Measure 66 and 67 signs vandalized. Oh the irony

Taxpayer Association of Oregon update,

Fresh from the pro-tax people messing up the voter’s guide by putting YES statements in the NO section, we now see them vandalizing No on Measure 66-67 signs with a YES message. The big government campaign stays on script.

For those who want to help defeat Oregon’s Measure 66 and Measure 67 you can sign up for a phone bank here.

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  • John Thomas

    Since I’m a YES on 66 & 67, and will happily boycott Columbia and any of the other something for nothing corporations that are happy to take my taxes to supply the roads, police, and fire protection they need to operate but don’t want to pay their fair share in return, oh yes, please, let me man the phone bank.

    • Warren

      Well, John, please don’t bother to sign up. Your union thugs and other dupes are already showing their classy methods trying to halt the citizens who want to save jobs in Oregon.

    • Anonymous

      If public employees can have boycott lists, the companies should be able to hold their taxes from being spent on those agencies.

      Businesses have been paying more, than their fare share of taxes, regulations, mandates for decades. The list of taxes and fees are long and very expensive.

      The Greed and entitlement of the tax and spend crowd is unending.

      You do not deserve the hard work of the business community.

    • D’oh!

      Mr. T marches to the ‘zounds’ of TROIKA BAND (a stately group of socialist executive, judicial and legislative drummers) which art in concert with the OEA, SEIU, OSEA, AFT, OHCA, NUPAC, et albeit organized union band – renown for their jack booted beat, shimmering-green PERSy uniforms and the bwahahah chant uttered between such marching songs as ‘zip a dee my do dah’ or it’s gonna be ‘bippidi bobbidi bop’…if you refrain from saluting when ‘sieg heil ho’ is orchestrated. Nuts!

    • Anonymous

      How much is their fare share? 100% of gross receipts?

    • Anonymous

      You don’t understand the referendum, and I bet you did not know that 34% of the taxes are going to raises for state workers. Why should State Workers get pay raises when they also get pensions while the rest of the Oregon Economy is in the tank and most companies are struggling and most private sector workers have not had raises in a few years.

      The proposal also wants to back tax individuals from 2009, which I believe is going to be challenged in court.

      Fair share is BS.

    • Thomas Bitch

      John Thomas as a bitch.

    • Peter Jordan

      $10 says you lose your job within 6 months. Have fun being on the street. Good thinking on voting for taxes that hurt small businesses. Even Obama stated that raising taxes on businesses is not the thing to do in this economy. Why can’t the government cut some fat like we all have had to do?

  • Anonymous

    It’s long over due for the public to get a full report on the PUBLIC EMPLOYEE UNION covert war on Republican businesses. While pleasant teachers, firefighters, police and others warmly and routinely encourage support with tax levy approval and other tax support they are behind the scenes conducting hard core boycotts against Republican supporting businesses.
    Boycotts which labor unions join and further the economic assault on Republcan businesess, emplooyees and families.

    Do not stay/do not patronize lists are maintained by union heirarchy and with full union adherence required.

    This deliberate hurting of Republican supporting businesses by public employee unions should not be ignored and allowed to continue without oppositon and the battle their actions deserve.

    • Anonymous

      That is absolutely insane! My wife is a school teacher in Multnomah County and I can promise you I’ve never heard of any such lists. And even if your paranoid fantasy were a reality there would be absolutely nothing wrong with it. I suggest you start a boycott list of your own, one that includes left-leaning businesses and entrepreneurs. You can start with Neil Kelly, Inc.

  • skippy

    Public employees received no COLA, cost of living increases in this budget cycle, step increases were delayed, and each had to give 10-14 furlogh days. In all, a $27 million pay cut for state workers. Also, the real dollar general fund DECREASED, even when assuming the tax measures pass. Spread the facts.

    • Rupert in Springfield

      Oh my God – Public employees not receiving a COLA (cost of living increase) in the middle of the worst recession anyone alive remembers?

