More fallout from Nov 2014 crushing GOP wins nationally

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by NW Spotlight

An article in Governing Magazine this month, Democrats’ Future Looks Grim, talks about another facet of the crushing November 2014 Republican victories across the county. It’s a problem that will sound familiar to Oregon Republicans – but this time it’s a problem for Democrats.

“You can’t beat something with nothing. That’s the problem Democrats face in several states. In more than 20 states, there’s not a single Democrat in a top state position — and not just in traditionally red states such as Arizona, North Dakota and Texas, but in more competitive states like Florida, Michigan and Ohio as well. ‘This election wiped out some of the really promising, up-and-coming Democratic officials,’ says Jon Ralston, a prominent commentator on politics in Nevada, where the GOP swept the board in November. ‘They have a serious rebuilding process to undergo right now.’ That process could take years.”

The article also touches on the issue of aging Democratic governors like we have here in Oregon or Jerry Brown down in California, “The remaining Democratic governors themselves are getting old. All but a couple are past the age of 55. By contrast, many Republican statewide officials are barely into their 40s.”

The GOP success is not accidental, “Those in politics have been helped to power by a concerted GOP effort to build up its farm team. Groups like the Republican State Leadership Committee and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce have been actively recruiting and funding candidates for downballot offices. There’s been no comparable effort among Democrats.”

It’s a grim picture for Dems in many states, including “In nearly a dozen legislative chambers, the number of Democratic members is down to single digits.”

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  • John Fairplay

    Nothing’s permanent in politics, but in many of the States, it may not be possible for the Democrats to “ever” re-build. The problem is not so much that there aren’t well-spoken, knowledgeable people who could be brought along to stand for office as Democrats. The problem is that the Democratic Party’s ideas are extremely unpopular in those States. There are fewer and fewer aspiring politicians who are crazy enough to want to associate themselves with people like Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. Unless the “new” Democrats are willing to stop advocating these unpopular policies and denounce these unpopular leaders – thereby creating a rift with the Party’s national leadership and funders – they simply won’t be electable.

    Additionally, the Democrats are now in a position to have to work hard (and spend a lot of money) to defend some areas that are transitioning to long-term Republican control, such as States in the Upper Midwest.

    One can easily envision a time in the not-too-distant future when Republicans have total control of nearly 35 States.

    • IhateLiberals

      It’s already a given that current Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval will run against Harry Reid. And the race won’t be close. Reid is by far the most despised politician in Nevada; and his days are numbered.

  • Jack Lord God

    Wow, I sure wouldn’t count on this. Nobody works harder at winning elections than Democrats. That’s not exactly a revelation, a person craving power will naturally be drawn to the party of increasing government power and thus will likely work harder for it.

    What do you think is going on in Texas? There is a concerted effort to turn that state firmly leftward and I don’t think thats even on the Republicans radar yet.

    How about the presidency? I don’t know if anyone is keeping score but last time I checked, we had a president who won re election for the first time since Reagan with a majority of the vote twice in a row, this with an economy most said was awful and a massively unpopular piece of legislation as his central achievement.

    What is that president doing now? Buying votes. Currently with the free community college for slackers program.

    What are Republicans doing? Offending their base as much as possible. We just had a speakers election that was historic in its no confidence vote.

    Democrats have two things going for them. They are way better at elections than Republicans ever will be because they are more driven since they crave power. The second thing is their opposition is the Republican party – a party known for its strategic ineptness and absolute glee in offending the base.

    • Eric Blair

      ” … They [Democrats] are way better at elections than Republicans ever will be because they are more driven since they crave power.”

      Don’t lose hope Jack. First, historically speaking, Republicans have craved power just as much as Democrats. Seems to be a condition of being a politician and especially those seeking higher office. Second, Republicans are doing their best to prove how much they crave power, and wish to shut out Democrats completely, by trying to pass all sorts of laws at the State level to suppress the vote of those who generally vote for the Democrats. This has caught the attention, at least in the case of Wisconsin, of Richard Posner, whom no one has ever accused of being a liberal: “”There is only one motivation for imposing burdens on voting that are ostensibly designed to discourage voter-impersonation fraud, if there is no actual danger of such fraud, and that is to discourage voting by
      persons likely to vote against the party responsible for imposing the burdens.” Guess which party was trying to impose the burdens.

