Patrick Sheehan announces for House 51

Today Patrick Sheehan announced his run for House seat 51 for an open seat. The seat was formerly held by Linda Flores and switched to Barton in 2008 and Barton is now running for the Senate in Rick Metzger’s vacated seat. Sheehan’s strengths is that he is a small business owner and has been involved in grassroots politics for many years in the area. His website, Below is his press release:

Patrick Sheehan announces campaign for House District 51.

CLACKAMAS – Patrick Sheehan, a local small business owner, today announced his campaign for State Representative in House District 51. Sheehan, a Republican, said his campaign will focus on addressing Oregon’s chronic unemployment and bringing balance to the Legislature.

“Oregonians, including myself, are feeling helpless and frustrated about the direction of our state,” Sheehan said. “Oregon has lost more than 130,000 jobs in the past year. The Legislature’s response is to pass job?killing taxes, increase spending and pass burdensome laws that threaten our state’s ability to compete in one of the toughest economic climates in recent history. I’m running to bring a balanced perspective to Salem and restore Oregonians’ confidence in their government.” Sheehan said the Legislature can’t expect to balance the budget and provide critical services without a strong economy. “Government and businesses should be partners, not adversaries,” said Sheehan. “We need balance in order to create jobs.” Sheehan said, “I look forward to the day the State Legislature balances the budget without being forced to do so through citizen initiatives. I look forward to a cooperative legislature, where the agenda is determined by the vigor of the idea, not the party affiliation of the person making it. And I look forward to helping create an environment where businesses are allowed to succeed and thrive – so Oregon’s economy can again display the strength and dignity inherent in its citizens.”

Sheehan is owner of Crazy Fingers Design Group, a Clackamas?based advertising agency founded in 1997, which focuses on interactive communication. A graduate of Washington State University, he has also served as an instructor at Clackamas Community College.

“Oregonians deserve a state government they can depend on,” Sheehan said. “I’ll actively encourage my constituents to contact my office with problems they’re experiencing with state government. As State Representative, I’ll be a tireless advocate for the citizens of House District 51.”