Taxpayer Awards 2010 — Nominations Open to the public!

For nearly 10 years, the Taxpayer Association of Oregon has conducted awards for the best and worst of Oregon politics. We open up the nominations to the public and we are always surprised and impressed with the input we receive. All nominees must be Oregon examples.

Wiener Politician Award:
The most obnoxious, cowardly, or reckless Oregon elected official.

Pork Barrel Project :
The worst example of Oregon government waste.

Bureaucratic Bungler :
The worst example of government regulation, bureaucracy, or mistake

Golden Schnoz Award :
Best example of government sticking its nose in other people’s business.
(i.e. invasion of privacy, over-regulation, etc.)

Government Innovation Award :
Best example of government cost-savings or successful government program

Excellence in Journalism Award
Best article of the 2009

Thomas Jefferson Award:
Awarded to Oregonians for advancing the principles of individual liberty and limited government in 2007.

Please submit your nominationsin the comments below or email to [email protected]

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  • Steven

    If these were national awards Obama would win them all hands down. And down is the way he is going in all the polls. Down. Way down.

    • Rob DeHarpport

      Governor “Sleepy Ted” Kulongoski Nearly Sweeps Taxpayer Awards, Wins Four of Six!!!!
      Who else has dominated the field of incompetence so completely? No one has ever dominated these categories like our very own Guv.
      Examples; Wiener Award- Sleepy Ted in a runaway! Never in our States 150 years has a Governor showed less courage to actually find solutions that face our State. I summarize with two numbers; 66 & 67. Nuff said, case closed.
      Pork Barrel Project; ” Sleepy Ted” again! For the rediculous example (among others) of solar power he demonstrated with the million dollar solar project at the junction of I-5 and 206. Subsidized Government inefficiency at the highest level. One million+ to light a few street lights! Ted you are a genius!
      Bureaucratic Bungler; Our beloved Ted again! There is no end to his dominance! Get up here Ted, grab this award, you have done it again! This award is in recognition of Ted’s ability to squash all manners of the private sector attempting to do business in Oregon. You gotta be proud Ted!
      You piped in about every LNG plant ever considered, any tree to be cut, we all love that you voiced your opposition to the BLM WOPR plan. Or his great hiring of Margaret Carter (how innovative!) to head the DHS, and of course “taking care” of Vicki Walker too. Here you go big guy, you truly deserve this!
      Golden Shnoz Award; Teddy Again! OMG! Too bad we have term limits on Governors, thank you once again Ted. This is for “butting into the Waldo Lake issue”. No one could’ve done it better. You bullied your assinine enviromental agenda right up the Oregon Marine Boards%&*#@!!
      What courage it took to completely ignore process in order to leave your mark on a place you have probably never even seen. Forget about the science (or lack of), facts and people’s suggestions and ability to sensibly use a resource. You actually must’ve been wide awake when you told OSMB Director Donheffner “It’s my way, or the Highway Dude!” I’ll think of you every time I go to Waldo Lake and can’t use my ultra clean ,quiet 4 stroke motor, what memories you have created. I’ll give ya a great bid “Teddy hug” if you have the guts to show up in court regarding this matter.
      Government Innovation Award; Kim Thatcher- A fantastic Representative! She gives us all real hope! The Transparency Bill she authored is long overdue. t
      Thank you Kim for truly representing the people!
      Thomas Jefferson Award; Bruce Hanna and the Repuplican Party in Salem. You have stayed true to; Limited Government ands Accountability, the party was not the party of No, they offered sensible solutions rather than more taxes.. Perhaps after this fall you will be able to finally enact some common sense leadership here in Oregon. Here’s hoping for a big swing in November.

  • Reper

    Wiener Politician Award:
    — Kitzhaber for running again

    Pork Barrel Project :
    — Governro mileage tax

    Bureaucratic Bungler :

    Golden Schnoz Award :
    – all the new laws

    Government Innovation Award :
    — transparecny website

    Thomas Jefferson Award:
    Bruce Hanna, Russ Walker & Victoria Taft

    • Jim Ray

      Golden Schnoz Award :
      – all the new laws

      including the increased DMV fees and gas taxes approved by Bruce Starr and Larry George. (Mary Gallegos stupidity award)

  • Jay Bozievich

    Thomas Jefferson Award:

    Geoff Ludt (spelling?) Coordinator of the Oregon Tax Day Tea Party and continuing leader of the Oregon Tea Party Movement.

  • Anonymous

    Suffice it to say that this is a tired gimmick of TOC.

    • Rob DeHarpport

      Just what is the TOC, these awards are from the Taxpayers Association of Oregon. Acronym’ TAO.
      I think it’s a fantastic idea to award both good accomplishments and the rediculously bad ones as well. I would suffice to say that the majority of Oregon taxpayers are tired of the “gimmick” we call the Democratic Party of Oregon. Perhaps it should be called; PEUP- Public Employees Union Party.

  • Stop Gov’t Spending

    gov’t innovation award:

    City of Scapppoose for waiving business license fees and reducing SDC and building and planning fees.

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