Patrick Sheehan announces for House 51

Today Patrick Sheehan announced his run for House seat 51 for an open seat. The seat was formerly held by Linda Flores and switched to Barton in 2008 and Barton is now running for the Senate in Rick Metzger’s vacated seat. Sheehan’s strengths is that he is a small business owner and has been involved in grassroots politics for many years in the area. His website, Below is his press release:

Patrick Sheehan announces campaign for House District 51.

CLACKAMAS – Patrick Sheehan, a local small business owner, today announced his campaign for State Representative in House District 51. Sheehan, a Republican, said his campaign will focus on addressing Oregon’s chronic unemployment and bringing balance to the Legislature.

“Oregonians, including myself, are feeling helpless and frustrated about the direction of our state,” Sheehan said. “Oregon has lost more than 130,000 jobs in the past year. The Legislature’s response is to pass job?killing taxes, increase spending and pass burdensome laws that threaten our state’s ability to compete in one of the toughest economic climates in recent history. I’m running to bring a balanced perspective to Salem and restore Oregonians’ confidence in their government.” Sheehan said the Legislature can’t expect to balance the budget and provide critical services without a strong economy. “Government and businesses should be partners, not adversaries,” said Sheehan. “We need balance in order to create jobs.” Sheehan said, “I look forward to the day the State Legislature balances the budget without being forced to do so through citizen initiatives. I look forward to a cooperative legislature, where the agenda is determined by the vigor of the idea, not the party affiliation of the person making it. And I look forward to helping create an environment where businesses are allowed to succeed and thrive – so Oregon’s economy can again display the strength and dignity inherent in its citizens.”

Sheehan is owner of Crazy Fingers Design Group, a Clackamas?based advertising agency founded in 1997, which focuses on interactive communication. A graduate of Washington State University, he has also served as an instructor at Clackamas Community College.

“Oregonians deserve a state government they can depend on,” Sheehan said. “I’ll actively encourage my constituents to contact my office with problems they’re experiencing with state government. As State Representative, I’ll be a tireless advocate for the citizens of House District 51.”

  • Anonymous

    Also I got just got invited to join John Swanson for HD51 on facebook. I don’t know Sheehan, but I know Swanson – former President of Oregon College Republicans and staffer for Senator Atkinson. He’s a bright young man with a future – and he is a solid CONSERVATIVE.

    Nothing against Sheehan – just that Catalyst has not exactly been a wealth of information lately.

  • Insider

    Anon, you are correct:

    Cheryl Myers has filed as the Democratic candidate. She’s a business owner and the school board chair. Tough combination to beat, especially with the two jokers that have filed on the Republican side.

  • Sagano

    Let the drama begin

  • leinad

    What is with this dudes smirk? Looks like a car salesman to me.

    • C. Rice

      Smirk, car sales men. I’ve met this guy he is an amazing person and one of the most fair rational minded people you could have represent you. I hope you look more into a person befor you judge the ability on the “smirk”

    • R

      I have only known Patrick a short time but I know he is an honest and kind man, and by the way. That is a charming smile, not a smirk

  • Carl Thompson

    I do know Sheehan. He is neither a car salesmen or a joker. Although Cheryl (what is her last name these days?) Meyers has the Obama Mafia Union thugs in her pocket, Sheehan is going to battle hard and win. Everyone I know is getting very tired of worn out Socialists taking their hard earned money and giving it to the lazy. Does anyone really think the Clackamas county school system is ran well? Really?
    I know of no better representative than Sheehan, for my family, my small business, or me.

    “These are the times that try men’s souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their county; but he that stands it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny like hell is not easily conquered yet we have this consolation with us, the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly; it is dearness only that gives everything its value.” — Tom Paine

    • pigpenmck

      Disclosure: Carl Thompson is Sheehan’s single largest campaign donor.

  • Oregonian

    Change the mistake with no record, delete the comment that brought it up. Classy.

    Y’all are almost up to BlueOregon caliber!

  • Don D

    Wow – with this much scrutiny and negativity after only his announcement, Patrick is obviously worrying several of the trolls on the socialist left.
    Let’s see, successful business person = bad; young and forward-thinking = threatening and let’s not forget he’s actually putting forth some reasonable and practical ideas = dangerous to extremists.
    We definitely don’t need more of the same which is what we would get with Cheryl Miles.

  • Anonymous

    Again, THIS conservative is excited about JOHN SWANSON.