      Cry me a river.

      You’re kidding with this one as a sympathy getter aren’t you? I mean seriously, try going around and finding a warm shoulder to cry on with that line. People would laugh.

      If public employees know what is good for them, they will hope the facts stay buried.

      • Anonymous

        pretty sure skippy wasn’t fishing for sympathy. just pointing out “a $27 million pay cut for state workers” because he knows the OC has a tendency to sweep things like that under the rug.

        • Diamond Jim

          I think he was fishing. And if the pay is so bad, why not quit?????????????
          That would solve the problem.
          Those poor public employees are no doubt overworked AND underpaid. I am sure of it.
          And the holidays they miss – what a crime.
          Wait a minute, they don’t miss any. Sorry.
          Nice “work” if you can get it.

          • Oregonian


            I’m so sick of people a) pretending there’s some big union conspiracy to destroy the economy and b) pretending that public sector jobs aren’t jobs.

            Public employees put money into the economy just like everyone else, and interact with the market just like everyone else.

          • Coochi, coochie says Charo

            Yo analmous, take term for sexual pleasure and stuff it up your union stewards posterior!

          • Steve Plunk

            Once again failure to have a logical and reasonable argument turns into foul language. Nice. I especially like the idea of a teachers spouse referring to “the children” as retarded. Nice, nice. I’m sure Mr. Anonymous is feeling tough hiding behind nasty words and the ability to post as an unknown. Nice, nice, nice.

          • Anonymous

            Oh, please! Come on down off your high horse, pal. “Diamond Jim” saw fit to disparage my wife and all her colleagues as unworthy of their meager salaries without any provocation (some other guy pointed out the facts of union concessions in the form of the COLA freeze, step increase deferments and furlough days). What you dicks don’t seem to understand is that many public employees do actually work very, very hard, care very much about their work, are not terribly well compensated, pay taxes like everyone else, carry debt (like most of us), and spend money on goods and services in the local economy. Besides, where exactly does a logical argument become necessary to tell a guy to go fuck himself when he’s indirectly insulted your wife? And as for my characterization of “the children” as retarded, since when did it become necessary for the spouse of a public school teacher to cultivate affection for the poorly behaved and generally stupid children of other people? My wife works with underprivileged kids for the most part and has a much bigger heart than me (or you). She is without a doubt performing a public service, and any good she does for any of the 90-some odd kids on her caseload is not only to their benefit but to yours and mine and everyone else’s as well. The truth is that the anger/distaste expressed by me above is misdirected at the kids and is really aimed at their negligent parents. But I digress. And with regard to your last pointless point, you better believe that if Jerry had the balls to talk like that to my wife he would find me in his face real quick. I remain anonymous here for my own reasons, none of which have anything to do with empowering me to “feel tough”. And I have my doubts that Jerry would feel so comfortable disparaging my wife if we were in the same room. So who’s really the one hiding behind the distance provided by the internet?

          • snkbyt

            Sounds like you need to get your teacher wife to teach you the language..And I have 2 votes to cancel yours so you’re wasting your time. Funny, doing the phone surveys so many of these Liberal tax hiking trough feeders have no common sense and never think anything through to the end. The MOST common answer as to why they were voting for 66&67 was because their Union or the steward said that’s the way we want you to vote. They are also told scare tactics about loosing their jobs..what a way to get a vote and total BS. They’re not smart enough to figure it out…taxes are passed never takes a loss or it’s out of business… so guess who pays all of us. These tax increases are going to effect us all!!!!!!!

          • Anonymous

            “Sounds like you need to get your teacher wife to teach you the language.”

            In what sense, snkbyt? (BTW, the word is losing, not loosing)

            “And I have 2 votes to cancel yours so you’re wasting your time.”

