Detailed budget breakdown of Measure 66-67

Dan Lucas is a candidate for House District 27 who has authored a detailed budget analysis of Measure 66 and Measure 67. — For those of you who need a good overview of the budget, check out the full report.
See Report here.

Introduction note from Dan Lucas,

One in four working-age Oregonians is either unemployed or underemployed — the HIGHEST RATE in the nation. The last thing Oregonians need right now is new taxes that will cost the state 79,000 jobs. And there’s no need for new taxes. State government has not tightened its belt like the rest of us — these measures increase taxes by $733 million, but $802 million of the current budget is to pay for 1,540 new state jobs, state employee raises, Cadillac health insurance for state workers, and the state-paid employee portion of PERS. Despite talks of “cuts”, the state budget actually WENT UP, not down – from $51 billion to $56 billion. The current budget is 9.3% ($4.8 billion) higher than the previous budget.

Measure 66 is an envy tax on Oregonians who make more than $125,000 a year, and 2/3 of those are actually small businesses. Even before Measure 66, Oregonians who make more than $100,000 a year were just 10% of income taxpayers, but they paid 54% of the income taxes. That’s not FAIR!

Measure 67 isn’t about $10 – it’s about 6 new taxes and fees totaling $262 million. One of these 6 new taxes and fees will cost businesses up to $100,000 a year, even if they don’t make a profit; even if they lose money. The taxes are so big & complex that the Department of Revenue had to add more than 7 new employees just to collect them. Businesses are already paying their fair share & they pay a LOT more taxes & fees than just Oregon income tax — including 50% of Oregon’s property taxes!

See Report here.