has to do with this is releasing him for the first time? Everything else was totally out of his hands.

    Nothing on the internet gets me more fired up than when I stumble upon these websites with a bunch of idiots going on about how Sarah Palin is the most perfect person ever. I am independent, and anybody with such extreme views, I can’t take seriously. Democrat, or republican, I don’t care. I’ll admit, I lean towards the left, but I love Mike Huckabee, and think he is one of the best politicians right now.

    Most importantly, there are FOUR TO EIGHT YEARS BEFORE THE NEXT ELECTION!!! How can you HONESTLY say that this has ruined Mike Huckabee’s career and chances of being president? You can’t.

    Honestly, you people are so unbelieavable.

    the line in a previous comment that reads “That’s who you are Mike, a killer and a rapist!!!” pretty much sums up the intellect of all of you.

    • Anonymous

      The author is known for sarcasm and using fake support of the ridiculous to make a point. Not sure what his intention is here. I agree that the criminal is to blame, but Huckabee showed poor judgment that contributed to the situation.

      • Jerry

        Thanks. Of course the criminal is to blame – I was simply pointing out the FACT that if Mike had not done what he did those officers would still be alive.
        Anyone who can’t figure that out….well, enough said…

    • Anonymous


      Ummm…. the next Presidential election is in less than three years…

  • curious

    Huckabee aside, I’m curious what a gunning down of 4 armed and presumably well trained police officers by a single shooter says about the idea, often advanced in NRA circles, that people with concealed weapons on their persons would be able to prevent mass shootings in schools, shopping malls, or other public places. The result here suggests that is pure fantasy. The initiator simply has too much advantage in the element of surprise.

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