    Nothing against Sheehan – I just don’t know him and I think Swanson is an excellent candidate who has valuable experience as a small business owner, a legislative staffer, and a party organizer.

    • Carl Thompson

      That’s Fantastic you are excited about John Swanson. What experience does Mr. Swanson have as a business owner? What is he 19? I think someone who founded and has ran a flourishing business for many years has a much better understanding of the way Oregon’s government can help or hinder the small businesses in our community. I am sure Mr. Swanson is a conservative and a smart guy but lets get someone who can represent us well in Salem NOW, not someone who is just cutting his teeth.
      With all the respect due to my fellow conservatives, and countrymen!

      • Anonymous

        “What is he 19?” … “just cutting his teeth”

        Oh, classy. No, he older than that, has years of political experience and years of business ownership.

        Yes, I am a Swanson supporter – but notice I say NOTHING derisive about your guy. I just say – truthfully – that I don’t know about him and am already supporting someone else. Do you really have to start attacking now? Can’t you just say why your guy is a good choice and move forward with that? It’s your kind if attack-dog in-party in-fighting that is killing us and allowing democrats to win.

        • Carl Thompson

          Mr Anonymous(for all we know you could be Swanson) I agree with you and although I know nothing of Mr. Swanson. I do know he is young and you never did answer my question on what actual experience Mr. Swanson has as a business owner. I would say my above statement should be called descriptive and not in any way derisive. If you read it again I think you might even find a compliment in it, or is that the part you are referring as being “derisive”?


          With all the respect due to my fellow conservatives, and countrymen!

          • Anonymous

            John is the owner and founder of his own private consulting business. What is even more important is his political experience, having worked for several years in the State Capitol and having been the President of Oregon College Republicans and the Treasurer of National College Republicans.

          • Carl Thompson

            Mr Anonymous, my wife privately consults me all the time. I am familiar with that kind of business. Thank you for the reply and information. Like I said before, I am sure Mr. Swanson is a smart guy and a conservative, I think he should find a different race to run. Most likely he would have my vote, just not this race. May the best man win!
            With all due respect

          • Anonymous

            (not the same anonymous)

            Yeah because an ad firm is soooooooo much more respectable…

            Call me when you find a candidate whose business experience includes MAKING THINGS.

          • Anonymous

            Ya Making things is the only thing that counts!!! Like shoes or Jazzersize sweat!

          • Anonymous

            The problem with the American economy, the reason it is in the tank, is that America has stopped making THINGS and has shifted to providing services.

            THINGS have lasting, tangible value. Making things produces wealth. It turns low-value resources into high-value products.

            Services do not produce wealth. Services only redistribute wealth. When you spend money on a service like “marketing” or “consulting” you are taking the wealth you have created by builing resources into things, and giving it over to someone who has made nothing. Before you say that “information” pays for itself, consider that most information still fails in the end to keep a business going. Companies don’t stay in business just because some consultant helps them design a new logo. Companies stay in business by building a better product and delivering it to customers for a lower price.

            We have lost the ability to do this in America. We need new leaders who understand this principle, and who can help remove the barriers to manufacturing. We have oppressive laws that make harvesting our resources more expensive or impossible. We have laws that make manufacturing more expensive or impossible. We have laws that make shipping, distribution and delivery more expensive or impossible. This is why you can’t find many things anymore that say “Made in America” on them. This is why so many businesses have either gone out of business, or transitioned to service instead of manufacturing. And this is why a recession is so harmful:

            When times are tough, people cut back on expenses. There are some things we can do without. We can do without marketing solutions and synergistic paradigms. We can do without focus groups and buzzwords. We can do without vacations. We can do without resorts, hotels, restaurants, therapists and live poetry readings with our $7 lattes. You know what we can’t do without?

            We can’t do without food. Or clothes. Or shelter. Or basic tools. Or medicine. And if we want to keep our service industry businesses going, we can’t do without things like telephones, computers, office supplies, and such.

            This means when times are tough, an economy based on making THINGS will continue to prosper, while an economy based on services will suffer.


  • Martin Creson

    I know Patrick as friend. I don’t know his political stand on the issues and I don’t know if he is left, right or any were politically. I know his values and his character. He is a man that can be trusted, a man loyal to his family, community and country. He will represent the people of the community and not the special interest of only a few. He will work to help restore a government for the people, by the people.

  • RedTide2010

    Cheryl Meyers is a joke of a candidate. Proof that the D’s know this seat is lost. She has the personality of a cardboard box and her business experience is essentially pyramid schemes backed up by her working as a public employee.

