Schrader challenger, Rep. Bruun, raises $160,000 in 90 days

State Representative Scott Bruun has raised $160,000 in just 90 days. Of the $160,000 most of it, $150,000, is still cash on hand. This is as impressive fundraising goal to raise thismuch during the queit fall prior to the election year. Of the $160,000, 96% of the amount is from individuals and not PAC’s and other campaign organizations. This represents strong connection to Oregonians and not just poilitical organizations.

In light of the Ted Kennedy seat shake-up, this may be the year where the unexpected happens and no blue state is safe.

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  • Rupert in Springfield

    >In light of the Ted Kennedy seat shake-up, this may be the year where the unexpected happens and no blue state is safe.

    Holy Cow – Coakly just conceded by phone.

    ABC, NBC CBS and MSNBC just gave their analysis, as summed up below

    What people really need to take always from this is it is nothing unusual and in fact was expected.

    The in party power always loses seats in an off year election. This election should be taken more as a reinforcement of traditional election patterns and a statement on a bad economy rather than any referendum on Obama and certainly not a comment on peoples dissatisfaction with health care or government.

    • v person

      And, if you take a 15 day vacation in the middle of a campaign that might not be a good idea.

      • Rupert in Springfield

        >And, if you take a 15 day vacation in the middle of a campaign that might not be a good idea.

        Well, not in MA, where winning the Democratic Senate primary is generally the same as winning election.

        Frankly, in normal times in MA, once you have the Democratic nomination sewn up devoting 15 days to the campaign itself would be considered overkill.

        • anonymous

          I don’t know what normal times are. Romney managed to get elected there twice, and William Weld did pretty well against John Kerry. Like everywhere, things are more complicated then they seem. 1 party politics has a short shelf life in America historically.

          I like that Brown was for health care reform before he was against it. And his overall voting record is pretty darn liberal for a Republican. So we will see what sort of Senator he turns out to be.

          v person

  • v person

    Unless you’re doing it to spend more time rubbing hot oil all over your boyfriends body.

  • Bill Sizemore

    The MSM can say what they want. Every politically astute persons looking at this election from the Democrats’ perspective is saying, “Holy cow! This is not looking good.”

    There were a lot of Democrats and Independents in Massachusetts who came to the conclusion that one party politics is not good for the country and that the arrogance it breeds is worse for the nation than handing a victory or two to the Republicans.

    Will that translate into a huge shift this November? It very well might. Is it possible that the R’s are peaking a little too early? Well, that’s possible too. But if I was a betting man, I would rather be a well-funded Repubican challenger in a swing state than a Democrat who voted to ram health care reform down the throats of an unsupportive nation.

  • oregonfirst

    Looks like Bruun is just another give away to the rich guy – a bill to “protect” us from health care costs supposedly inflated by malpractice insurance costs are total garbage . Hey Bruun – why not support a PUBLIC OPTION so we could all find a GOOD DOCTOR WE TRUST so we don’t have to end up with a law suit against him?

    And how about those LNG speculators invading Oregon, Bruun? What IS your position on that? And how about campaign finance reform – are you going to line your pockets with handouts and do the bidding of corporations? Chance for the sake of change for the worse won’t fly at my house!

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