Lawsuit filed against former Sen. Carter on state job deal

Common Sense For Oregon Sues State To Protect Taxpayers From Self-dealing
By Common Sense of Oregon

Salem, Ore”ā€¯Common Sense For Oregon filed a lawsuit in Marion County Circuit Court in Salem today. The suit is being filed against the State of Oregon, the Department of Human Services, Director of the Oregon Department of Human Services Dr. Bruce Goldberg, and Deputy Director of the Oregon Department of Human Services Margaret Carter for violating the Oregon Constitution’s ban on legislative self-dealing.

Article IV, Section 30 of the Oregon Constitution prohibits legislators from taking a “civil office of profit” created by the legislature during their term of office. This section was identified to protect Oregon citizens from a scenario where a state legislator creates a lucrative position which they then fill themselves in a self-dealing conflict of interest. Common Sense For Oregon says that is exactly what happened with House Bill 2009 and Margaret Carter. As a member of the 2009 Legislative Assembly then State Senator Margaret Carter played an intricate role as co-chair of the Joint Ways and Means Committee which helped pass House Bill 2009, creating the new position that Margaret Carter then reportedly lobbied to acquire.

“We cannot have state legislators creating lucrative jobs with large pay increases for themselves, it violates the public’s trust and the Oregon Constitution,” said Ross Day, Executive Director of Common Sense For Oregon and the attorney handling this case. “This case is about protecting the integrity of Oregon’s government and the Oregon Constitution.”

Common Sense For Oregon is an Oregon non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to promoting common sense solutions to the issues important to Oregonians, and protecting Oregon’s cherished initiative and referendum system.

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  • Someone who knows….

    Anyone can file a lawsuit…big whoop.

  • Diamond Jim

    I only hope they prevail. These legislators who line their pockets at taxpayer expense make me sick.

  • Steve Plunk

    Our new and improved government class protecting their own interests.

    • Rob DeHarpport

      Yes indeed. Wouldn’t it be great to pad your retirement and future income due to “going along to get along”. Despite a complete lack of qualificatrions Senator Carter won her own personal lottery based solely on her party loyalty, certainly not based on results that improved Oregon.
      Ross Day should have stated;” This is a case of FOLLOWING ETHICAL POLICY…..rather than protecting the integrity….. What integrity? That was lost years ago! This is but one more blatant example, now we will wait and see if we still have ANY judicial integrity.

  • Birds of a pink feather…

    Typical liberal antics.

  • Rupert in Springfield

    This whole scenario has been so outrageous the only thing that makes it more so is the fact that it has gone on so long. Usually when something this grotesque is discovered the person quietly slinks away and withdraws after a week or two. Obviously Carter doesn’t have that kind of decency.

    I decided to check out Blue Oregon a little to see is this little Charleston of Carters caused them any angst.

    Nope. It sure didn’t.

    Now I don’t expect either Democrats or Republicans to pounce all over one of their own every time they make a slip up but this is a little ridiculous. This is corruption pure and simple, it is not a close call. Now one has a perfect record in calling their own to account. However the tolerance for Sen. Carters antics on a state basis, or Rep Rangels nationally should de a call to step up and get rid of this kind of thing. At best all we will hear is stammering excuses with with the Bush administration drift net heaved over the side to troll for comparisons.

  • Dmitry White

    “Common Sense For Oregon is an Oregon non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to promoting common sense solutions to the issues important to Oregonians…”

    A “non-partisan organization” whose executive director also just happens to be an attorney frequently associated with the Oregon Republican Party. Another director is Kevin Mannix, former state Republican Party chairman. Mr. Mannix is the same person who most recently proposed vastly increased incarceration for property offenders without proposing any way to pay for their incarceration or reduce recidivism. Sounds like a lot of “common sense” to me.

    Common Sense For Oregon appears to be a Republican front organization, used as cover so Republicans can take cheap shots at state officials without doing it under the Republican banner. It is false-front organizations like these that have our politics, as well as our campaign finance system in Oregon in such a mess.

    I wish these gentlemen the worst of luck with their political endeavors.

    • dan


      how about assessing what common sense for oregon is working on rather than just saying repblican ten million times?

      Common sense is standing up and protecting the oregon constitution and all you can think about is some connection with the republican party.

      get a life

      • Dmitry White


        I don’t see how they’re “protecting the Oregon constitution.” HB 2009 appears to have created the Oregon Health Authority. Sen. Carter appears to have been appointed to a position that is rather specifically NOT part of that entity. I should try to find out what they’re “working on” you say? So far it seems to be this, and one other frivolous lawsuit against the City of Newberg. I thought conservatives were against frivolous lawsuits. Or is that only when big multi-billion dollar companies are the ones being sued?

        Regarding my prolific (5) use of the word “Republican”: This group appears to be made up almost entirely of not just regular folks who happen to be Republicans, but by current and former prominent and influential members of the state party. Something about if it quacks like a duck…?

        Regarding your suggestion that I “get a life”: I urge you to refute any of my facts. Maybe not having a life inspires me to actually seek out…facts.

  • Someone who knows…

    The executive director of “Commom Sense for Oregon” is Ross Day who will soon be joining Bill Sizemore in jail. Crooked just like the rest of them.

    • bill

      someone who knows……jack sh%t


    I’ve been looking all over for this!


  • Stem the tide

    Carter is yet another fly in Oregon taxpayer’s soup, primarily cooked up by sous chefs in he public sectoreria.

  • Kevinstruhar2000

    We need people in Government to realize they cannot call the Shots and expect us tax paying citizens to keep pay their high Salaries and most of all using our tax dollars to help with their retirements. The only people they are looking out for is themselves its time to fight back people and execute these people to the fullest of what we think is fair.

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