Rep. Bob Jenson calls for Sales Tax

Jenson Calls for Sales Tax in Addition to Property and Income Taxes
State Representative Suggests a “Three-Tiered Revenue Source” Despite Economic Recession
Candidate Mike Mathisen Press Release

(Hermiston, OR) — In a recent East Oregonian story, State Representative Bob Jenson has suggested a “three-tiered revenue source based on income, property and sales taxes” to add revenue to a budget that is already growing out of control and is out of step with population and inflation. His Republican challenger, Mike Mathisen, calls Jenson’s idea unwise and out of touch with Oregonians’ feelings about giving more money to state government right now. “People are out of work, being thrown out of their homes and hungry and Bob Jenson wants to add a sales tax on top of what Oregonians are already paying in property and income taxes,” stated Mike Mathisen. “Not only does that sound like a bad idea but it sounds like someone who doesn’t really understand what Oregonians are going through right now.”

Mike Mathisen points out that, in the 2009 session, Jenson also voted for HB 2001, a bill that included a gas tax on Oregonians and several fee increases, including car and truck title and registration fees, as well.

“I think we all know when politicians get more money from something like a sales tax, they aren’t going to give up money they already have from property and income taxes,” said Mathisen. “Have you ever heard of a politician giving money back to taxpayers unless it was in our Constitution? Once Legislators get their hands on our money, it’s gone.”

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  • Don D

    Unbelievable! When will these politicians learn the state is not their personal piggy bank and that REAL Oregonians, with real jobs (or unemployed), are the ones who have to pay these taxes!!! I am so sick and tired of legislators who can only think of ways to spend our money to try and get re-elected.
    With this kind of attitude, I hope we see Bob Jenson sitting at home next year instead of in committee hearings or in the House Chamber.

    • Myrt

      Don, John and Rupert, Ditto Ditto Ditto. They got away with a sneaky sales tax in 67 so they think that we will fall for this diception again. I sure hope that the Multnomah County libs aren’t that stupid

  • John

    Hey Rep. Bob Jenson, how about every Oregonian (what few of us that actually still have jobs here) just send in their paychecks and gives the Oregon revenue department total access to our bank accounts. When will you morons in Salem ever learn to live within the mean that are provided to you by the tax payers. We give you enough of our money, you don’t need or deserve any more.

  • Rupert in Springfield

    Would someone care to explain to Rep. Jenson that measure 67 establishes what is essentially a sales tax?

    The only major difference between a gross receipts tax and a sales tax is that the latter is lined out to the customer at the time of sale.

    Please Mr. Jenson, you already asking for a tax increase to cover what you spent on pay raises and the BETC tax credit scam in the middle of a recession. It is a little much to ask for a sales tax on top of all that. Try to have at least a modicum of shame.

  • Steve Buckstein

    Rep. Jensen must not have heard what Portland pollster Adam Davis told the Revenue Restructuring Task Force and anyone else in the state who would listen: That Oregonians will not accept a sales tax unless it totally REPLACES another tax. They simply don’t believe legislators when they offer to lower income and/or property tax rates. Even if those lower rates are locked into the Constitution, voters tell Davis that “they’ll find a way to jack those taxes back up.”

  • Jan

    That “third leg” is doing the trick for CA & MI. No way Mr. Jenson!

    • Rupert in Springfield

      I would take a bullet if we could just get rid of this stupid stool analogy legislators are so enamored of.

      Three legs is all well and good but most people seem perfectly fine working on two legs. Government needs to get off its rear end craving a more comfortable stool.

      For the majority of us who do perfectly fine walking around on one leg, a job, its getting tiring polishing the boots of governments two legs while they ask for a stool to sit down on.

      Frankly I’d love to be Jack Palance, walk into the wild west bar that is Salem, crack the stool over the head of the next guy who makes a damn stool analogy and ask him

      “there’s your damn stool analogy, care to get up and walk around a little bit?”

  • Steve Plunk

    Talk of restructuring Oregon’s tax system is usually cover for raising taxes. Do us all favor Rep. Jenson and just admit you are working for the government’s interests rather than the citizen’s interests.

    The legislature has proven itself incapable of complex legislation (remember the school zone speed limit fiasco? How about the BETC give away?). Why on earth would we want these amateurs to write something as complicated as a tax overhaul?

    We need less government, fewer services, and lower taxes. You’re not helping us Rep. Jenson, you’re just impeding our natural ability to conduct commerce and make life better for Oregonians.

  • Anonymous

    Doesn’t Bob have a primary challenger? Let’s support him instead.

