Governor shake-up: Dudley In. Hanna Out.

Former Blazer Chris Dudley formally announced his candidacy for Oregon governor on Wednesday. He came out by taking a stand against Measure 66-Measure 67 the business-income tax increase ballot measures. He also said “I believe it is a strength and not a weakness to say that I have not spent the past 30 years in government”. Also this week Dudley rolled out a new slick website at

Republican State Representative Bruce Hanna has said he has decided to not pursue the governor’s office. Hanna article here. So we have Allen Alley, Chris Dudley, Sen. John Lim and Bill Sziemore on the Republican saide. And we have Bill Bradbury and Governor John Kitzhaber on the Democrat side. Any speculate on a thrid party candidate? Late arrivals? Primary winners? Please comment