Where does immigration debate stand now?

Immigration was one of the most defining issues of the year, but the election results leave much to be resolved. Two high profile Arizona Republicans (Hayworth, Graf), and the Congressman who chairs the House subcommittee on immigration (Hostettler) all lost in districts previously won by Bush. Supporters say they were caught up in the national anti-Republican wave, and opponents say it was because these men were too restrictive.

Congress authorized the 700-mile fence, but did not allocate the money. Will the new Congress pay the tab or leave it hanging —like the Beaverton Round?

Bush said he was looking forward to passing some reform with the new Democrat Majority. We America get something that works, more symbolic acts, or more gridlock?

In Salem, the tuition breaks for non-citizens is bound to come up. Is the 2007 political environment different than 2005 on the Legislature’s ability to pass it?