Boycott the State of the Union Speech

Traditionally, the State of the Union speech was delivered in writing (from 1801 to 1913). This practice should be reinstated. It is supposed to be an outline of the administration’s accomplishments and plans for the next year.

With no accomplishments to mention and many, many failures, this president would be well-advised to simply deliver the short, short message in writing. With a favorable rating in the polls lower than any other president in history at this time of his administration, there should be a giant wake-up call. The humiliation of having to lie about your “accomplishments” in front of the nation and the legislative bodies present, when it is clear that there have been none, seems beyond what we could fairly ask of any man.

We could mention the 0-3 record in candidate endorsements, the total failure to close Gitmo, the senselessness of trying terrorists in civilian court, the record deficit, the absolute failure to enact any sort of health care reform desired by the people, the unbridled hubris, the excessive golf, the failed and humiliating Olympic loss after a personal effort, the humiliating and decisive Coakley loss, the complete failure of the automobile takeover, the agonizingly long “decision” process on Afghanistan and the ultimate half-baked decision, the closed door partisan approach to “governing”, the false belief that we need to do “something” about carbon, the doubting within his own party, and the smug, effete mannerisms that rub all this in our faces, but we won’t.

We will just simply say that if the speech is not presented in writing, as originally intended, then all Americans, including the legislative bodies, would be well advised to skip the whole sad, pathetic, meaningless spectacle.