Representative Kim Thatcher: 14 new Oreogn laws for 2010

Important New Laws Take Effect in 2010
By State Representative Kim Thatcher,

Nearly 500 new laws take effect this month as a result of action taken by the 2009 Legislature. Here is a list of some of the more notable changes in state statute:
“¢ Cell Phones: it’s now illegal to talk, text or dial by holding a cell phone while driving. $142 minimum ticket.
“¢ Metal Theft: several new provisions to prevent metal theft including requiring a state certificate to transport scrap metal.
“¢ Menu Labels: chain restaurants must post nutritional information about their menu items.
“¢ Puppy Mills: breeders can’t have more than 50 sexually intact dogs and there are other changes to deal with harsh conditions found in some puppy mills.
“¢ DUII: if you’re caught drinking and driving with a blood alcohol content over .15 the fine will be $2,000.
“¢ Rafting: you must wear a life jacket if you’re in a boat or rafting on a class three river.
“¢ Vending Machines: cigarettes are banned from vending machines where children may be present.
“¢ Auto Repair: body shops must provide written estimate before fixing your car.

“¢ ATV: anyone under 16 has to wear restraints on class one and two off road vehicles. Those under 18 must wear a helmet on any class of ATV not registered with DMV.
“¢ Work Meetings: new ban on employer mandated meetings that deal with politics, religion or union issues.
“¢ Pregnant Women: increased penalties if you assault or kill a woman who is pregnant.
“¢ Disabled Parking: you must provide DMV with a doctor’s note every time you renew a disabled parking permit.
“¢ Defibrillators: automated external defibrillators now required in any building over 50,000 square feet where more than 25 people gather on a daily basis to help prevent heart attacks. Schools are exempt.
“¢ Electronic Waste: it’s illegal to dump televisions, monitors, and computers in the trash.

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  • Angry Old ?young Man

    I think just about every new law listed here is unneeded. The govt needs to STOP intruding on our lives!

    • David Appell

      Sure. Let’s let anyone drive drunk, or essentially drunk (cell phone use and texting). After all, only a few tens of thousands of people die from these activities each year. Hey, as long as it’s not me! Leave me and my Budweiser alone!

      • Bill

        such a hack……. such a complete liberal hack

  • v person

    Not one pro-gay law this year! When will this discrimination stop? Let my people go!

  • Diamond Jim

    Wow – 2 grand if you’re driving drunk. How brave.

  • Roger

    These morons pass laws they never even enforce.
    What a bunch of sad sacks.

  • Rick Hickey

    Where’s the new Proof of citizenship to Vote law? Look on page 88 of your new voters pamphlet, under ID required, No License or S.S.#? You CAN Vote in Oregon (not Fed.).

    How can the tax paying Citizens of Oregon have a true say in Tax laws (M-66 & 67 hello) or on who will be our leaders when hundreds of thousands of Illegal aliens, not paying taxes and only voting for Socialist Democrats to give them even more free stuff, take away OUR votes?!

    Don’t tell me that cannot become a law here as it is in many other states and recently the 9th circuit approved of AZ. doing this too. In there largest County, one in three new voter reg.s were thrown out for being FRAUDulent, hello? Yes 1 in 3 !

  • Alex

    Some of the laws are ok, like the drunk driving law. But the menu law is stupid and a waste of time. Why not outlaw playing with the radio, eating , drinking coffee, putting on makeup also?
    Several of these Nanny State laws are just a waste of tax payers money and typical Democrat legislator feel good acts that do nothing for the public.

  • John

    Is this some kind of joke?? All of these new laws are a complete waste of time. The legislature is so out of touch that they dont even realize we have an economic crisis going on. Their idea of relief is a tax increase for business and the “rich” A $2,000 dollar fine for drunk driving? A fine will not deter anyone from driving drunk. How about some real punishment for these jerks that drive drunk. Increased penalties for assaults or murder of pregnant women?? I suggest the death penalty.

    Throw every one of these bums out on their ears.

  • Citizen

    It’s all about the MONEY folks!

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