Rep. Bob Jenson calls for Sales Tax

Jenson Calls for Sales Tax in Addition to Property and Income Taxes
State Representative Suggests a “Three-Tiered Revenue Source” Despite Economic Recession
Candidate Mike Mathisen Press Release

(Hermiston, OR) — In a recent East Oregonian story, State Representative Bob Jenson has suggested a “three-tiered revenue source based on income, property and sales taxes” to add revenue to a budget that is already growing out of control and is out of step with population and inflation. His Republican challenger, Mike Mathisen, calls Jenson’s idea unwise and out of touch with Oregonians’ feelings about giving more money to state government right now. “People are out of work, being thrown out of their homes and hungry and Bob Jenson wants to add a sales tax on top of what Oregonians are already paying in property and income taxes,” stated Mike Mathisen. “Not only does that sound like a bad idea but it sounds like someone who doesn’t really understand what Oregonians are going through right now.”

Mike Mathisen points out that, in the 2009 session, Jenson also voted for HB 2001, a bill that included a gas tax on Oregonians and several fee increases, including car and truck title and registration fees, as well.

“I think we all know when politicians get more money from something like a sales tax, they aren’t going to give up money they already have from property and income taxes,” said Mathisen. “Have you ever heard of a politician giving money back to taxpayers unless it was in our Constitution? Once Legislators get their hands on our money, it’s gone.”