Another Violent Felon Set for HB 3508 Early Release Hearing

Another Violent Felon Set for HB 3508 Early Release Hearing
By Crime Victims United,

When: Tues., Dec. 22, 1:30 p.m.
Where: Multnomah Co. Courthouse, Judge Eric Bloch, Rm 538
What: HB 3508 hearing for Daniel Loren Jenkins, convicted of Solicitation for Aggravated Murder of Gerald Bidwell and his family.

(Lake Oswego, Or.) The following case is receiving a hearing under HB 3508 passed by the 2009 Legislature to give an additional 10% “earned time” to the already generous 20% most convicted felons in Oregon already receive. The federal government and most states using sentencing guidelines allow for a maximum 15% “earned time.” The architects of HB 3508, Senator Chip Shields D-Portland and Senator Floyd Prozanski D-Eugene have stated that the bill provided additional “earned time” for low level property and drug criminals only. Daniel Loren Jenkins, in prison since 1999 for soliciting payment to murder his stockbroker, was re-sentenced to 30 years again in January 2006. He is eligible for a 10% reduction in sentence under HB 3508.

In September 1998 Jenkins was enraged with his stockbroker Gerald Bidwell of Bidwell & Co. brokerage, after his trades went sour, costing him several hundred thousand dollars. Mr. Jenkins was fixated on Mr. Bidwell after Mr. Bidwell refused to pay back some of his losses. When Jenkins became aware that Bidwell married the ex-wife of prominent businessman William “Tiger” Warren, Geri Pope (now Bidwell), he saw an opportunity for retribution. On Sept. 8, 1998, Jenkins called Warren to ask if he’d “sponsor” Jenkins to kill Bidwell. Warren testified against Jenkins in his first trial but unfortunately just eight days after his original testimony, Warren, along with his and Geri Pope Bidwell’s sons, Jack, Rob and Will died in a plane crash.

Mr. Jenkins was first found to be a dangerous offender by Judge Redding. On the retrial a jury found him to be a dangerous offender, based upon his prior violent history, his psychological reports, his continued fixation on killing the Bidwells and his constant threats to numerous people within the corrections department. The first judge and later a jury found that he suffers from a severe personality disorder indicating a propensity toward crimes that seriously endanger the life or safety of another.

Besides the Solicitation to Commit Aggravated Murder Mr. Jenkins was also convicted of first degree theft, forgery in the first degree and tampering with public records, which all occurred when he stole Mr. Bidwell’s domestic relations file from the courthouse to find out more information on Mr. Bidwell.