Give a Child an Education for Christmas!

“You have changed my life by giving me a scholarship to Portland Lutheran School, which gives me a better education and good discipline. When I was at my old school”¦I [used] to come home from school and watch TV, and play outside, because I had no homework. Now I come home, do my homework, go do sports, and have fun. I would not have met all my nice teachers and all my friends. I never thought about grades and report cards but now I do. I try hard and do my best on all my papers so I can become an A+ student. At my old school I never played any sports, now because of your help I have everything I want. I hope you will continue to help families with financial aid, as you are helping me. I hope you will help other students to get a better education and better discipline. I am very grateful for what you have given me. My parents are happy seeing me learn. I wanted to get a good education and learn and get a good job”¦.I hope someday I will have the chance to help students learn a lot like you have helped me learn a lot. I am [an] A+ and B+ student. In conclusion, in the future I would like to become a dentist or engineer.” –Abel

For 11 years, the Children’s Scholarship Fund-Portland has given a “hand up” to grade school kids like Abel from lower-income Oregon families. CSF-Portland is entirely privately funded by local donors, whose gifts are matched by a challenge grant from the national Children’s Scholarship Fund.

Families of greater financial means can afford to send their children to the schools they think are best for their kids as unique individuals, by moving to neighborhoods with better public schools or paying for private school tuition.

Lower-income families can’t afford to make the same choices that have great consequences for a child’s life. But when parents have real choices in their children’s education, children have better chances at success in school.

Children’s Scholarship Fund scholarships are designed to be a “hand up,” not a “handout.” On average, parents pay over half of their children’s tuition themselves. An average scholarship of only $1,700 per year helps them realize their educational goals.

If you would like to help a hard-working student like Abel get a better education next year, please contact Cascade Policy Institute for more information. Every donation goes 100% to scholarships for low-income students.

“When you change a child’s life, you change the world.”

Kathryn Hickok is Director of the Children’s Scholarship Fund-Portland, a program of Cascade Policy Institute.