Huckabee to Blame for Four Officer Deaths

Try as he might, and he is pathetically trying, Mike Huckabee cannot change the fact that he, and he alone, commuted the sentence of the man believed to have killed the four police officers in Washington. Their deaths rest squarely on the sagging shoulders of this once, but never again, presidential candidate.

This is Huckabee’s Waterloo. He can try all he wants to distance himself from this quadruple murder, but he, and he alone, is responsible. Had he not granted clemency this man would still be in prison where he belongs. Thinking individuals don’t grant clemency to chronic criminals, regardless of their age, race, or background.

Huckabee made a grievous error and now he is trying to pass the blame on to others. Only the weak blame others for their failings.

Luckily for us, this man’s political career is finished. Sadly, so are the lives of four police officers.