            How does that work exactly? (BTW, me + my wife = 2 votes)

            “They’re not smart enough to figure it out…taxes are passed never takes a loss or it’s out of business…”

            Well, you certainly sound like a master economist yourself. Could you please explain to all of us trough feeders the relationship between tax incidence and the price elasticity of supply and demand?

          • cc

            *Well, you certainly sound like a master economist yourself. Could you please explain to all of us trough feeders the relationship between tax incidence and the price elasticity of supply and demand?*

            Gee, noname, why don’t you consult your trollmaster and explain it yourself? I’m sure you’ll be able to find him/her/trans/it easily – check your a** for the hand which makes your mouth move.

            P.S., I pity your wife…

            … if, indeed you have one.

            Stay classy, you macho devil, you.

          • pureamamteurtubez

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          • Aaron

            Hi all…

            Can we please play nicely with each other? Remember what the Lord said in the Golden Rule? I think we all can have a debate without insulting one another or their children.

            God bless 🙂

          • lala

            Just curious, does your wife pay FICA?

          • Anonymous

            Yes, she does. And most here will be thrilled to know that neither she nor anyone else who was hired on or after January 01 2004 gets PERS benefits. She is a participant in OPSRP, which means her pension multiplier is 1.5% (or 45% of salary after 30 years minus whatever she gets from Social Security) and she pays 6% into the IAP. I won’t go into the details, but I can tell you that OPSRP is nowhere near as generous as Tier One PERS. So, that ought to make those of you who hate teachers, policemen, and firefighters happy.

  • John

    I have no problem paying a fair amount of taxes for the services I receive. But the Government continues to want more for doing less. If our education,roads,police and fire services were getting better with each added increase of taxes I would be more understanding. The facts are no state agency has gotten any better in 30 years ,even with tax increases. Our schools are a mess along with every other agency ran by the state. It has been proven many times over that raising taxes does little to solve the problem. Even though the tax increase would not effect me I will vote against ANY tax increase for anything until the waste and corruption in state government is under control. If you dont think most politicians are corrupt try reading a newspaper. Every day you can read about theft and corruption in one form or another. And these are the people who want more and more.I say no way NO MORE TAXES AT ALL!!

  • Oh say can you see what’s happening in the unionized public sector

    A tale of two private sector contributors to Oregon’s economy, Consolidated Freightways and Con-Way, once joined together in common carrier transportation services.

    Con-way Inc. traces its history to Leland James, who, in 1929, founded a small regional trucking company in Portland, Oregon, named Consolidated Truck Lines. The company enjoyed great success through expansion and acquisition, and was later renamed Consolidated Freightways (CF).

    James’ company would experience a number of changes over the course of time, including when, in 1983, the corporation known as Con-way Transportation Services was founded. The following provides an overview of the company’s successes and changes throughout its history.

    * Deregulation (1971–1983)

    Facing pressures from oil embargos and UNION LABOR COSTS, the trucking industry was thrust into deregulation toward the end of the 1970s. CF took this opportunity to expand its business to include air freight and trailer manufacturing.

    * Con-way Transportation Services (1983–1985)

    Con-way was created to provide NONUNION, regional short-haul service in markets where CF wasn’t actively selling its services. The regional companies Con-way Central Express (CCX), Con-way Western Express (CWX) and Con-way Eastern Express (CEX) were established as part of this strategy.

    * Launch of Menlo Logistics (1991)

    CF, Inc. launched Menlo Logistics in mid-1990 to broaden its service portfolio beyond less-than-truckload (LTL) transportation, and to capitalize on the growing trend of bundled logistics services. Menlo was among the first of a new breed of integrated logistics companies.

    * Launch of Con-way Truckload (2005)

    The Truckload division was launched to more efficiently manage Con-way’s hub-to-hub freight network across its regional companies. This new subsidiary provided linehaul service on full loads of LTL shipments moving in transcontinental traffic lanes.

