Senate Republicans help soldiers get home for the holidays

Senate Republicans offer stranded members of Oregon National Guard a trip home for the holidays
By Oregon Senate Republicans,

Salem, OR — The twelve members of the Oregon Senate Republican Caucus have teamed up to offer twelve members of the 162nd Engineer Combat Company plane tickets back to Portland from Fort McCoy, Wisconsin, where they are in training before leaving for duty overseas.
“Facing an upcoming deployment, the one place you would want to be on Christmas is with your family,” said Senator Brian Boquist (R-Dallas). “These men and women are making great sacrifice and taking great risk for the cause of freedom. When we heard they were going to be stranded on base without a way home, doing nothing wasn’t an option.”

The 105 soldiers of the Engineer Company were mobilized in early November, but their deployment date was moved back until after Christmas. Fort McCoy is shutting down from December 22nd to 27th; leaving several soldiers stranded who couldn’t afford airline tickets home.

“It is good to know that these brave soldiers will be able to spend the holiday with their loved ones,” said Senator Bruce Starr (R-Hillsboro).
The tickets will be purchased with donations from the Senate Republicans and support they have raised specifically for this cause.
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