Governor Race: Dudley raises most cash. Four Candidates debate.

Candidate Race Update by Taxpayer Association of Oregon PAC< Former Trial Blazer, Chris Dudley, reported raising $300,000 in contributions from over 100 donors in an expected bid to run for governor. His leadership team includes; State Senator Frank Mors, Salem Mayor Janet Taylor and Former Representative Wayne Scott (more here at Mapes)

The four candidates for Oregon Governor debated Thursday night in an early debate featuring candidates from both parties (not including Dudley who has not filed). Bill Bradbury came out swinging with new taxes by proposing a property tax increase, business tax increase through removing tax breaks and a whopping gross receipts tax on business sales. Former Governor John Kitzhaber said raising taxes is not the final answer (?). Both Allen Alley and former Senator John Lim defending against raising taxes and focusing on making government run better. The shadow of Oregon’s Measure 66-67 referendum income and business taxes has become the defining issue, so far, in the governor’s race.