No PDX street tax event on Nov 5th

dog-logo-stampBy Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Below is a special invite from Dr. Eric Fruits….

November 5 will give Portlanders two opportunities to learn the facts and get the truth about the Portland street fee.

The City of Portland will soon be voting on $40 million in new taxes on the city’s residents and businesses.

One of the new taxes will be a $20 million income tax on residents. In addition to filing federal and state income taxes, Portland residents will be required to file income taxes with the city. City staffers have already indicated that they will require residents to provide copies of their IRS forms to the city. City staff also indicated that they will work with information from the IRS to perform audits on Portlanders’ income tax returns.

The other new tax will be a $20 million quasi-property tax on businesses. This tax will be in addition to the Business License Fee paid to the City of Portland and the Business Income Tax paid to Multnomah County. The new tax will be assessed on each property on which a business operates. Businesses with multiple locations can face thousands of dollars in new taxes each year. Even businesses that do not have a business in the City of Portland will be charged the new tax if they do any business at all within the city limits.

These taxes were initially earmarked for curb-to-curb street maintenance and repairs. In the Portland Bureau of Transportation’s latest list of projects, less than one-third of the money will be used for paving projects. The rest will go to a wide range of undefined maintenance and safety projects—many of which will reduce the drivability of Portland streets.

To find out more about the “street fee” and how you can get involved in stopping it, please drop in at the No Street Fee Meet-and-Greet on November 5, 2014.

WHAT: No Street Fee Meet-and-Greet

WHEN: Wednesday, November 5th, 6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.

WHERE: Double Barrel Tavern, 2002 SE Division St., Portland, OR (But because it is a tavern, minors aren’t allowed.)

At the same time, PBOT will be hosting an open house on the street fee at St. Philip Neri Church, 2408 SE 16th Avenue, Portland, OR (a four minute walk from the No Street Fee Meet-and-Greet)

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Eric Fruits
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