    * The New Con-way (2006)

    Con-way, formerly CNF, Inc., underwent a corporate rebranding process, and the new name, Con-way Inc., was officially introduced on April 19, 2006. On May 5, 2006, the new ticker symbol on the New York Stock Exchange became CNW.

    * Menlo Expands in Asia (2007)

    Menlo purchased Cougar Holdings Pte Ltd. and Chic Holdings Ltd. in 2007. Singapore-based Cougar expanded Menlo’s operational scope in Southeast Asia, and Shanghai-based Chic gave Menlo a pan-China presence. These two acquisitions vaulted Menlo into a major Asian logistics company.

    * Con-way Acquires CFI (2007)

    The acquisition of CFI gives Con-way a major presence in truckload freight. Today, the Truckload division operates more than 2,600 tractors and 7,000 trailers, with more than 3,000 employees, including 2,500 drivers.

    Yadda yadda, the bottom line: The late 90’s spun-off ‘unionized’ CF could no longer compete in the Y2K economy and folded in 2001 after being in business since 1929.

    Today, the the non unionized Con-Way continues to provide family wage jobs and tax revenues for Oregon’s economy.

    That said, where’s the public employee unions taking our state of affairs, today?

    Perhaps, Jack Roberts, former State Labor Commissioner, might an enlighten folks on the tack being taken by this carnival-bunch of predators.

  • Anonymous

    #2.1 Anonymous on 2010-01-08 09:17

    I don’t care what “your wife” or the OEA says, the public employee union boycott of Republican supporting businesses is absolute.

    You are not a source for reality.

    My non “paranoid fantasy” is true and needs to be reposnded to by a full outright economic war against the public employee left wing who are already waging war against Republican supporting businesses behind the scenes.

    After the war, public employee unions must be prohibited. They are corrupted.

    The covert nature of the publi employee war is how it goes unchallenged.

    I suggest you get a grip on what your wife’s union really does.

    • Anonymous

      “I don’t care what “your wife” or the OEA says, the public employee union boycott of Republican supporting businesses is absolute.”

      Okay, where are you getting your information from, psychopath?

      “You are not a source for reality.”

      I am as much a “source for reality” as you are, my friend. I can’t believe I’m even having this conversation. Ridiculous.

      “My non “paranoid fantasy” is true and needs to be reposnded to by a full outright economic war against the public employee left wing who are already waging war against Republican supporting businesses behind the scenes.”

      Buddy, the unions do not pass out boycott lists (at least not to school teachers) of Republican businesses. They just don’t. Deal with it.

      “After the war, public employee unions must be prohibited. They are corrupted.”

      What the hell are you talking about? Who are you people?

      “The covert nature of the publi employee war is how it goes unchallenged.”

      No, no, no, you’re not paranoid at all.

      “I suggest you get a grip on what your wife’s union really does.”

      I don’t care what they do as I have nothing to do with them (I don’t work in the public sector) and it’s a free country (meaning they have the rights of assembly and freedom of speech).

    • v person

      “After the war, public employee unions must be prohibited. They are corrupted. ”

      Prohibited by whom? Have you ever read the Bill of Rights?

  • matthew vantress

    actually skippy the all funds budget increased from 48 billion to 54 billion so tell me where 2 billion was cut from the budget because i dont see how when the all funds budget increased by 6 billion?and pers was not cut at all skippy so state workers really did not take pay cuts like you claim.the real dollar fund did not decrease skippy it increased fromm 48 to 54 billion.i am voting a resounding no on 66 and 67 and i will not be brainwashed by the same old tired extortion threats and scare tactics about education being cut either by the public employee union thugs in this state who could care less about us in the private sector who are losing jobs and paying more and more to survive in oregon.

  • Anonymous

    The use of the word “retarded” was deliberate. I wasn’t referring to disabled children.

    And, yes, the sentiment expressed probably is what many teachers really feel, regardless of union affiliation. And it is probably exactly what you would feel if someone who knows nothing of you or your job was arrogant enough to tell you that you didn’t deserve any respect (not to mention your relatively meager compensation).

