That’s right, sued! The Inuit Circumpolar Conference is suing the United States for being at fault for global warming. (For those of you who don’t know, Inuit’s are formerly known as Eskimos in the mainstream. Also worth mention is the fact that many Inuit people in Alaska cash in big time from Petroleum extraction and probably don’t support his suit). According to the article, the ICC’s law suit claims that your SUV is causing their extinction. In fact the chair of the organization claims that it’s your car’s exhaust (not cable TV) that’s causing a change of her people’s culture. According to the article: These dramatic climate changes "violate the Inuit’s right to practice and enjoy the benefits of their culture." She also makes the statement that she won’t be a “footnote to globalization.” Then the article springs Kyoto on us. We are the big bad rich country producing all those greenhouse gases and so unwilling to participate with the rest of the world. (I can here it in the coffee shops now — “Ohh if only we were more like France!”) Here’s what they leave out. No one else of significance wanted to participate in Kyoto and most other nations fail to accurately report their CO2 numbers. Al Gore agreed to it and no one else ratified. France, Germany, and Japan defiantly didn’t. Do you really think Russia, China, and India produce that much less CO2 and greenhouse gasses than the US? (I’d be willing to wager a small sum that Hong Kong’s flatulence releases more methane than all of Texas’ cattle). With the exception of Africa, the third world produces just as much greenhouse gas per capita as the US. These other nations produce their energy from oil, coal, and gas and feed a higher population with older technology. And you know what – much of the “˜enlightened’ first world uses that evil nuclear energy which Kyoto would have required as our only true alternate here in the US. The BTU’s per capita may be lower but the CO2 emissions are likely to be about equal. They just don’t count the huge portions of their population that are “non-point source” emitters. Coal and diesel stoves are really popular in Russia and Asia. Are you telling me those are as clean as our modern gas and oil furnaces over here. As the US actually attempts to address the problems without selling our standard of living down the river we get criticized for our success in getting a full view of the problem. Its just like when NAFTA took place the big criticism was the pollution immediately went through the roof. But it didn’t. For the first time ever as part of NAFTA the environmental regulations were starting to be watched and therefore tracked. The United States leads the world in environmental practice, sustainable development, and advancing clean technologies. The Unites States does this while still throwing off high GDP growth and the highest standard of living in the world (though Democrats won’t let you hear that). No its all doom and gloom and we need to be sued. I thought I had seen it all when the women won millions over spilt coffee. We’ll wait and see, there might be something that will top that coming out of Canada.

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  • Interesting spin.

  • Bad Ron

    “The biggest cause of environmental degredation is poverty. People who are just trying to survive could care less about the environment.” That’s what a timber activist quoted to me years ago, and it would be interesting to track down where the quote originated. Having environmentalists is like owning luxury SUVs; you have to be wealthy to be able to afford them.

  • If you calculate pollution as a function of GDP (for every dollar of GDP how much pollution do you produce) I’d bet money that the US is in the top five cleanest producers in the world.

  • Jerry Man

    You’re wrong — far wrong, Ron. I’m happy to take your money.

    Anyway, the woman didn’t ever get millions for scalded genitals from coffee.

    And the Inuits are not likely to win this suit. But the idea that because we’re rich that we deserve to emit 21% of the world’s emissions that are going to cause nations to disappear and hundreds of millions of poor people to have to relocate doesn’t make any sense.

    We’re making the mess. We have responsibility for it. Maybe the courts will force the oil-monarchy to take notice. I doubt it.

  • Jerry Man

    By the way:

    Lists only 25 countries. The U.S. is behind 15 other countries in carbon dioxide per GDP.

    I take cash only — can’t rely on your checks or credit cards not being as false as your assertions.

  • I said CO2 emmissions per dollar of GDP. We produce way less CO2 for way more results. We produce the highest level of GDP per capita in the world last I checked. If we are 15 on the list I think that kinda proves we have a much more sustainable economy than the majority of the world. It also kinda proves my initial statement – thanks for helping out Jerry.

    Now I’ll climb on my pulpit-
    Technology is the real salvation to reducing the impact humans have on the environment. Technology is the only source of actual “alternatives” (as the environmental religionist like to say). To just curb US growth for no real purpose other than press appeal makes the global warming threat worse not better.

    I can take visa as well as cash.

  • Jerry Man

    Did you even look at the website? That lists
    “Carbon Dioxide from fossil fuels 2000 (per $ GDP)”

    Or why don’t you just google “pollution per gdp” and see what comes up?

    You’re also wrong about GDP per capita. Luxemburg is way ahead of us. (yes, we’re number two).

    Finally, I have no idea what you mean by saying “we have a much more sustainable economy”…

    And there are plenty of global warming plans that can both improve our economy, and, yes, not cause other nations to go extinct. If not causing other nations to go extinct, or not exasterbating natural disasters, etc. are “no real purpose” well, guess we have nothing to talk about.

  • Okay Jerry –

    We are miscommunicating. Instead of CO2 per $1000 of GDP I was talking about CO2 produced in making GDP. As in GDP as a “function” of CO2. We produce 21% of the worlds CO2 because we produce a huge portion of the worlds GDP.

