Poll: Obama negatives soar, public still blames Bush for economy

Rassmussen Reports that Obama’s disapproval continues to climb.

Blame for bad Bad Economy
51% Bush’s Fault,
41% Obama’s fault

Will this change? Should this change?

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  • v person

    “Will this change? Should this change?”

    Sure. It should change when Republicans stop blaming Jimmy Carter for the bad economy Reagan inherited and is credited with fixing.

  • Anonymous

    actually it has been changing and will continue to shift over time as Obama takes ownership of the economy. now, if the economy gets better, maybe Obama can take credit for fixing it. but as long as it keeps getting worse under Obama’s watch, the harder it gets for him to do that.

    also, the economy under GWB was pretty good until 2007… when democrats took over Congress and investors realized temporary tax cuts would not become permanent. as people being to realize the democrat congress is not helping anything, the more GWBs record will improve.

  • Jack

    Person: President Reagan knew how to Bring the Private sector out of Recession. Neither FDR,CARTER or One Term Nobama, Knew how to help the Private sector nor do the care but oh how the Socialists Love the Bloated Government Sector.

    2010-2012 Looks good for freedom

  • Bob Clark

    Bush and Bama have both lacked economic knowledge, skills and abilities. Bush had a Republican controlled congress, and didn’t fight hard enough to moderate the over leveraging of the housing sector. He allowed the Congress to overspend just as Bama does now. Both Bush and Bama used the same solution for economic recovery: Toss another trillion debt funded stimulus into the economy. It is working to stabilize the economy in the near term but long term it sets up a mediocre economy as over time the U.S government will have to budget a greater percentage of its funds to pay interest on U.S government debt. The only way to counteract this trajectory is to grow the economy by unleashing the forces of domestic competition, and to foster investment in human skills through a diverse set of educational and vocational resources. Finally, both Bush and Bama have allowed for Crony capitalism where big buinesses, unions and government intervene to siffen off tax revenue dollars to their special interests in record magnitudes. One way to stop this government sponsered cronism is put the U.S back on the gold standard so the government can’t spend with unlimited inhibition.

    Summary: Bush and Bama are both economic bad dreams. Bring back Arthur Laffer’s ideas.

    • Anonymous

      You had me up until gold standard. The gold standard is completely useless.

      1) There isn’t enough gold in the US to come remotely close to financing even drastically reducing government spending.

      2) There is a lot of gold in other countries and they could use it manipulate the value of US currency.

      3) There is still more gold underground, most of it under countries that hate the US. Everytime anyone in those countries strikes it rich, the value of the dollar drops.

      4) Gold has no inherent value. It is valuable only because people believe it is valuable. Just like paper money backed by the government.

      5) Gold is currently highly overvalued. When the bubble bursts, expect gold back below $300 per ounce. Because gold is not a consumable commodity like oil, there is a LOT more room for the value to bottom out.

      6) A new gold standard would result in a tremendous new influx of gold into commerce, instead of sitting in vaults, which would hasten the drop in value.

      There are plenty of reasons why no credible economist supports a gold standard, and why no major currency in the world uses it. There are just a few of them.

  • Bob Tiernan

    *v person:*

    It should change when Republicans stop blaming Jimmy Carter for the bad economy Reagan inherited and is credited with fixing.

    *Bob T:*

    Nonsense. Reagan didn’t go around making a point of blaming Carter the way Obama
    habitually blames Bush and talks of inheriting this or that in every speech he makes.

    Reagan deserves some credit for making things better, but recessions go away on
    their own and Reagan was setting policies to make things operate better post-recession
    as well as to grease ending it.

    For the record, I don’t waste much time debating over these points for they are
    dickering over real fine points like adjusting the tax rate up and down a little,
    and throwing a little money over here, and then over there. That’s all crap.
    What matters is a sound dollar and limiting government interference (distortions)
    of the market. Having some safety net programs in place is also minor.

    Bob Tiernan

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