Latest: Non-tribe casino petition gains steam

The Daily Journal of Commerce reported this afternnon that the move to start a petition to get a non-tribe casino at Wood Village is much closer. It is being sold as a job stimilus project.

Here is the Oregon off reservation casino article;
“Lake Oswego businessmen Matt Rossman and Bruce Studer think they’re close to getting a ballot initiative to construct Oregon’s first nontribal casino and resort at the former Multnomah Greyhound Park in Wood Village.Rossman is getting 1,200 signatures to file his initiative for a world class gaming resort with Oregon’s secretary of state. After that, the secretary will decide whether Rossman and Studer can begin collecting the 100,000 signatures they need to get their project on the 2010 ballot. Rossman said Oregon’s current double digit unemployment makes an ideal climate for his project to be pushed forward.”

What are the odds of this happening?

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  • Not Your Pal

    Well as a resident of Nevada I can tell you that a non-Indian casino would actually pay some REAL taxes to the state; NOT THE PITTANCE that they collect from Indian Casono payroll taxes.

  • Don

    Very low. Its quite late to start collecting signatures, especially since they don’t exactly have a built-in constituency (like say Oregonians Against Job Killing Taxes Does) to go out and do the work.

  • devietro

    I am going to be watching this one very close. I would love to see a private non-tribal casino that pays real taxes. I have been a huge proponent of using expansion of lottery to fill budget gaps.

  • wnd

    Big mistake, too, if ‘Potland’ eschews casino gambling in the Rose Quarter. Fact is, the City of the Weird would be cutting off its knows to spite its farcical regimen of political ineptness.

  • Harry

    I think it has a good chance, if there is real money behind Rossman, which I believe there is.

    And it would be good for Oregon to get more money from the idiots (I mean gambling customers) who would spend (I mean lose) their money.

    But hey, remember, IT IS FOR THE KIDS!!!!

  • Diamond Jim Franconni

    World class gambling will save Oregon. Look at what it has done for Nevada!!!
    Plus, I will gamble like crazy as I have a lot of disposable income.
    Someone has to win, right?
    May as well be me.
    Can’t win if you don’t play, right?
    I’m in!!
    Go baby go!
    Lucky 7
    Roll ’em and win!!
    I love roulette the most, as the chances are best for the gambler and you don’t have to think much.

  • Anonymous

    as a free market limited government libertarian, i say if people want to invest in making a casino and if other people want to throw away their money gambling, let them.

    • PanchoPDX

      I agree with this sentiment, however, previous casino amendment submissions from these two were not “free market” propositions. Every time they filed something it was designed to create only one (1) single state authorized casino (preventing any others without subsequent constitutional amendments).

      They were trying to set up a (non-tribal) casino monopoly in Oregon. I hope they don’t continue with that model. It concentrates way too much power in a small group of people and the lack of competition will mean horrible odds for patrons.

      It would be like the difference between Oregon (OLCC monopoly) and California (free market) liquor prices where the lack of competition harms the consumer.

  • Jack Van Nostrand

    If Mr. Lake Oswego businessman want a casino, put it in Lake Oswego not on the othe side of the county.

    I have lived in Wood Village since 1971 and had to put up with the traffic from the dog races. I don’t want that headache again.

    • There goes Rusty

      MKC played to thousands in Wood Village before you moved in, so why did you move there in the first place?

      Was it the siren song lure of The Bridge on the River Kwai Theme?
      If not, perhaps, the accompaniment of Reynolds Aluminum?

      Of course, neither MKC or Reynolds are there to help alleviate current taxing situations. Darn!

  • Diamond Jim Franconni

    Bring the dogs back. I made a fortune!!

  • Dave Mckee

    If this idea is aproved, the poor people who “invest” their unemployment money there, will, no doubt, blame the “greedy businessman” for misleading them about how easy it is to win. Unless, of course, there is a government fund to “Help the victims” recover. This is not my idea of “industry”.
    Gambling investors money to attract citizens gambled wages, just to get more tax revenue? Good night! Is there something in the water around here? We need some political leaders that can think.

    Dave Mckee

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