8 New Oregon Laws to take effect in 2010

Here come the news Oregon laws to take effect January 1st, 2010 as passed by the Oregon Legislature.

– All cell-phones must be hands-free while driving
– Area code split: 541 area code gets divided into 458 & 451
– Electronic recycle ban: TV sets, monitors, computers and laptops must find a legit dealer
– Seat-belts for off-road vehicles
– Strengthening of religious rights in the workplace regarding attire.
– Family military leave expands
– Ban on employer mandating meeting that deals with religion, politics or union issues.
– Outlaws military discrimination in employer hiring

For more information go here: New Laws for the New Year and 6 new Oregon business laws take effect 2010.

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  • Pete Wells

    Please check out the reference to the 541 area code listing. I had understood that the 541 would remain and that 458 would be overlay as in most of the 503 area code. Not that the area would be split. See https://www.oregon.gov/PUC/541_Area_Code.shtml

  • Joe Jericho

    Look, the Soviets are here!

    • A.Dibbs

      What are you talking about? Are you really that dumb? Or do you truly have no concept of public safety and religious rights?

      Soviets … man, Joe, you appear to be an small-minded idiot who should probably refrain from posting in public places.

      • D. Starnes

        You sound like you are either an uninformed small minded idiot or you are just a progressive marxist! Benjamin Franklin, one of the smartest founding fathers of our country, said; “If you give up one liberty for the sake of safety, you deserve neither!”

        Joe is right. Our freedoms have been wittled away over the last 70 years because of people with mindsets like yours. The more laws that are made, the less freedoms we have. My God! There were 40,000 new laws that took effect as of Jan 1 across the country!! When are people going to quit being ostriches? If you progressives are not too afraid, try watching Glenn Beck weekdays at 2PM Pacific Time to see what is really going on. I dare you!!

        • A Dibbs

          The actual Franklin quote is: “They who would give up an essential liberty for temporary security, deserve neither liberty or security.”

          I don’t see “essential” liberties being attacked here. But I guess it’s how you define “essential.” Nor do I consider the laws being put into effect “temporary security.”

          And 40,000 new laws this year? I think that’s an exaggeration, but whatever. I couldn’t find any data to either support or refute that claim.

          And Glenn Beck? That’s a funny show. I like the loud clown who cries. He’s funny.

          But I realize that me posting here isn’t productive, not appreciated.

          Good luck in 2010 everybody.

          • Does it matter?

            UNBELIEVABLE!!!, lets just ban everything because it isn’t safe!!! I can’t stand our government. I think we need another revolution.

          • D. Starnes

            Ben’s actual quote is; “They who can give up essential liberty, to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.” All laws that are made, that take away a liberty for safety, are unconstitutional. The public loses the liberty by conforming to it. The way to fight it has consequences, for example: Mandatory auto insurance is unconstitutional. If you are in a position where you just cannot afford the insurance, you lose your constitutional right to travel on the roads you partly own as an America citizen by way of the carriage of the day. By everyone conforming to this law by purchasing the state requirement, the liberty is given up unless you have the insurance. To fight this, the majority of citizens would have to rebel and give up insurance, go through the judicial process and appeal any decisions in opposition to constitutional law. Until a Supreme Court hears and rules, everyone could face punishment of fines and/or jail. These type of laws have been passed time and time again over the last 70 years and are why most people you talk to will agree that we have not really been free for a long time now but just a resemblance of freedom. I pray for everyone to be safe at all times, but I do not like giving up freedom.

    • Em

      The Communists are here along with mass ignorance, from DC to the local govs.

      • A Dibbs

        So what? I never met a communist I didn’t like. I see you brought the mass ignorance, I’ll bring the cheese dip.

  • Diamond Jim

    How can I call people if I keep having to dial so many numbers? I travel to many other states with a lot more people and they don’t have to dial 10 numbers. What kind of telecom backwater are we living in???

    • Noel

      We live in Oregon.. beautifully retarded, I wouldn’t live anywhere else. hahaha

  • Chasing Hawk

    10 digit dialing is nothing new around here. Calls on a cell phone require dialing 10 digits just to call around Bend. Most major cities in the country have required this for years, Central Oregon is no different.

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