    “What a jerk”


    I’m rubber and your glue…

  • Supposedly Rich Guy

    50% all in tax rate and growing (State and Federal), and it is higher with all fees, etc. What a joke! The Oregon Education Association and many teachers support this measure because it mirrors their teaching style ” The dumbing down of America.” They may win this battle but they will not win the war. America was not founded on 50% tax rates and higher. As taxes get higher and higher and these high rates trickle down to everyone, there will be a revolt

    • Outside observer to an inside situation

      I’ve never actually blogged (if that’s the correct term) on ANYTHING before this moment. But I find this may be an important enough issue to take the time and post a comment. I’ve read through all the previous posts and it seems to me that MOST of you have more of an understanding of this these measures than I do. But I’m eager to learn. This is merely my interpretation and experience and any questions I post are a welcome for input… Is if this lot is timid to rebuttling.

      I am deffinitely classified as “middle class.” I make $48,000/yr and pay about $11,000 in taxes. The most I’ve ever received is a $700 Federal refund and owed, OWED the state $130 totaling my nominal return at $570. That calculates a 5% return. Here’s my concern. There are approximately 3.8 million people in Oregon. Take in to consideration the 11% unemployment and guesstimate another 2% that haven’t filed or are illegal, probably more, that leaves 3.3 million. How many would you say are stricly on social security/disability? Let’s say another 30%. So let’s say there are 2.3 million Oregonians paying taxes and receiving refunds. Knowing I pay $11,000/yr lets shoot low and say everyone is paying an average of $2000/yr in taxes (would you say that’s penurious). That calculates to $4.6 billion/yr. $4.6 BILLION/YR! I read an article by Dennis Newman stating “If Measures 66 and 67 fail in next month’s special election, it could mean major reductions in how much money the state spends on monitoring pollution, protecting and restoring streams, maintaining state parks, and fighting wildfires.” Why? Can anybody give me a GOOD reason why we can’t take care of ALL our needs w/ $4.6 billion/yr? And if I’ve done my math wrong, haven’t accounted for something or … anything please, I invite your knowledge. I am nieve in many areas and openly admit it. But I know there’s something wrong w/ this picture.
      I believe we’re looking for answers in the wrong area. I truly believe, and have for years, that our teachers get a minimal portion of what they deserve. Why are NBA, MLB, NFL players making $1 million +/yr entertaining us while school teachers providing education for OUR AND OUR CHILDRENS FUTURES scraping by on $24,000/yr? I deffinitely feel your pain Anonymous. Not as closely as you obviously but I’ve voiced my opinion to anyone who’ll actually listen. It’s an injustice. But I fail to see how raising taxes will help. The government has squeezed us so hard and long that I think we’ve lost sight of the real issue. THEY are the issue. If I don’t do my job I get fired. I’ve lived on the streets, TWICE. It’s not fun eating other’s trash, trying to find a place to rest your head. The point is I have a motivation for doing my job. Where is there any motivation for politicians to do what’s right by us. We fight amongst ourselves about our personal issues but fail to see from where they stem. Raising the tax to $150 is of little concern to any businessman. I’ve paid $110/yr the past three years for my IBO license so there should be little debate. But raising the taxes on a business’ gross sales is a real concern for many businesses and should be a concern to us as consumers; we’re the ones who are going to pay the difference. Think of your local coffee shop (that isn’t a Star Bucks), tavern, market, restaurant, fitness center, etc. If they have to pay more tax what will happen? They’ll have to make up the loss somehow, right? Prices rise, yep. Cut backs, yep. Bonuses, nope. Unemployment, yep. So how is raising prices and highering unemployment going to benefit an already depressed state? It can’t. It won’t. I’m a Marketing Director of a small fundraising/direct marketing firm. If Measure 67 passes I imagine I’ll have to make more cut backs… as if I HAVE any more room TO cut back. Hell, I may be the cut back…
      As for Measure 66, I believe most folks making over $125 – $250,000/yr aren’t going to obsess over a slight increase. Although, 1.8% is a bit much. Really, you have to think from both sides. If you know anybody or you are making that much, you’re ALREADY paying HALF of your income to taxes. I’m paying 23% right now. Could you imagine watching 50% of your income going to things that you don’t agree with? They’re in the same situation we (the middle class) are but worse. Our governments failures always seem to hit the wealthy the hardest. What a shitty system we live in. … Who wants to move to Washington? I’m done. Good night all. This is some depressing stuff.

