Time Magazine Person of the Year. Open Comment

Time Magazine plans to name their person of the year on December 14th. As tradition dictatces this covers people who are good (Bush) and bad (Putin) as based upon their influence. So who in the world had the biggest impact in 2009?

Please comment.

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  • Reper

    I nominate Ford motor company. They survuved teh meltdown and have been surging past everyone this year.

  • Coyote

    It is going to be Obama. I mean, c’mon.

    • Ron

      I don’t know about the Times Man of the Year, but I have a laundry list of candidates for turd of the year for the cover of Outhouse Times.

  • The Heavens are telling US to wake up

    COMMON SENSE would make GLENN BECK a logical choice, yet Time will tell US it’s Chairman Maobama replete with his little Red Snook hitherto, bamboozling syllabus.

    • cheappharmszn


      • What was the name of the dog in “The Jerk” again?

        “Man prefers to believe what he prefers to be true.” Right, cheappharmszn?

  • Bob Clark

    Bad Boy Bama. Can’t think of any more absolutely (with negative sign) impacting a person this past year. In sports, I’d say Kobe, Farve, and Tim Tebow (Gator) are good candidates.

  • Oregonian

    What about Timmy Geithner? I mean, he had a BIG impact on executive bonuses at major financial institutions.

    Really, though, my vote is for Hillary. I’m not kidding. She sacked up in a big way after a bitter primary, took an appointment from the guy whose job she thought she should be doing, kept her head low, went nose-to-the-grindstone and has accomplished a lot in restoring our foreign relations after eight years of Bush’s frat-boy overdrive.

    • Just say no to all the

      IMO, HRC remains a left wing nut on an iron curtain rod of BHOaloney!

    • Just say no to all the Dem snit chicanery

      IMO, Hillary is still a left wing nut on an iron curtain rod of BHOaloney!

  • Diamond Jim Franconni

    Guys. Listen. It has to be Teddy K. He and he alone has brought this state to its knees.
    That’s not easy.

  • Provo

    If health care reform passes it may just be Teddy Kennedy,

  • Ergo Largesse

    One we know won’t show is Sen Mary Landrieu, initially a hold-out on voting for Obama’s health care plan until she got $300 million in “pork” for her vote.

  • Reper

    Try not to think politican. There are so many other choices Time may consider.

  • anon

    In 2002 Time gave the award jointly to whistleblowers at Enron, World-Com, and the FBI. So this year the award should appropriately be given to the anonymous climategate whistleblower.

    I am not advising anyone to bet money on this happening.

  • D’oh!

    Tiger Woods for driving his once impeccable image way out of bounds. So far out, a “Caddy Shack (up) III” presentation is being considered BawdyWood moguls.

  • Ergo Largesse

    Time marches on. Ben Shalom Bernanke, Alan Greespan’s successor, now “Man of the Year”!
    Wholly havin’ a say on this, ” Holy [email protected] So the guy that contributed to the financial disease is recognized for what? Bringing us back from a financial depression?” D’oh!

    Frankly, I’d rather be in Philadelphia, seeing Joe ‘W.C. Fields’ Lieberman cutting the cards on matters dealting with our Constitution.

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