      • Jack Lord God

        >by trying to pass all sorts of laws at the State level to suppress the vote of those who generally vote for the Democrats.

        Think before you post.

        Laying down the IRS voter intimidation scandal card, Jack Lord God wins game set match.

        • Eric Blair

          LOL.. you know what I love about you Jack? Your inability to take a step back. Now, I’m sure you think you’ve won, but that would be based on the same faulty thinking that lead you to conclude that Democrats crave power more than Republicans.

          You side-stepped my point, which was that Republicans crave power as much as Democrats, and that there is plenty of evidence that illustrates that. Your evidence doesn’t, in any way, dispute or call into question my assertion. I would say that trying to systematically discourage some citizens from voting is way more serious than the IRS scandal.

          Evidently you believe the scoring for tennis to be like golf. It is not. The one with the higher score wins in tennis. I hope you forgive me for not jumping over the net to congratulate you on a good, but losing, game. Bad knees and all that.

          Think before you post indeed! Do you think you’ll ever take your own advice?

  • Anti-Dem DealerSchelps

    Nevermore true: “Trust (or tryst) everybody, but cuts the cards.”
    ~ W.C. Fields

  • My2Bits

    Ok. So how do we make it happen here in Oregons well?

    • Retired member AFL-CIO

      Cap and close the PERS to Oregon’s public employee unions.
      The OEA, SEIU, AFSCME, et al, suck COLA at a ratio of all to none.
      Not even the ornery privateer ILWU can get away with that one.

      • Eric Blair

        Which PERS? Tier One or Two? Those have already been closed. Are you advocating that no public employees have any retirement plan? By the way, unions don’t get retirement benefits, employees do.

        • guest

          Retirement COLA’s, common in the PERS sector, little or nil in the private sector; In essence promenade as inflationary catalysts.


          Too, arbitrary minimum wage increases, per se, dubious in a free world market society.

          EB: FDR was wary of organized public employee collective bargaining.
          IMO, he was write on.

          Today, compromised amongst US a Congressional host of laws, the fabric twit coverts public servants over garbs the raiment’s of those who pay in for their assuages.

          Income contusion – , governmentium by flippant flop is not right nor too bright!

          Ahoy thar, bean an AFL/CIO grateful retiree – but not at an accost of my foremost host’s ability to pay in so.

          Hello wigwam trivial interests, PERSona numbers one and two still’n in grasp or gasp!
          “`Toke three and four and place ’em in a commoner sense corridor thereon.
          Last butt not least, cull the waggin’ tongues bent upon economic adversary, ilk Al Gore and his orgasmic bemuse.

          • Eric Blair

            Speaking of toking… perhaps you should imbibe less. I get a sense from you of catastrophic brain damage and impairment of both your cognitive and communication skills.

          • guest

            D’oh, you passé posse bent on impairing commoner sense. UR cordially invited to blow your knows and die dee die die in the low borough
            of socialist nonsense!
            For the rest of US, take your tongue and spiel in an estate of Cuba-malaise , shillgrim!

          • Eric Blair

            *yawn* You need a new Shtick. This one is getting boring.

      • Guest

        Since 2003 all teachers hired are on a 401k. What else do you want?

        • conservatiely speaking

          Tiers one and two defrocked – existentially sent to some compost pile in the annals of common sense recycle inventory. Period!
          The decadent passé posse PERS coma retard US remains unsustainable, let alone conscionably affordable.

          Putt PERS One and Two inna a whole in ONE… meat for their purgatory.
          Lo, they’re no better than the rest of US, despot their allegory category.
          Put a stop to the organized nonsense, please!

  • Bob Clark

    Next up in Oregon is Ted Wheeler, and so the old man theory is unfortunately not applicable in this land of moss over prosperity. Although Wheeler could be a big improvement over the last two K brothers.

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