Crime Victim testimony at HB 3508 Early Release Hearing

Victim Impact Statement of Geri Pope Bidwell at HB 3508 Early Release Hearing
By Oregon Crime Victims United,

Today a hearing was held before Judge Eric Bloch to determine whether Daniel Jenkins, who had been convicted of Solicitation to commit Aggravated Murder, should receive an additional 10% good time off his sentence. The court denied Mr. Jenkins’ request, but refused to read a statement by the victim. The court ruled that under HB 3508 the witness must be present to testify or give an impact statement.

Chuck Sparks, Senior Deputy District Attorney, represented the state. Because Ms. Bidwell wanted the court to know her thoughts and her feelings, she prepared a document that she wanted read in court. We want to share those thoughts with you:

To Judge Bloch:

As a Mother of six children, I am offended that there is a law that would even give Dan Jenkins the possibility of a shorter sentence. I don’t know if the law was passed to save a few dollars, or because there are some legislators who want even the most dangerous offenders to have shortened sentences.

Dan Jenkins may be the most dangerous man you ever see. He has done nothing but hurt other people all of his life. He has strangled, beat, raped, attempted to rape and threatened to rape or inflict great bodily harm on women throughout his life. The state has proved and re-proved these facts in two separate hearings. In my case he threatened the lives of my children, my husband and me. He asked my ex-husband to help him kill my husband, he sent threatening emails to my husband, he climbed a mountain in front of my house and entered our home while we slept, he looked at automatic rifles in an attempt to kill my husband, he told his psychologist that he was going to kill our children and then my husband and me when he got out of jail. He even called the hospital when my two twins were born to learn their names.

In the past he threatened to kill himself and his ex-wife on the lawn and in front of their own children. He handcuffed and beat an innocent girl ( Leni Cusimano) when she was in her early twenties. She was concealed in the back of his car when the police stopped the car. Had the car not been stopped Ms. Cusimano would have been raped and probably killed, because at the time the defendant was heading for a secluded location. She testified at his sentencing that she is now fifty years old and a rape counselor. She was traumatized so badly that his actions still bother her even though it occurred decades ago in California. Another woman from Idaho testified how he bludgeoned her and almost strangled her to death. She recounted how she thought she was going to die when he choked her and almost beat her to death and how she had to beg for her life.

I had to testify against Mr. Jenkins and sit through not just one trial, but two. He has threatened everyone who will stand in his way. I sincerely believe what he says because of what he has done in the past and what he tried to do to my family.

Instead of crumbling from fear, which is what he would like me to do ~ I’ve chosen to get stronger and angrier in an effort to deal with him. He is like a big cruel cat who likes to torment helpless little mice.

I ask you not to change his sentence. His dangerousness has been proven twice; once to a court (Judge Redding) and once to a jury. The jurors who heard the testimony were convinced of his dangerousness. Dan Jenkins is evil and cruel and a bully who has no compassion for anyone or anything other than himself. It took the system 25 years to impose an appropriate sentence, and if that sentence is reduced he will ruin more lives. Why should one person deplete so much life from others? Please protect the safety of my family and other innocent citizens. I ask you to uphold the original verdicts and sentences and realize that you are doing what’s right and best for all.

Thanks and sincerely, Geri Pope Bidwell