Oregon Lands Massive Wind Farm

In a stunning, dramatic development, General Electric has announced that it has won a 1.4 billion dollar contract to provide turbines for the largest wind farm ever in the United States — and Oregon is the site! This massive project in renewable energy is quite a feather in the cap of Oregon, long thought to be among the very greenest states.

Picture, if you can, 338 massive turbines churning away night and day, generating up to 2.5 megawatts of power EACH! New jobs, roads, power lines, and more are coming to Oregon. Just to run the “farm” will require 35 new workers added to the rolls in Oregon. This should bring our unemployment figures down to more reasonable numbers.

Wildlife will continue to thrive in this new environment as well. Most recent figures for bird kills per turbine per year are in the range of 4 to 5, so Oregon will only lose about 1521 birds per year, a very small price to pay for such power generation.

People will continue to thrive in this new environment, too, as most studies have shown only mild effects on people from low-frequency noise and infrasound generated by these farms. It can be assumed that only people living within 20 — 25 miles of the farm will experience any ill effects.

It is very clear that this is a major accomplishment for Oregon — well on its way of meeting its very high standards for the amount of energy generated by renewable, friendly means. The state and all those responsible for this achievement need to be commended.

There is only one problem, though, and it is a trivial one. ALL OF THE POWER IS GOING TO BE SENT TO CALIFORNIA. ALL OF IT — ALL THE TIME.