Video: Jon Stewart jests on Climategate scandal

Another video that is tops among the most viewed political videos on You Tube. Please pardon the langauge.

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  • Rupert in Springfield

    I love the “what is value added data? Numbers plus art?”

    Oh, hey, I have a real good one for all the choo choo fans who want to maybe win one.

    I haven’t checked into this, so now is your time to totally knock me on my butt. OK? Alright this one is a total free be, I mean I am really setting myself up here.

    You know the whole Copenhagen thing? You know, where the blowhards go to Denmark, have a lot of parties and talk about AGW instead of the fact that their entire country is out of work?

    OK, I will bet that almost none of them go there by train.

    Yep, that great European railway system we hear all about?

    Ill bet virtually none of the Euro leaders or their entourage will take the train to get there. And by virtually none I mean no more than two.

    You find me three or more European leaders who took the train to get there and I am wrong.

    “Oh but Rupert in Springfield, they cant do that, I mean these are special people, I mean come on, their time is valuable, and what about security?”

    Oh what a bunch of BS. If their time was valuable they would be working on their economies, not going to Copenhagen for some fancy eats. Besides which, whatever security concerns the leaders have, they don’t exist for the entourage. Those guys could go by train.

    Somehow though, I have a feeling come happy hour the Copenhagen airport will be loaded with Lear jets from far away places. Like France. I mean, that’s like a few hours by train, of course they have to fly.

    • Anonymous

      “Yep, that great European railway system we hear all about?”

      I’ve done more than hear about it, Rupert, I’ve used it. And it’s great. And it’s well used, if not by world leaders then at least by us common folk. In fact, I’ve even used it to travel to Copenhagen (from the Netherlands).

      • Rupert in Springfield

        Haven’t most people used it? I’ve used it. My wife has used it. I pretty sure all of my friends have used it. No one ever said people didn’t use it.

        I’m so happy you have used it too! That’s so exciting! I feel so close to you, this is great!

        Welcome to the family of everyone who has ridden a euro-choo, which is pretty much…. well… everyone. Wish I knew what it had to do with my point. No one here ever claimed euro choos were bad. I was pointing out their energy efficiency and the hypocrisy of Copen-hoger’s not riding them to get there.

        So noted and logged Mr. Anonymous, you at one time had a Eurail pass. You have been on a train in Europe. That’s a really elite super exclusive club, generally reserved for those over 20 for whom spring break in Miami has lost its appeal. Obviously you are already a member of the ultra elite society of those who have been on an airplane. However, I would invite you to also consider joining those who have ridden a bicycle, or travelled by sail boat. It is all really exciting stuff I can assure you.

      • Rupert in Springfield

        Oh my God, and you know what else?

        I just realized this, you used it to travel from the Netherlands to Copenhagen.

        OK, I didn’t go to Copenhagen, but I used it once to go from Calais to the Netherlands.

        So we might have even actually passed each other.

        Harkin…… listen…… what’s that I hear…. is it Frank?

        OH…. MY… GOD… Its Frank…. and he is singing just for us……..

        Stranger in the night
        what were the chances
        Strangers in the night
        exchanging glances

        As I passed by you
        On a Euro Choo
        And tried to wrack my noggin
        for any rhyme with Copenhagen

        Stranger in the night
        Two lonely people
        We were like strangers in the night

        da dad dad da da La da da dee da

  • v person

    I think he’s cute!

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