Video: Allen Alley creates Oregon Green Gold idea

Below is the latest from teh Allen Alley campaign, a video talking about leadership. In it, Alley introduces a concept on how we can promote the economy and the environment at the same time and uses this Oregon Green Gold idea as an example;

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  • retired UO science prof

    Green Gold. This is stuff like Green Energy? And this is the great Republican hope? Heaven help us!

  • Jack

    It’s time to put a Real Republican in there that’s been a Republican all there Lives. This Allen Alley is another Kevin Mannix (they switch parties every other year). Mannix was a Dem till 1998. Lets see, Alley worked for Kulungoski. OH PLEASE. Lets have some real Republican Candidates.

    • Richard

      give me a Name

  • Oregon GOP voter

    Allen Alley is a joke! Green gold… that is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. Vote for Dudley! He’s has actual policy positions, none of this sky in the pie crap like Alley.

  • Anonymous

    Oh brother, why not just have everyone send the state their old gold jewelry.

    Mr. Allen,

    The only thing green about your idea is the green it would cost for extraction and recovery for the tailings sites.
    Have you no understanding of the extent of revovery any plan would have to involve?
    or how any gold extraction would have to be done in such a way NO miniscule effect on anything would be allowed?

    IMO not one public dime should go to this ides of yours. Not for the tailings clean up or gold extraction.

    In stark contrast to your lame idea I would propose something far more certain and effective.

    The legislature and governor should repeal the $250 million in lottery funding for the Milwaukie Light Rail project.

    That’s $250 million in one lump sum which could be used responsibly instead of recklessly wasted on a boondoggle.

  • Bud

    Perhaps Allen could sell his mustache to rural Oregon – it’s got to be worth at least $6, maybe $7.

  • bennie

    Please just go away Allen. You are fodder for the left wing wacko’s.

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