Measure 66 and 67 pass. Taxes to rise.

Measure 66
Yes 54%
No 46%

Measure 67
Yes 53.6%
No 46.4%

As of 1:00am and with 92% votes counted.

The Oregonian newspaper is calling the election as both Measure 66 and 67 as passing. It is usual for the numbers to tighten as rural counties send in data later than the big cities, but not enough with these results to satisfy experts who say the lead is too great. Catalyst will attempt to update numbers as they come in.

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  • eagle eye

    Early effects (from the Register Guard):

    “Ice cream maker moving production to Eugene | New Jersey-based Ciao Bella, which opened a local sales office last year, now will make its products here”

  • rural resident

    As of 8 p.m., the measures are passing because of Multnomah and Lane Counties. Clackamas was slightly against, Washington and Marion slightly for, but not by a big enough margin that rural votes wouldn’t overcome the edge. Multnomah was 72%-28% “yes” and Lane was 64%-36% “yes.” It will be interesting to see how many counties actually vote in favor of M66 and 67.

  • Rupert in Springfield

    While the result is not a surprise, the look on peoples faces when the legislature comes back with another tax increase after burning through this money will be priceless.

    • Anonymous

      Look on the bright side, you’ll have something to look forward to.

    • sybella

      Yes, it will be priceless. I only have three things to say.

      1. If you voted no, then I guess they can say they won and we’ll just have to get used to it.
      2. If you voted yes, then you will just have to live with it.
      3. If you didn’t vote and let somebody else make your decision for you, then You will have to live with it. Sorry about your job.

      Thanks Rupert, I like your comments why don’t you run for governor?

  • Anonymous

    Layoffs, IE firings will begin before the end of the month. Heaven help the first bastard (School-PTA-Fire fighters fund, etc.) that comes to my door for a donation.
    They’ll be told to GF yourself!
    Democrats just bought the big one tonight.

    • eagle eye

      Yes, the Dems lost big tonight! You guys are on a roll!

      • Anonymous

        You self employed Eagle?

    • FS

      My first permanent lay-off will be tomorrow. The first car in the parking lot with an BO sticker will get what they voted for.

    • DJ

      I couldn’t have said it better, if I tried!!!!

    • sybella

      Actually before the day is over. I’ve already started looking at my dead wood.

  • Anonymous

    In the long run, it is a good thing. We need to get worse here before people will wake up and vote in people to make it better.

    • eagle eye

      What the Communists always said!

    • Anonymous

      Suppidity….obviously does not wona business and have been working your butt off trying to keep your people at work huh? We have been working 60+ hour weeks just to keep all our employees at work and not hiring more is the only balance we can make….I don’t know how much longer we can keep this up and now this – Oregon sucks and Ive lived here all my life, aI cannot understand why this cannot be a shared bill for all, since it is a shared debt for all – but just wait, they wll still be even more broke in 1 year.

  • Richard

    First of al I am never under an illusion this would not be a tough fight. It was not even close. It is easy to vote to put the burden on others. If the top 2% and big companies do not respond in kind by moving jobs out of state, stop given to charities and the arts, and closing business. The middle and poor need to learn there is consequences for ones vote. If nothing changes or worst get better then the democrats indeed had won.

    What I am afraid is what this says for 2010 in Oregon. This will be very good for the democrats if we cold not win this vote.

  • OI

    Good lord, Richard! Are you really saying that you would rather see things get worse in this state than see Democrats “win”. Seriously, bro, that’s totally lame.

    • Richard

      No it’s not lame. The productive has stood around too long as the others say more, more sacrifice from you. If Oregon voted yes, they need to feel the effects for their causes. The problem is there is no cost to the poor to rich that says let us vote to take more from the others. The haves need to stop producing.

      • retired UO science prof

        Punish the voters for their stupidity! A great platform for the next election. Charm offensive is over. Victory will be ours!

