Because Each Child Is Unique, One Size Doesn’t Fit All

This February, the Oregon legislature once again will look at virtual charter schools. Shouldn’t parents be able to pick whichever virtual charter school they believe will best serve their children? This video describes one boy’s fantastic experience with online education.

Christina Martin is a policy analyst for the School Choice Project at Cascade Policy Institute, Oregon’s free market public policy research organization.

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  • Diamond Jim

    No, as these schools are bad. They threaten the unions.
    They must be stopped and closed down.
    How can anyone learn on a computer, anyway?
    That’s what I want to know.
    What a sham.
    Our teachers work hard for little or no money and this is how we thank them?
    I don’t think so.

  • Jerry

    Jim, you are a fool. I used to be a public employee myself, a high school principal.
    I left the public sector out of guilt.
    Myself and my colleagues hardly worked at all. Six hours per day at most.
    We were grossly overcompensated for our “hard” work.
    What a joke.
    I couldn’t be a part of that robbery of the taxpayers any longer.
    So I quit.

    • Diamond Jim

      If you worked that many hours then you are the fool!!

  • Elgin47

    Good grief – Jim, are you for real? You sound like a troll to me – a good one, I’ll admit; but a troll nonetheless. If you aren’t, then calling you a fool is an insult to all the honest fools.

    On the constructive side of things – yes, you really can learn on a computer. In fact, that’s the only way many students can properly expand and enhance the educational opportunities afforded them by conventional education methodologies. The charter school format is a thoroughly legitimate option in remote rural areas, and in many situations one of the only options available to level the urban-rural educational playing field.

  • rural resident

    Jerry (AKA Diamond Jim) … Talking to yourself isn’t a good sign.

    Apparently, nobody has yet had any actual comments about this story. That’s too bad. It’s a subject that merits some serious discussion. Online education is great for some kids, and doesn’t work well in others. It depends upon the student’s skills, ability to be self-motivated, and to organize work to meet deadlines.

    To the extent that we have a current system in place, there have also been some substantial negative effects on enrollments in rural school district and the per-student funding that allows them to operate programs for the majority of the students in those districts.

    • Jerry

      It wasn’t me – some losers are just putting in stuff and labeling it that way.
      Sad that this place seems to be just a joke to so many.
      I concur with your assessment, however, don’t appreciate the accusations. I am sometimes not who I appear to be, but this time it was someone else.
      And, for the record, the online schools are fine. The unions should find someone else to destroy.

      • valley p

        Jerry…if its true it wasn’t you, I can only say you have brought this upon yourself. And if it really was you, then you are a bald faced liar.

      • LENO SUCKS

        Huh? Which one was someone else? Diamond Jim or Jerry? Jerry is Diamond Jim? Or Jerry isn’t Jerry?

        What the heck is going on here?

        • valley p

          Jerry has a strange habit of posting under various aliases, often posing as a hapless liberal to provoke angry responses from others. In this case, either he got caught arguing with himself, which he then denied, or someone other than him used his aliases for unknown reasons.

          We all love Jerry but are worried about him since the Obama election. It seems to have finally driven him over the edge. And conservatives, unlike liberals, have no place to escape to. Everyplace worth living has universal health care.

          • Jerry

            A fine summation. Don’t worry about me, though, as much as you should worry about O.
            He is destroying the Dems.
            Fun to watch, but what a price!

          • valley p

            Yes Jerry. The Dems have a 59-41 lead in the Senate, a 50 something majority in the House, most governorships and state legislatures. He has sure “destroyed” us so far hasn’t he? we could use more destruction like that.

            Meanwhile the Republicans have no leaders and the tea party pitchforks up their collective ass. Good luck with that band of reasonable people. Cut taxes! Balance the budget! Fight more wars! Screw the planet!. Obama is a Muslim communist!

            Your future is bright.

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