      • Anonymous

        The tax on revenue is stupid. Agreed. Having said that, I am not a public finance guy so I can’t really comment one way or the other on what the appropriate spending level to meet the needs of our state is. $4.6 billion? More? Less? I just don’t know. I can tell you though that if these measures pass, Oregon will not only gain the revenue generated by the tax increases, but will also gain what many say will be close to $1 billion in federal matching funds. If they don’t pass, we will simply have to make do without that money (cut, cut, cut, which believe it or not is not good for the economy either). The hope (in my case anyway) is that we will end up with a surplus with which we can begin to get ourselves back on track in terms of fiscal responsibility (assuming the legislature isn’t dumb enough to squander any potential surplus right out of the gate).

        A 1.8% marginal rate on income over $125k/$250K is a bit much? Really? I can only assume you’ve heard the phrase “ability-to-pay” before, yeah? The class envy argument is extremely tired, particularly when over the past three decades income inequality in the U.S. has increased so dramatically. You do realize that income inequality in our country is by far the highest in the post-industrial world (e.g. the U.S., Canada, Japan, Western Europe), don’t you?

        US Census Bureau. (2005). Historical Income Tables – Income Equality.

        If the naive libertarian anti-tax anarcho fantasies of the whack jobs at were ever to come true we’d be living in third world conditions within a decade. There would exist “islands of wealth” in a sea of poverty, disrepair and decay.

        • Outside observer

          Isn’t that why we live in, and many from all over the world come to, America. “Land of opportunity.” A great place for a minority to move, get a job in their non english speaking community (under the table), get housing, wellfare, food stamps, have kids, get WIC, a tax return 10x greater than my own, new SUV’s, grants to open their own business… the list goes on as I’m sure you’re aware. But in your words the “naive (BTW: thank you for the spelling correction) libertarian anti-tax anarcho’s” are the “whack jobs.” Uh huh. I am for republicans but not the republican party of today. There was a republican president that wanted a “Square Deal” for everyone and everything. Obviously, w/ how deep corruption runs, it’s much to ask a new leader of our nation to “get back to basics.” Anonymous, you’re not changing anybody’s mind by bashing them then throwing in your opinions. You know as well as most we can only hypothesize our future situation. And your hypothesis: “islands of wealth” in a sea of poverty, disrepair and decay. Nice imagery. You’re great w/ words w/ much fervor behind them. Why not move on to something more constructive? Honestly, are you truly hoping to achieve something by posting comments on here or are you just venting frustration?
          About half a year ago my girlfriend mentioned a saying I hadn’t heard before. Anonymous, I think it fits your situation as well as many others on this post. I was arguing w/ an ex-girlfriend who knew how to push my buttons and get me fired up. After hanging up my girlfriend looked at me a said don’t wrestle w/ a pig; you’ll both get muddy but the pig enjoys it. That has stuck w/ me. I’ve read all the comments here and some persons have posted things about Anonymous’ wife and honestly they’d have pissed me off as well. But don’t wrestle w/ pigs and don’t be a pig yourself. One thing in common comes to mind, from what I’VE learned, from each of the five areas I’ve trained in both offensive and self deffense. My jiu jitsu instructor as well as Roosevelt summed it up perfectly in just seven words: “Speak softly and carry a big stick.” We should all do well to remember that. Good luck to you all.

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