• Keep Oregon on the Scene,

    Dennis Richardson, an honor to Vic Atiyeh’s service – and, indeed, a proper man to govern Oregon,
    Alas, John Kitzhaber has had three chances at bat for an ‘ungovernable’ Oregon.
    The incumbent has struck out every time – and, now wants a ‘walk’ to get on base with a 4th term?
    For what reason? Really, the ‘Casey’ evidence speaks for itself.
    Time now for a courageous under-fire pilot to land on state house grounds and set in place a command post worth support; Some even from Mahonia Hall, like Barbara Roberts, so supportive of Victor Atiyeh, an endorsement forthcoming?
    Please, folks, now is the time to set party alliances aside and place Oregon back in stride as being a right minded progressive state to model after.

  • Native Oregonian

    Good Ad, Kitzhaber’s counter attacks, nutso!

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