Street Tax poll: 83% want a vote!

pollstreettaxBy Taxpayer Association Oregon,

Excerpts from Dec 2, 2014,Riley Research Poll on Portland street tax

Nearly two-thirds of likely voters in the City of Portland are opposed to the new personal income and business tax (63%), including 50% who strongly oppose the proposed new tax. With 26% in support of the new tax, 11% are undecided.

Likely voters age 18-34 were slightly more likely to support the proposed tax (34%), although a plurality of voters in that age group oppose it (47%). Pre-retirement voters (those 55-64) were most likely to oppose the new tax (72%).

More than eight-in-ten voters (83%) feel that the decision about whether or not to implement the new tax should be referred to the voters,
including 71% who strongly support referring the decision to the voters. About one-in-eight voters support a decision by the council alone (13%), and only 4% were undecided on the issue.

The referral-to-voters option is favored by 76% of Democrats and by more than 90% of those representing all other political stripes.

Some two-thirds of voters (65%) would be less likely to support the re-election of Mayor Hales and Commissioner Steve Novick, should they decide to block a referral of the new tax to a vote of the people (including 49% who would be much less likely to support their re-election). With just 3% of voters saying they would be more likely to re-elect them, 31% indicated that this issue would make no difference.

While 58% of Democrats would be less likely to re-elect Hales and Novick, 38% said the issue would make no difference.

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  • greghalv

    We must STOP this effort to “legalize” theft!!

    • sol668

      Hey buddy the cry of the revolution was

      “no taxation without representation”


      “no taxation”

      • greghalv

        Hey, genius, first off, this ISN’t representative, and second, it is an unnecessary plundering of peoples’ pockets due to the government’s misuse of tax revenue.

        • Eric Blair

          Hey.. genius right back at you.. when elected officials make decisions that they are legitimately allowed to make, then it is representative. You have options: initiative petitions, recall, elect better representatives in the next election.

          • .

            Oh ewe, a fanook sheep shangster, too?

  • Jack Lord God

    Funny, when I first read this I read it as 26% in support, 11% undead.

    You can bet that undead portion will show up to vote, and you can bet on which way they will go.

    I don’t know how big a sucker you have to be to fall for this crap. I mean we only got done nationally with a $1T stimulus, largely sold on the basis of “shovel ready jobs”, Obama later yucking up this fiasco with Oprah that he found out there weren’t any shovel ready jobs.

    How many times can people fall for this? Politicians take tax revenues for road repair, divert them to art therapy for Amish emu’s, then when roads fall apart, ask for more taxes, rinse and repeat.

  • Bob Clark

    A Referendum suspends the street tax ordinance(s) enacted by City Council. A Referendum which qualifies with enough signatures can not be placed on a ballot until the next even numbered year, unless Council moves it up by majority vote.

    Now what would be a hoot is if a Referendum is successful and Hales and Novick can’t get the rest of the Council to move it up from the next eligible election date of May 2016. They would than possibly be left hanging out their as they seek re-election in May 2016 with a hideous new intrusive tax on the ballot they sponsored and they denied folks the right to vote.

    Maybe if Commissioner Fritz decides she really is a lame duck, she can help roast the two birds on their own proposal. It would be a freak accident, but what jolly, political sport it would provide.

  • Maximums Prime

    There is a difference between what voters say on the phone and what they actually do. The level of anger is what matters.

  • David Johnson

    Instead of requiring that signatures be gathered to refer a tax to the voters why not have to gather signatures for taxing without representation?

    • Eric Blair

      Well, when you have elections, which we do, you have representative. Under your scheme, why have elections at all? Simply have referendums .

      • guest

        Judging from the plethora of superfluous laws on books lacking sunsets or just plain archaic, you may have something there. Suggest firing the current Oregon legislature, or at least the Dems Ebola-izing there – and, recall that dotty to doing community service swabbing ER floors.

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