    In doing so though we are extremly clean in our production. We get alot of bang for our pounds of carbon dioxide. If CO2 scrubbers come on line for coal fired electrical plants we will become even cleaner. Coal is our weakspot in CO2 production as we rely heavily on coal because Nukes are pretty much impossible to build. (So we Republicans tend to get a little pompous in our response to liberals who blame us for CO2 emmissions given these emmissions can be laid at the door of Jimmy Carter). Furthermore – we dedicate a large portion of our GDP (through tax monies spent and compliance efforts by companies) on ensuring we track our pollution and continually improve our standards. More than most of the rest of the world (though I don’t have exact numbers nor have I ever tried to find any).

    The largest air poluter in Oregon is the steel industry (I beleive Oregon steel is the largest single polluter in Oregon). In our production of steel here in Oregon our plants are extremely clean compared to several of the other large steel producers (say S Korea, Russia, or several others listed on the web site). Especially considering much of the electricity used in producing steel in Oregon originates from Hydro power we produce very little CO2 per dollar of steel created compared to the rest of the world.


    I looked at the website and I like to point out that there is a common correlation between the top CO2 producers. They either are in the top ten economies in the world, asiatic in location, or major petroleum producers. So they are either major economies, emerging ecnomies, or their ecnomies are dedicated to the production of hydrocarbons. Of these three classes of CO2 producers only one could be expected to create reliable CO2 numbers. That one class would be the first world nations.

    To look back at Sully’s initial post I think this is what was being stated. We are more “sustainable” as in produce more with less polution.

    As for other nations going extinct. There is alot more going on with indiginous people’s cultures than American SUV’s. And I’ve read alot of research about global warming and tend to believe in the theory of a warming trend (though only the left and the pop-media seem to believe the theory is concrete). The natural disasters often cited as the result of global warming have little connection to global warming. Tsunami’s, floods, and El Nino’ existed long before the warming trend began to appear. New Orleans and Indonesia are the result of poor disaster response, construction in repeated flood plains, and long established repeating weather patterns.

    Also – I’ve been within a few miles of Luxemburg. I’m pretty sure Salem is bigger I know Portland is. Its not exactly something you’d compare with the US, Japan, Germany, France, and Russia’s economies. I don’t think they even have a national newspaper.

  • Jerry Man

    Strike three.

    Luxembourgh is 999 square miles. Portland is 130.

    Strike four.

    Taggblatt is Luxembourgh’s newspaper.

    Strike five.

    Scientists agree that natural disasters are increasing in frequency and intensity because of global warming.

    And, well, you’re out.

  • First off your tone seems to be geared towards causing conflict. The negative “everything is horrible and there is no solution other than taking a step back in time” tone of your standard environmentalist. Glad to have you participating.

    As for strike three – the Portland metro region (includes five counties over two states) is over 5000 square miles. So we can agree Luxenberg is a small nation to say the least and is not even in the same class as the US when talking about global warming.

    Stike four – I really don’t care I am never going to go there and read it.

    Strike five – There are several scientist that agree that natural disasters are increasing and that you can link this to global warming. There are also scientists who will argue that homosexuality is a choice, inteligent design has merit, abortion is absolutly murder, and that global warming isn’t caused by humans (wonder if you run to hide behind scientists on those issues).

    I don’t agree with every scientists I come across because many have a bias or are funded by groups looking to spin based on research they agree with. That’s why the scientific method and reproducablity of results is so important.

    Anyways, scientists aren’t a club in total agreement on this subject as your implying. Many credible scientists are looking at a variety of scenerios associated with a warming trend scene on our globe. That was one of the points of the UN conference on global warming was to share data and hypothesis. I can promise you one thing, no one knows for sure if global warming is having an affect on weather (though many scientists are definitly attempting to prove that it is).

    We have only been collecting accurate weather data for around 200 years. There are some amazing ways to extrapolate this data going back thousands of years but it’s not 100% accurate and only hints at what weather patterns looked like.

    I would also recomend (since your so fond of internet research Jerry), go back and google the recent UN conference which the article was derived from (this article was in a series). There are several articles by the same source as the one I based this post from that show inconsistency and disagreement about international global warming theories. Did you know that the ice packs of Antartica and Greenland are actually growing in certain places which is causing debate. Just curious if you did.

    I realize you’ve got a PHD in internet research and all so feel free to blast back its what Oregon Catalyst is here for.

    And by the way DarePDX was just giving you a hard time. I really think he got your goat. Hah – liberals are fun.

  • Jerry- Your strikes have nothing to do with my argument. They are technical minutia. You must really be grasping at straws.

    The United States is not evil. Third world dictators shaking down our government for a share of your hard earned taxes sometimes are. When I see groups blaming globalization and the US for the third world’s development problems I tend to want to point the finger back at their own governments. We are a scape goat for their domestic corruption or unwillingness to address their needs. Our courts and the UN’s courts will occassional grant jurisdiction to these frivolous suits allowing a hearing.

  • Jerry Man

    And you’ve got a PhD in making up facts and saying that the actual facts don’t matter once presented with them. “I don’t really care” you say.

    You were asserting something about the US’s GDP per capita, and were wrong, and hence you changed the subject — saying that Luxembourgh should not be compared with the US for global warming, when I was just comparing the GDP’s, to demonstrate your ability to play hard and loose with the facts.

    I didn’t say the US is evil — I said that we bear responsibility for the consequences of our actions. And those actions are harming millions of people.

    Sigh — the whole thing started when someone said they’d give money if the US wasn’t one of the top five in efficiency per pollution, and that assertion was proven wrong. End of story.

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