Rep. Bob Jensons attacked for other taxes as well

State Representative Bob Jenson Voted for More than just Income and Corporate Tax Increases
Local Challenger Cites Jenson’s Votes on Gas Tax, Title and Registration Fee Increases Among Others
Mike Mathisen candidate Press release,

(Hermiston, OR) — Candidate for State Representative in House District 58 Mike Mathisen wants to set the record straight when it comes to Representative Bob Jenson’s position on Measures 66 and 67.

“Representative Jenson took a stance on these job-killing tax measures when he voted for them along with House Democrats last session,” said Mathisen. “Despite having a 9% increase in the budget last session, Rep. Jenson saw fit to raise our taxes another $733 million. This vote was not about providing services for the citizens of Oregon; this vote was about out-of-control spending by Rep. Jenson and the House Democrats.” Mathisen points out that Jenson also voted for HB 2001,a bill that included a gas tax on Oregonians and several fee increases, including car and truck title and registration fees, as well.

“Rep. Jenson has consistently voted to increase taxes and fees on Oregonians and at a time when families and individuals are suffering, higher taxes is not the right solution,” stated Mathisen. “As to Rep. Jenson’s “˜good position” to work on important things, he’s had 14 years to work on important issues and yet, our county and communities are still suffering,” stated Mathisen. Jenson recently stated in an East Oregonian article that “There are some important things to work on there and I think I’m in a good position to work on those.”

Mathisen cites the Oregon Progress Report and its findings that Umatilla County, since 1998, has actually seen a decline in job growth, per capita income and an increase in unemployment and behavioral crimes. Umatilla County ranks near the bottom in several important categories including net job growth, per capita income, eighth grade reading proficiency and overall crime.

“Rep. Jenson has had 14 years to improve the lives of his constituents without much success,” said Mathisen. “It is time for someone else to take over and be a strong leader for Eastern Oregon and this district.”

Mathisen can be reached at 503-999-2220 for more information.