    • Don D

      Yes, he does. Mike Mathisen is his name and his website is **. I would suggest anyone who thinks Bob Jenson and his ideas about hurting Oregonians more with higher taxes go visit Mike’s website and make a donation, even it’s only $10. Every little bit helps and the more support he has, the better it looks for him to defeat the incumbent.

  • Ron Glynn

    Ah! Once again, the 3 legged tax approach is trotted out. The only 3 legged object that I know is a milking stool.
    However, Oregonians are not cows and should not be treated as such.

  • v person

    Wow. I remember the days when conservatives LIKED the sales tax. I guess times have changed.

    • Steve Plunk

      Conservative politicians may have liked it but most conservative Oregonians see it as a tax increase. Many of us would expect it to grow as California’s sales tax grew.

    • Davis

      Once again your comment serves solely as comic relief. Please read the post and all the comments again, this time carefully. You will notice that there is no statement of opposition to the sales tax per se. The closest one comes is the comment by Steve Buckstein in which he points out that Oregonians oppose the *ADDITION* of the sales tax; a case could easily be made for the sales tax as a *replacement* to the income tax. Of course, almost all sales tax proposals go only so far as to *reduce* either the income tax rate or, more often, property tax rates. These proposals are non-starters for many reasons.

      I, for one, like the sales tax for the simple reason that it is the fairest tax: everyone gets treated the same by paying the same amount of tax for every taxable purchase. My primary contention with it is the usual collection method. If businesses were taken out of the picture as government agents I would be much happier.

  • Robert Collins

    I would dump the income tax and cut the capital gains tax in exchange for a sales tax. But no dice on this three legged stool idea.

  • Matt Evans

    Here’s the problem – a sales tax would not solve the “problem” that folks like Rep. Jenson believe exists. Washington has a sales tax – and a worse budget deficit and more unstable tax system then Oregon. Washington Legislators are considering instituting a personal income tax, which the state does not currently have.

    The reason Oregonians have never approved a sales tax is because they are not stupid enough to trust that a 5 percent sales tax rate today will still be a 5 percent sales tax rate 5 years from now. Washington State’s experience in this area is instructive as well. Folks like Rep. Jenson have a lot of work to do to earn back the trust of Oregonians first – then they can come forward with ideas to restructure how Oregonians pay for one of the most expensive government structures in the nation. That is a process that may take up to two decades to complete.

  • Cull egregious PERSnatching and all other aggravants to the bone

    In a word: Nuts!
    “Sales taxes” denote a crock of money for pubescent public monkeys who don’t know radical Shiite party shticks from DNC tax and spend $hineola-fares.

    Yo, all they vaunt is michael moore DNC drool aid to keep flowing – “so long suckers” the tariff is free. Argh!

  • Moe

    What an original idea. This guy is really smart. I only wish I could be so smart.
    He is KING! I love this man.
    What a great guy.
    He will save us all.
    I love him!
    He is really, really smart, too.

  • Robin

    how many times do we have to say NO to sales taxes?

    also, when did government get the impression that it is OUR job to endlessly fund them?

    like noted above, I am in the process of filling bankruptcy which costs $1500 in fees to do, (go figure) lost my 750 credit score, and in 3 months if nothing changes my house will be delinquent. however I will be working out of state before that happens. (which means Oregon looses income from another tax payer to another state.) 😛


    Even Phil Knight feels that we are over taxed already. (hummm wonder what would happen if he left Oregon. it would be the end of the U of O as we know it)

    the point is that the impression of the bottomless pit of available money and that we are just being selfish with our money by not giving it to the government has to come to an end and soon, or Oregon will become a ghost town.

    and we the sheeple are letting the do it!

    • v person

      “also, when did government get the impression that it is OUR job to endlessly fund them?”

      Yeah….who do these jokers think they are? Why don’t they just volunteer to teach our kids, chase down criminals, put out our house fires, maintain our roads and parks, give us clean water, and take our dirty water away? Why do they have to get paid for all this? All they do, when they aren’t working that is, is have their hands in our pockets. I’m sick of it!

  • Diamond Jim

    I think you use a three-legged stool when you milk something, right?

  • Mmcconoughey

    No bad idea ever seems to die in the state legislature. Less tone-deaf political leaders might discern a message from Oregon’s nine-times defeat of sales tax proposals. Not Representative Jensen. He is too busy practicing mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on the long-dead corpse of the sales tax. Perhaps he is inspired by California’s financial position, which includes a high sales tax.

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