That’s right, sued! The Inuit Circumpolar Conference is suing the United States for being at fault for global warming. (For those of you who don’t know, Inuit’s are formerly known as Eskimos in the mainstream. Also worth mention is the fact that many Inuit people in Alaska cash in big time from Petroleum extraction and probably don’t support his suit). According to the article, the ICC’s law suit claims that your SUV is causing their extinction. In fact the chair of the organization claims that it’s your car’s exhaust (not cable TV) that’s causing a change of her people’s culture. According to the article: These dramatic climate changes "violate the Inuit’s right to practice and enjoy the benefits of their culture." She also makes the statement that she won’t be a “footnote to globalization.” Then the article springs Kyoto on us. We are the big bad rich country producing all those greenhouse gases and so unwilling to participate with the rest of the world. (I can here it in the coffee shops now — “Ohh if only we were more like France!”) Here’s what they leave out. No one else of significance wanted to participate in Kyoto and most other nations fail to accurately report their CO2 numbers. Al Gore agreed to it and no one else ratified. France, Germany, and Japan defiantly didn’t. Do you really think Russia, China, and India produce that much less CO2 and greenhouse gasses than the US? (I’d be willing to wager a small sum that Hong Kong’s flatulence releases more methane than all of Texas’ cattle). With the exception of Africa, the third world produces just as much greenhouse gas per capita as the US. These other nations produce their energy from oil, coal, and gas and feed a higher population with older technology. And you know what – much of the “˜enlightened’ first world uses that evil nuclear energy which Kyoto would have required as our only true alternate here in the US. The BTU’s per capita may be lower but the CO2 emissions are likely to be about equal. They just don’t count the huge portions of their population that are “non-point source” emitters. Coal and diesel stoves are really popular in Russia and Asia. Are you telling me those are as clean as our modern gas and oil furnaces over here. As the US actually attempts to address the problems without selling our standard of living down the river we get criticized for our success in getting a full view of the problem. Its just like when NAFTA took place the big criticism was the pollution immediately went through the roof. But it didn’t. For the first time ever as part of NAFTA the environmental regulations were starting to be watched and therefore tracked. The United States leads the world in environmental practice, sustainable development, and advancing clean technologies. The Unites States does this while still throwing off high GDP growth and the highest standard of living in the world (though Democrats won’t let you hear that). No its all doom and gloom and we need to be sued. I thought I had seen it all when the women won millions over spilt coffee. We’ll wait and see, there might be something that will top that coming out of Canada.