Mother of Murder Victim: Repeal HB 3508

Mother of Murder Victim Pleads to Oregon Legislators: Repeal “Earned Time” Section of New Law (HB 3508)
The following letter was sent to Oregon Catalyst and also featured in the The Register Guard, Eugene, 12-29:

Repeal “˜earned time’ law
By Janyce Iturra, Eugene

On Dec. 30 Mary Thompson, “The Gang Mom,” one of Oregon’s most notorious murderers, will have the opportunity under a new Oregon law, House Bill 3508, to receive another 10 percent off her sentence for planning the murder of my son, Aaron, and attempting to cover her crime. Thompson ordered two gang members to kill him. They crept into my home and shot Aaron execution style while he slept. Even after 15 years, I think about it every day.

What were the legislators thinking? Sen. Floyd Prozanski, a chief architect of this law, believes it’s the responsible way to cut costs; it’s not. It’s not fair to re-victimize people whose lives already are shattered. It is not responsible to let violent criminals out early. When my son was killed, I was sentenced to life without him. I never will get a reduction from that sentence. I would give anything to have just 10 more minutes with Aaron, especially now during the holidays, a time that includes his birthday.

I detest being dragged into court years later, after the raw wound has scabbed over, only to have it ripped off. The voters of Lane County should be aware of the increase in crime and the new victimizations brought on by legislators who supported the additional 10 percent “earned time.” I ask Oregonians to join me in urging their legislators to repeal this law in the February special session.

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  • Criminal

    Liberal politicians are tops as far as I’m concerned. I’ve had my sentences cut 6 times!

    I’m out again, just in time for Valentines Day .

    • Ron Glynn

      HaHa! Very funny except for people like Janyce Iturra. People like Mary Thompson should have to do every damn day of their sentence. HB 3508 is a terrible piece of legislation. It maybe okay for car thieves, but not for prisoners who were involved in crimes where victims were harmed or killed.

      Retired Parole&Probation Officer
      MS in Adminstratiion of Criminal Justice, University of Portland

      • Anonymous

        Sounds like we should put you down for a YES on M66 & M67.

  • Rob DeHarpport

    I’ve known Janice Iturra for many years through work. The loss of her son was horrible, to know that it was a directed “hit” by another boys mother is very disturbing to say the least. Just what sort of parent could instruct such a terrible crime upon a young man?
    It is quite obvious that this was a very poorly written bill, Senator Prozanski and others should have seen the possibilities of this sort of “person” being released. She needs to rot in jail.

  • v person

    Lock em up, throw the key away, and cut my taxes. Oh yes, and balance the budget while you are at it. And keep quality schools. Conservatism. A wining combination if ever there was one.

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