Oregon Cannibus Tax 2009 Petition rolls ahead

Supporters of the Oregon Cannibus Tax Act have submitted a starter petition on an expansion of marijuana use in Oregon and are currently awaiting a ballot title. Below is their December video announcing their latest campaign news. This could be on the ballot…or just another pipe dream?

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  • Anonymous


  • Richard

    We Want Weed
    Score Good Shit

  • v person

    Nothing I like better than sucking on a big, fat…………..doobie 😉

  • Ed

    So what, is the marijuana usage supposed to take the edge off of the democrat led legislatures attempts to tax and spend the State into oblivion? Oregon dopes. Next you’ll be saying the ‘grass’ is always greener in another State because Oregon citizens always have their heads in the clouds from too much weed. So this is what ‘progressives’ call progress? If living in the gutter and your brain is always in a fog; then you can have that kind of ‘progress’. I’ll take reality over your drug induced la la land existence.

  • Dan

    This is a freedom issue. It is about time we stop prohibition on a plant that has a multitude of uses and is more benign than alcohol.

    Unfortunately it will be misguided conservative politicians who oppose this on “moral” grounds.

    The two main groups that would be upset with marijuana legalization…..drug dealers and conservatives. Baptists and bootleggers all over again……

    • Anonymous

      actually, I am a conservative and I support legalization – with limited regulation and taxation, and common-sense enforcement of such.

      same with prostitution.

      government should be smaller and less intrusive. the effort spend on the war on drugs and sex could be better spent on the war on terror. i can live with my neighbor growing dope and my friend having private orgies. but i can’t live with my head hacked off by a jihadist.

      priorities, people!

    • Ronnie

      Danny-You are wrong about Conservatives. We are not walking in lockstep. I am a conservative Republican and I am for the legalization of marijuana. Alcohol is the most dangerous drug on the face of the earth and Prohibtion could not stop its use. Marijuana usage is not going away and we might as well make some money over it. Besides, it would give new meaning the Green Revolution in Oregon.

    • Jess

      I think we ought to legalize it and tax it. The state can use the tax money now more than ever before. We could stop wasting man power to police the trafficking of it. ( It has not gone away is the 40 years that I first noticed lots of my friends using it ) We could stop the flow of marijuana from out of country. A plus would be we could deliver a blow to the drug cartels hard quit sending our money to them out of country. It has a lot of uses besides folks smoking it. Makes fine rope, good material for clothes. There is a lot more but I am sure some won’t like it. I too am a conservative. But I like this bill idea better than taxing the fellow more on that is making over $250 K . Heck ! he already is paying more on that than the $50 K I make. What are we thinking ?

  • pharmacy tech

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