        • Richard


          I given up on this election anyway. Once the 80% realize they can fore the 20% to buy their bread elections and democracy are a lost cause. Yet the looter depends on the haves produce in order to tax. If the haves go on strike and stop producing wealth there would be no wealth to loot. The looter will ether lean to be self sufficient or wither away. No more compassion.

          To you, the poor the middle class and the rest dig your own graves or make wealth , I will no longer dace for you.

  • v person

    I hope there will be a breakdown on the demographics of the vote. I expect that a majority of those in the upper income bracket voted yes. If this is the case, then all this class warfare nonsense can be put to bed.

    So Eagle Eye…how did you vote? Were you the decider?

    • v person

      Never mind Eagle. Saw your post elsewhere. I need to find a new bellweather.

      As for me, a “win” feels good. But it ain’t much of a win. At best it keeps things (schools) from getting worse for a short while. We are simply treading water.

      • JRPerkins

        At least the schools……how many times are we going to have to listen to their excuses. The OEA has pushed their union agenda…and the kids ALWAYS suffer.
        When was the last time you knew someone who performed better at their job because they got a raise? The legislatures, mostly dems, always attack education and safety…yet they manage to increase their budget by 4 billion dollars. They didn’t cut back anything. The cities, counties, state and schools administrators are all spineless. They cower down to anything thing the unions want. Sounds like mafia to me. Now that the ‘people’ have spoken….we will lose jobs in Oregon and prices will increase to the consumer. So the people said let’s stick it to the haves, not realizing the have nots will get to pay in the end. Stop using our children as the victims.

        • Anonymous

          “When was the last time you knew someone who performed better at their job because they got a raise?”

          “The beatings will continue until morale improves.”

          And no more of this nonsense about the ‘people’ have spoken!

    • eagle eye

      Yes, a breakdown by income would be illuminating.

  • Oregon Independent

    Simply stated… proponents ran a great campaign and the opponents a poor one. The ineptitude of Oregon’s Republican Party and this state’s conservative leadership is pretty depressing. While there are hopeful signs that independents across the nation are making a difference, in this state there is really no hope. Democrats have a good ground game, Republicans are just ground beef.

    If you’re a fiscally conservative independent prepare for more years of frustrating politics. Oregon’s public employee unions and their liberal allies are only just beginning and my guess, with the passage of these measures now behind them… “we ain’t seen nothing yet.”

    • A Campaign Volunteer for No campaign and GOP PCP.

      You are right Oregon Opinion, you are wrong to blame conservatism. The poor campaign was more to do that the GOTV efforts was still stuck in 2004.

      1. Phone banking is ineffective as a campaign tool. I made 50 calls per hour but only actually talked to about 4 people per hour. People are often hostile or cold to unsolicited calls. I got 1/3rd wrong or disconnected numbers. Others we left messages. Ore I was “blocked by spouses or parents of the person I was trying to call. In other campaigns my cal rate was two live contact per 25 calls
      2. Poor distribution of campaign signs. Like in 2008, The leadership held campaign signs back as incentives to come in and volunteer instead of distributed to the public.
      3. The absence of direct mailing by the no campaign.

      We need to do more one on one neighborhood sweeps including muti-dwelling units. Also more gorilla campaigning as using personal vehicles as platforms and sign spinning at high traffic areas, and direct mailing. We need to employ personal networking.

      • Anonymous

        OI wasn’t blaming the “ism”, Volunteer, he was blaming the ism’s leadership.

        • Anonymous

          He was right too. The leadership here in the conservative movement is sparse and disconnected.

    • Anonymous

      actually, I think you’ll find the unions had a lot more money to spend while those of us who work did not

    • Michael M.

      I think Independents in general have endured so many years of frustrating politics that many of us have become accustomed to it. I mean, I’d love to see things change, I’d love to see choices that aren’t so polarized, I’d love to de-couple fiscal restraint and social conservatism, so that those of us who want a strong economy unburdened by government overspending and corruption and undue special-interest pandering aren’t asked to throw in our lots with zealots who want to turn the country into a theocracy. But I don’t see it happening. It kinda, almost happened with Perot, but that fizzled. So we bounce back and forth between the extremes, swallowing our distaste for aspects of candidates from either party instead of getting candidates who will work for all of us and demonize none of us.

