The Petition to Request President Barack Obama to Resign

Right From the Start

Right From the Start

For the past several months my columns have detailed the damaging activities of President Barack Obama during his presidency and have stated that he is unfit to serve in the high office of President of the United States. At the conclusion of each of those columns I have stated “Please, Mr. Obama, leave – and take Joe with you.”

You now have the ability to join in that request. The White House has established a website called We the People, which permits citizens to petition Mr. Obama with regard to any issue. I have created a petition asking Mr. Obama to resign. You can support it by going to and signing the petition. Signing the petition merely requires that you enter your email address and thereafter an email is automatically directed to you asking you to confirm that it is your signature. Upon your confirmation the signature is counted. We need to have 100,000 signatures within 30 days to require Mr. Obama to respond. We have the means to accomplish that if you sign the petition and forward this to others you believe would likewise support the petition, but you must act immediately.

Please help us by registering your protests and communicating with others.

The petitions are extremely limited in size and, therefore, the rationale for the petition has been reduced to the following:

We urge President Barack Obama to resign as being unfit for the Office of President of the United States:

  • He has used the IRS to target his political opponents and obtain private and privileged information about them.
  • He has failed to enforce elements of Obamacare, the Voting Rights Act and the Immigration laws.
  • He deliberately perverted the democratic process in adopting Obamacare by withholding critical information and lying about the effects of its provisions, its costs and its coverage. (If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor.)
  • He has worsened foreign relations by treating our foreign allies with disdain and allowing our enemies (North Korea and Iran) to proceed with the development of nuclear weapons and delivery systems.
  • He has sought to exploit rather than heal divisions in America, choosing instead to pit Black against White, Rich against Poor, and Women against Men.


Were the White House website to permit a more detailed explanation it would be as follows:


We the People of the United States respectfully urge President Barack Obama to resign the Office of President of the United States for the following reasons:

  1. President Obama has knowingly lied and misled the American people in a variety of issues including but not limited to the effects of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) both before and after its adoption by the United States Congress; the events surrounding the attack and assassination of Ambassador Christopher Stephens and three other Americans in Benghazi, Libya; the events surrounding Operation Fast and Furious resulting in the death of United States Border Agent Brian Terry; and the events surrounding the targeting of conservative advocacy groups by the United States Internal Revenue Service.
  2. President Obama has failed to perform the duties of the Office of President of the United States in regard to the enforcement of existing laws including but not limited to implementation of elements of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), the Voting Rights Act, and the Immigration and Naturalization Act.
  3. President Obama deliberately perverted the democratic process during the adoption of the Affordable Care Act by lying about its effects, using massive federal grants to secure the votes of Democrat senators, misleading the Congressional Budget Office as to the purpose and effect of various provisions to secure a favorable “scoring” of the costs, and withholding information which would have contradicted his assertions about the effects and costs of the bill. Through his conduct he has so sullied the Office of President of the United States that he can no longer lead with honesty, integrity and credibility.
  4. President Obama has routinely treated our foreign allies with disdain and our enemies with obsequiousness. He has promised support to countries such as the Ukraine and Israel, and movements such as the Kurds and the Free Syrian Army that he subsequently withheld. He has threatened action against President Bashar al Assad in Syria and against the Russians in Ukraine from which he subsequently retreated. He removed the economic sanctions from Iran while permitting that country’s continued work on building nuclear weapons. He has publicly insulted and sought to humiliate the leadership of Israel while currying favor from terrorist regimes such as Iran, Hamas, and North Korea. Our allies no longer trust us and our enemies no longer fear us. So poor is our position in international affairs that President Obama was openly mocked by Russia and China at the leadership meeting in China.
  5. President Obama has chosen to be the most divisive leader in decades, playing rich against poor, men against women, and Black against White. He has sought to demonize all those who may disagree with him and has created an atmosphere within his Administration that has given rise to surveillance of cell phones and internet traffic of innocent citizens, discrimination against conservatives by the Internal Revenue Service and the use of other federal agencies to harass and delay business men and women with whom he may disagree.

President Obama has demonstrated that he is unfit for the responsibilities and powers of the Office of the President of the United States and he should, therefore, resign.