Paid Sick Mandate promises beyond belief

WatchdogHelp fight Ebola & boost business profits among paid sick leave HB 2005 promises
By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

The Paid Sick Leave bill, HB 2005, is being discussed at the State Capitol. The promises behind HB 2005 offered at the hearings seemed to spill over into exaggeration. One supporter said this would help America deal with the Ebola virus by paying workers to stay home. If only government would follow their own advice. Remember last fall, the Center for Disease Control telling a nurse returning from West Africa with symptoms that it was alright for her to board a plane? The whole mishap of the Ebola-CDC affair shows that government is better at telling people what to do, rather than doing it.

During testimony it was said that forcing small businesses to pay for sick leave mandates would “help them become prosperous.” because currently employers are recklessly keeping bad workers on the job. The fact that they assume that businesses don’t know how to grow their own businesses means that the liberal over-regulators have taken political self-righteousness to new heights and their views of ordinary Oregon families to new lows as if we are children. Dreaming that a costly 7-day paid sick day mandate is really a net cost-free money maker to boost business does not make it so.