      • Oregon Independent

        Good way to put it, Michael. It was interesting to listen to Scott Brown’s victory speech in Mass. He started by saying it was a victory for Mass. Independents… he never once uttered the word “Republican” in the speech. I am pretty sure his campaign was solely about abuse of power, irresponsible spending, government take overs and bailouts.. no social issues at all. And he ran a very positive campaign. Lessons to learned?

        • ryan

          If we could come up with candidates like that in Oregon, then this state would finally move for balance. The struggle I have is that there is no one in this state who represents my values. Fiscal conservatism, belief in capitalism, and the rest the gov. should stay out of.

  • ksm1

    “proponents ran a great campaign and the opponents a poor one”

    Exactly. What we should have done is gone directly after the falsehood that corporations only pay $10 in taxes. We also should have talked about the alternative plans that would have balanced the budget without a major tax hike, or the minor increase that the Portland Business Alliance supported.

    Seriously, some of our TV ads were pretty weak, and the “layoffs” one in that restaurant/coffee shop looked too over the top and contrived. This needs to be a wakeup call that we need to step our game up. We can’t just say “low taxes, low taxes, low taxes.” We need to point out specifically why the increase never should have been brought up in the first place, AND we needed to counter the lies put out by the other side. That “business only pay $10 in taxes” lie was very effective. We had no response, but we could have put out a response.

    No more excuses. Let’s get to work.

    • Oregon Independent

      You should start by purging the leadership of the Republican Party and have someone ask Bill Sizemore to move. I think the Republican brand has been permanently damaged in this state by the likes of Mannix, Sizemore and their ilk.

      I could get behind a fiscally conservative independent movement. I may be wrong, but I believe there are 400,000 voters registered as Non-Affiliated in Oregon. Also, look for a huge “under vote” in East Multnomah County. These poor folks don’t even vote anymore.

      • Anonymous

        This state would benefit from Tea Party upheaval…

  • rsm

    RE donations…here’s what I’m now sending in response to emails soliciting funds (I’ll keep a stack of these onhand on yellow cardstock for snailmail requests):

    Thank you for your donation request. We have assisted members of our community and organizations such as yours for many years.

    Due to the recent passage of Oregon Ballot Measures 66 and 67, we regret to inform you that we are unable to assist your organization at this time. As much as we would like to donate to all of the organizations who make such requests, the voters of this state have chosen to direct our money elsewhere.

    *Please consider soliciting someone who voted Yes on Oregon Ballot Measures 66 and 67.*

    Of course, we wish you and your organization much success in your endeavors.

    • Anonymous

      That’s a classy way to handle that situation and very communicative and to the point. Cheers.

  • GAV

    1. Teacher’s union and national association tone down ideals of American Revolution and promote fairness of “wealth redistribution” producing socialist leaning electorate.
    2. Economy suffers resulting in less tax revenue for schools.
    3. Teacher’s union convince voters to increase tax for education (for the children) not tied to increased teacher performance, resulting in more money and stronger teacher’s union and national association.
    4. Repeat 1 through 3 until everybody is just as poor as everybody else, i.e. Cuban paradise!

  • Dave

    Disgusted with measure 66 and 67 outcome, start with changing the one Republican Representative (Bob Jenson) that voted for those idiot measures by donating to his primary challenger…

  • retired UO science prof

    The charm offensive continues! The voters must be punished for their stupid evil ways! Victory will be ours.

  • Ron

    Until Multnomah and Lane Counties turn red (or maybe just a deep purple), Oregon will continue on the path to destruction.

    I’m sneaking up on 70 years of age and in excellent health and know with certainty it will not happen in my life time.

    Am I sad ? Yeah I am because when I look South, I see what’s in store for Oregon.

  • Diamond Jim

    I say take the money and run!!

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