Union letter celebrating Measure 66 and Measure 67

Below is an in-house SEIU letter for which a copy was sent to us. A good insight into the how the other half lives.

Dear (public union employee),

Tuesday’s historic yes vote on ballot measures 66 & 67 was critically important to front-line workers and those we serve and was a resounding victory for what we believe and pursue as a union.

It is a smashing triumph for all Oregonians, from small kids to frail seniors, who rely on the services we provide.

It is a tremendous victory for our members. We will be spared the devastating cutbacks that were inevitable had the measures failed.

It is a huge win for fairness. The wealthiest Oregonians and big corporations will at long last begin to do their share to fund the programs that benefit all of us.
It has national repercussions. The yes campaign is already being viewed elsewhere as a model for how progressive values can prevail at the polls with hard work, good organizing, and a message that resonates.

It is a terrific step forward for our union. Together we mobilized members to get involved in unprecedented numbers.

We share this victory with legislative leaders who were willing to pursue good public policy in defiance of three-quarters of a century of tax measure defeats as well as more than 200 organizations that stood with us, including some far-sighted businesses.

We set the stage for this victory way back when we committed time, money and energy to a political program that changed the composition of the legislature.

We worked with legislators on a tax package that made sense, and we understood that only a smart and creative campaign would sustain it in the face of an inevitable challenge from corporate special interests.

And, perhaps most important, we promoted a culture of activism and involvement among our membership that delivered for us and for all Oregonians. Despite the challenge of a January election, we turned out our voters, because we talked to them on the phones, on the doors, and in the worksites. Thank you for all you did to help make this happen. Oregon has a brighter future because of our work.

Linda Burgin, President
Leslie Frane, Executive Director
SEIU Local 50