    I also love seeing John Swanson blog on his own behalf. This is the guy whose promising an “Army” of rich white College Republicans strutting around on SE 82nd avenue going door to door in this district. Its additionally funny given the fact that his campaign is being floated by free beer and bused in help from his home turf down south.

    Just to state it plainly. The other two people in this race are light weights. We are lucky to have Patrick Sheehan getting involved. One good candidate has already stepped aside to avoid any unseemly primary problems. Swanson needs to check his ego and do the same.

    Sheehan is going to be our next State Rep from HD51. He’s a good guy who has paid his dues and will be a solid conservative vote owned by no special interest. Now, if only we could get him to stop referencing all that masonic crap on his facebook page.

    • Anonymous

      “I also love seeing John Swanson blog on his own behalf. This is the guy whose promising an “Army” of rich white College Republicans strutting around on SE 82nd avenue going door to door in this district. Its additionally funny given the fact that his campaign is being floated by free beer and bused in help from his home turf down south. ”

      Wow, lot of hostility there. Got any evidence that Swanson is blogging on his own behalf? Because that seems to be talking point on all blogs whenever an anonymous poster says something good about an alternative candidate – “Oh, it must be the candidate blogging anonymously on his own behalf because no real thinking person would ever type anything nice about him!” What a load of crap.

      “One good candidate has already stepped aside to avoid any unseemly primary problems. Swanson needs to check his ego and do the same.”

      Yeah, damn those pesky elections and people thinking they have some sort of right to run for office against another candidate. Why can’t all the unwashed masses just accept that my desired candidate is rightfully to be annointed?!?!?! HOW DARE THEY CHALLENGE ME?!?!?!!

      • RedTide2010


        Its not hostility. John Swanson isn’t a credible candidate and he is going to embarrass himself as well as our party.

        • Anonymous

          Thank you for being the sole arbiter of who is credible and who is not. We can just skip primaries because you are here to tell us who you will appoint to be our new overlords.

          I am sure there is a place for you in the Obama administration, where you can help appoint more unelected and uncofirmed “czars” to rule over our lives.

          In other words, stuff it you tool! I’ll vote for and support the candidate I damn well please, without you telling me who is and who isn’t “credible.”

    • Reece Hrizuk

      I find it very offensive that you consider College Republicans to be nothing but rich students coaxed by beer to campaign. As the former chairman of the Oregon College Republicans I can definitely say that most of us come from very humble backgrounds and many of us have worked our way through college, even John Swanson worked summers in a mill to pay his way through college. College Republicans have to balance working and school and still come out in droves to support Republican candidates not for beer but because we believe in them and Republican causes. You should think twice before you deride a group of young people that works extremely hard for the Republican party and asks for very little in return. For the last two election cycles College Republicans in Oregon have made over 100,000 voter contacts in Oregon during each cycle.

      • Anonymous

        Young people elected Obama. Young people can and do make a difference in elections. We in the GOP surely NEED young people if we are to recover and win again.

  • Corwyn Hopke

    I’ve had the honor of knowing Patrick Sheehan for over half a decade. In the face of the current recession, Sheehan is exactly what Oregon needs. Small business is the lifeblood of the Oregon economy. Sheehan’s company, Crazy Fingers Design Group weathered the bursting of the dot com bubble, the 2001 recession and is still strong in the Obama/Reid/Pelosi recession right now. Sheehan has the first hand experience to know what small businesses need to survive and succeed in the Pacific Northwest.

  • Mark Richman

    I too know Patrick Sheehan as a friend. He is a solid citizen, a business owner who has successfully weathered the economic storms, and a stand-up guy. Don’t know Mr. Swanson, but I do know that Sheehan is the right guy with the right character and the right philosophy for our State.

  • Anonymous

    I’d like say that as a Swanson supporter, I appreciate the postive comments from Corwyn and Mark above about Sheehan. While I intend to vote for Swanson, I am glad to hear good things about the other candidates. After all, we don’t know who will win our primary, and whoever the choice is will be someone we all need to rally around. HD 51 used to belong to a solid Republican, Linda Flores. It went D in 2008 in a fluke year due to general hostility to the GOP and Obama coattails. We need to take this seat back, and both these candidates sound like good people for the job. I hope those of you who are so quick to dismiss and belittle one candidate in favor of your own will remember this.

  • Bono

    A teacher at Clackamas Community College I see on Sheehan’s resume. Republicans need more educators to help speak on this issue. It cannot just be Rob Kremer,