Video: Chris Dudley for Governor debut

Here is the first video from the Chris Dudley for governor .

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  • Jack

    Chris: Did I hear you say you were a UNION ORGANIZER? And your running as a Republican? Chris I Suspect a bit of John McCain in you. Chris you have to have all the Base + independants and Democrats to win, not the way McCain tried DEMOCRATS, INDEPENDANTS, and if Republicans want to come along thats fine. You’ve got along road ahead.

    PS: At this present time Chris, Democrats arn’t the solution, Democrats are the Problem.
    They need to be stopped. In 1998 a guy named Bill tried, but didn’t have enough support behind him. Are you willing the same way?


    • Rob DeHarpport

      Please don’t rule Chris out just because he negotiated a contract with the NBA Players Union. I was a Teamster Shop Steward for nearly 20 yrs. I recently organized a 912 Group in Oakridge. Not everyone is locked in step with the Unions based on past affiliations. I am a “reformed ” lifelong Democrat, the Democratic Party left me and my ideals long ago, only recently have I cut my ties.
      Eventually common sense sinks in. Let’s hear what Chris really stands for on the issues such as; school reform, school choice, PERS, illegal immigration, Oregons ever increasing budget and government and the waste that has put us in this mess.
      Let’s listen and see if he can really deal with the 30+ years of ruin the Dems and Union control of Salem have left us with.
      I believe that I can form my opinion rather quickly as soon as he addresses these issues and proposes his solutions.

  • george hiatt


    How can I help? I have expierence in working with the Republican party in fund raising, door to door canvising, telephone calls to name a few. Please contact me if your looking for help.

    George Hiatt

    [email protected]

  • Dan Gravey

    I’m very excited that you have raised so much money for me -er, for your campaign. Ever since I sucked Gordon’s soul (and his PAC) dry, I have prayed for another wealthy and naive neophyte to mold into the perfect candidate.

    Don’t listen to all those people who say you aren’t qualified to be governor. What do they know? The less you know the better. Let me be your brain. I’ll write your video scripts, all you have to do is read them.

  • Hampson T Sammich

    Work on your delivery. You shouldn’t have trouble connecting with the very slow, dull and uninteresting voters.

    I’m sorry, what was that piece about? Yaaaawwwnnnn. You worked hard or something like tha……zzzzzz zzzzzz zzzzzzz

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